Apple Hardware Interview Question | Sample Answer

Apple is a very well-known American multinational giant known for its technology and hence world-class products and services. Let us know about the ‘Apple Hardware Interview Question’.

Apple Hardware Interview Question

Its headquarters are based in Cupertino, California in the United States. Apple is known to be the largest technology company in terms of revenue.

As per the market capitalization, it is known to be the world’s biggest company and the fourth largest company for manufacturing mobile phones. It also lists among the fourth largest company for selling personal computers as per sales per unit.

The Apple Company was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. The company started by selling personal computers by the name of Wozniak’s Apple I. This product was later incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. Soon the product launch of the next computer emerged in the market with the name of Apple II which became a huge success. This was the first microcomputer produced in masses and was a massive financial success for the company Apple.

Apple is a technology giant and it’s every candidate desire to work for such a prestigious organization. There are a lot of opportunities in technical and non-technical departments of the organization

Apple hardware interview question

There are a variety of questions that are surrounding the apple products in terms of knowing the product as in software and hardware. A series of interview questions for a hardware engineer that one needs to know about the apple products before going for an interview are mentioned below. 

Hardware engineers applying for a job in the company.

Apple has to go through 3 rounds of interview to be selected by the recruiter

I Round Interview

This is a general interview round of around 20 minutes asking you the basic questions of the recruiter. Your qualifications, experience, and some general questions about the organization will be asked.

1. Introducing yourself

The first and foremost question of any interview is a self-introduction. It includes your personal details, educational qualifications, hobbies, and experience with the profile you are applying to.

2. Describe any Apple product of your choice

The question is a starter to check your knowledge about the specifications and functions of the product. It’s about describing any product of your choice in terms of your knowledge of the software and the hardware of the product.

3. Why did you choose the company Apple?

4. What will you bring to the organization?

5. What are your strengths?

6. What are your weaknesses?

7. What is your experience with research projects?

8. How do your research a project?

9. How do you write research projects? What steps are followed in writing a research project?

10. Which is your best Apple product?

11. How do you rate the quality of Apple products?

12. How do you like the software of the Apple products and if you wish to change anything with it?

13. How efficient are apple products in comparison with the other products in the market?

14. How do to rate the hardware of the Apple products and if any changes need to be done?

15. What is the one thing that you like to change about apple products?

16. How do you rate the accessories of Apple products?

17. What is the one piece of advice that you wish to offer to the company?

18. Which products do you think are better in sales?

19. Any new upcoming idea or vision you wish to offer to the company?

20. Why Apple products are better?

21. Why do you think you should be chosen for the company?

II Round Interview

This round of interviews is based on the technical round of Apple products. It will be a long 45-minute round testing the candidate’s knowledge of hardware and technical aspects. The knowledge of hardware, digital designing and analog designing is evaluated.

1. What do you understand by a comparator?

2. Can you quote the difference between DC-DC and LDO?

3. What are transmission lines and how do they work?

4. Please describe the capacitance sensing method

5. What do you understand by the AC coupling and the DC coupling?

6. What is an amplifier?

7. Describe the use of feedback in an amplifier

8. What is the code used in the meltdown attack?

9. Explain the working of the code mentioned above?

10. Can you draw an op-amp circuit? And derive a gain formula from the circuit

The technical round of interviews may be more diverse in terms of asking about certain experiments related to hardware functioning or about the types of laboratory equipment.

So, the candidate needs to be well prepared with thorough knowledge related to the technical aspect of the products.

III Round

The third round of interviews is the hardest and the longer one to go about. It is a set of 5 to 6 interviews which are undertaken on different topics like:

  • Analog Designing
  • Digital Designing
  • Hardware Control
  • Optical Designing
  • Fundamentals of Hardware Engineering

Under the third round of the interview, situation-based questions will be asked in which a person’s communication skills and behaviour will be assessed. The candidate’s efficiency, collaboration, and team functioning and efforts are analysed.

1. Have you ever handled a difficult project? What is your experience with handling such projects?

2. What is your experience with team management?

3. Have your ever faced any complex situations with working in a team?

4. Can you share any experience where you think you could have handled things differently when working in a team?

5. Any experience while working with a non-cooperative team member

6. How do you gauge the difficulty of a project?

7. Have you ever handled a project that was way more difficult than your anticipation?

8. What are your views on being a team leader?

9. What are the traits of an efficient team leader?

10. What is team management?

11. How do you evaluate the importance of every team member and offering balance to everyone?

12. Relation between the team management and the success of the project

The next set of rounds revolves around the technical aspect of Apple products and services. The hardware of any product involves a lot of heads and involves a lot of technical knowledge that should be known to the interviewing candidate.

1. How do you calibrate DAC/ADC?

2. Can you explain the time of any principle?

3. What do you understand by LiDAR systems?

4. How do you detect faults in hardware in memory in C?

5. Can you explain the phenomenon of saturation of the inductor in a DC-DC converter?

6. What are communication protocols?

7. What is an Ethernet connection?

8. What is the relation of Ethernet connection to the communication protocols?

9. Name any choice of your circuit and describe it in detail. (A proper analysis of the circuit)

The salary and perks of a hardware engineer are quite high and vary according to the department. The hardware department of the technological arena of gadgets is quite a complex and diverse field. It requires a lot of knowledge and skill to administer and master in the technical field.

A thorough understanding of the concepts, parts and functioning of the various systems configures the hardware of the product. The candidate with the best knowledge and experience will always be suited and the best fit for the company Apple.

Apple Hardware Interview Question | Sample Answer

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