Top Fedex Interview Questions and Answers

Fedex Interview Questions

Who’s do not knows about FedEx is the biggest transportation company globally, and if you get an interview there. Congratulations! You have to try your best to get it. The first thing you should do is don’t forget to find out the profile, working environment, and the vision and mission of the FedEx company and prepare the answers that the interviewer will ask you so that you are not nervous during the interview. The interviewer has his own assessment and pattern of questions to determine prospective employee candidates. If you answer all the questions well, it will be a plus for you and become one of the candidates who will be remembered and will greatly determine whether you will pass or not. So, we will going to present most commonly asked Fedex Interview Questions and sample ansers over here.

Fedex Interview Questions

I have some sample questions and answers to make it easier for you to deal with questions casually, lets dive in!

  1. Tell me about you?

Tell about yourself but not your hobbies or something. Tell them about your talent and your capability relevant to the job. Don’t tell yourself about hobbies, favorite foods, and so on. Also, make sure that you do not recite things already written on curriculum vitae, so make sure you elaborate on what’s written on curriculum vitae. Example:

“First of all, I would like to thank you for allowing me to come to this interview. I am pleased to be here. I will introduce myself to you—my name jack. You can call me jack. I graduated from Japan university majoring in engineering, and I can work with a team or individually. I have work experience at BB Company, a company that sells ships for 5 years as an engineer. I started my career as an engineer intern a.i found the job description fascinating because it’s a match to my current skills where I can contribute and match my future goals. I am very interested in joining FedEx. I want to contribute and participate in developing the company.”

  1. Why FedEx?

This question is important. The interview wants to know that you very interest in FedEx or not and make sure you know their strength and compare to their competitor to gain their interest with you, offer them what you can to grow and help the company. Example:

“I am sure all know about FedEx, and I know FedEx is the biggest express transportation company in the world, and I want to participate in developing with my talent and develop my talent. I see you have an excellent website, and I can add a few things that will add to the perfection of your website.”

  1. What is your biggest weakness?

Tell your weakness, but you have to make sure you can handle your weakness and not mention a weakness of yours that is not related to work because it will become a boring conversation. Example:

“My weakness is being nervous about being met by customers the first time I work but I will get used to it”

  1. What are your strengths?

Tell your strengths but don’t overproud they can rate you with this question can know you know yourself and your strengths related to your job. Example:

“My strengths are that I can work as much as possible in every situation and can communicate well with customers under any conditions”

  1. Can you work under pressure?

Tell them you can work under pressure, and they want to assess how you solve the problem. If any, tell about your past job experience and tell what you achieved in your previous job to convince the interviewer. Example:

“I can work under pressure even though in my previous work experience I can achieve the target even though I am in a pandemic condition”

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

So here, employers usually prefer to hire a candidate who has a clear idea of the career path that they want to get into, so make sure you answer with confidence. In addition, they want the candidate to be a person full of plans and strategies. So tell them your plans in the next 10 years but with an achievable plan related to the job you are applying for.

“In the next 10 years, I have a plan if I am accepted to work at FedEx in the first 1 year, I will develop my skills and attend training to support my job.”

  1. What hours are you available to work?

Tell them you are available on time and that shows you are a realistic person and say you can get the job done on time.

“I am willing to work normal working hours and I can get the job done as quickly as possible”

  1. What is a healthy work environment in your opinion?

This question is to match the company culture with the candidate, make sure you are a positive and growing person, For Example:

“Healthy work environment in my opinion that can develop my abilities and good teamwork”

  1. If you are in a stressful situation, how do you handle it?

Companies are looking for people who are suitable and can fit between real life and work. This question is to assess how patient you are at work and how you overcome and assess you are not someone who gives up easily without leaving work responsibilities. Answer the questions as honestly as possible about how you calm yourself down. Example:

“I can work in every situation. When I work, I will work full energy and can get the job done in every condition. I usually calm myself down by taking a short walk and closing my eyes for a while. I do not leave my obligations at work even though I am stressed.”

  1. At the end of the interview process, are there any questions?

The interviewer wants to know you are interested and able to think critically during the interview. Therefore, make sure you have good questions and don’t ask what’s written on the job description if you are interviewing a User. Also, do not ask questions that have been answered during the interview process if you have prepared questions, and if your question has been answered during the interview process, you must prepare some questions about work. Example:

“If I pass or fail for today’s interview, when will I be contacted?” 

“If accepted, what does the company expect from me in the future”


  • Tell yourself confidently and answer every question clearly and uncomplicated.
  • Look the interviewer in the eye because they will think you are not interested in the conversation if you avoid their gaze.
  • Don’t ask about promotion.
  • Answer questions quickly and think of answers that take too long
  • Pay attention to how you sit and your hand gestures

Common Question Asked About Interview In FedEx

  1.  What to wear in an interview?

Answer: If you are conducting an offline or online interview, wear neat clothes. If you are conducting an online interview, make sure your clothes do not contrast with your surroundings because your first appearance reflects you and greatly affects the interview assessment.

  1. What should be prepared?

Answer: Prepare your soul and mentality but don’t forget your cover letter and curriculum vitae and other supporting certificates such as language certificates or portfolios. If you are conducting an online interview, make sure that your surroundings are clean and that your internet connection, camera, and audio work properly.

  1. What questions to avoid? 

Answer: In addition to what questions to suggest to ask, you should know what things I should avoid. You should avoid questions about what is in the job description and salary because the company will think that you are not interested in the company if you interview with the user because it is a question for HRD.

  1. How to deal with nervousness during an interview?

Answer: First and foremost, practice explains your skills thoroughly and record all the preparation questions in a small notebook, and be prepared to come to the interview room half an hour before the interview starts, Don’t think otherwise and focus on the interview. If there are other candidates, invite them to chat because you might get new knowledge from him and when the interview will take place you can open a conversation so you won’t be too nervous.

The point is to do your best, don’t be too rigid and do careful preparation, show your skills and make sure you ask about your work later. Demonstrate skills from your work experience if you are a fresh graduate, demonstrate your organizational skills and your internship experience well.

Practice and answer every recruiter’s questions honestly and confidently. Then, if you still have questions about the interview, you can immediately look for them at!

Top Fedex Interview Questions and Answers

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