AOS Interview Questions (10 Short Examples)

AOS Interview Questions (10 Short Examples)

How dramatic would it be to fall in love with someone who lives abroad? We will discuss AOS Interview Questions here. Then, you decide to get married and settle together. Only if everything could go as sober and easy as a fairytale. It’s better said than done. In the practical world, you need to go through a heck of many procedures to stay together forever. 

During an AOS interview, you can be asked several to many questions related to your relationship status, financial condition, legalities, job status, educations status, even your physical attributes like age, weight, height, and sex. These questions are asked to both the sponsor and the seeker. It is better to answer these questions carefully to get yourself approved for a green card. 

Top AOS Interview Questions

People might often freak out, repeatedly thinking about the type of questions asked in the AOS interview. Why not? After all, you need to pass the interview to get permanent residency. But fortunately, you don’t need to stress over something so easy and simple. 

Following are the top 10 questions with a summary of the expected answers. This would help you get a clear scenario of the type of interview held for you. Without any delay, scroll over to check out these finely decluttered questions among many! 

The types of questions during an AOS  interview can be categorized into three categories. 

  1. Spouses questions (they are usually the same for both) 
  2. Questions for the green card holder (the spouse who has citizenship already)
  3. Questions to the green card seeker (the spouse who needs a green card) 

General Questions for the Spouses 

This particular set of questions consist of basic details regarding the whereabouts of your relationship. You can literally be asked about your first date, where you met, and even your nicknames! See, it isn’t that tough. Other questions that can be asked are:

  • What is your date of birth?
  • Which is your latest mailing address? 
  • Phone number and email address?
  • Do you live together? 
  • Any previous divorce cases?
  • Family details, including the names of the in-laws? 
  • Since, how long have you been married? 
  • When is your marriage anniversary?
  • What are your physical attributes (like sex, height, weight, hair color, tone, etc.)? 
  • Where do you work? Name of the office or company? 

These questions are asked to test the compatibility of the couple. These minute details help to know whether the couple is real or faking it. Once you successfully pass this test, the USCIS department checks if you have any criminal records. 

Questions for the Green Cardholder or the Sponsoring Spouse

After the first round, it is time for the sponsor to answer a certain set of questions. These questions will focus on rechecking if you own a legal green card. These are primarily related to your previous AOS applications, how you got approved, your employment and financial status, etc. Following is the list of questions that are asked frequently. 

  • Have you made any previous AOS applications for anyone else besides your spouse? If yes, then who and when? 
  • Were your previous AOS applications denied or approved? 
  • Do you have kids below the age of 18? 
  • If they are above 18, do they earn a living? Will they be able to support your finances? 
  • What is the annual income of your household? 
  • Are you a U.S. citizen?
  • Do you pay your taxes? 

You need to answer these questions promptly. Because these serve as stepping stones to get approval real quick, make sure you answer all the questions honestly without any false claims. This makes the further process smooth and easy. 

Questions for the AOS applicant 

The questions that are asked to the green card applicant are as follows:

  • Where do you live?
  • Where do you work? 
  • What is the number of family members living with you? 
  • What are the names of your parents? 
  • Will your kids apply for the AOS as well?
  • What is your nationality? 
  • Passport number and its expiration number?
  • When did you arrive in the U.S.?
  • Were you involved in any judicial hearings during immigration? If yes, then where was it held? 

There’s a different set of questions if you are a US citizen or living abroad. The purpose of these questions is to check and verify whether you are eligible for a green card. Therefore, it would be best if you answer the questions calmly without getting anxious. This way, the interview would go clean and unhindered. 

Basic Strategies to Nail the AOS interview!

Relax amigo! It’s just a simple interview with quite basic questions. No need to stress about something so minor. There are some basic yet most ignored ways which will help you pass the interview without much hassle. Wondering what they are? 

  1. Take it easy, folks! Yes, you heard that right. You need to take control of your anxiety and stress and let it go already. The more you will be at ease. The more are the chances of your interview going smooth and steady. Sit comfortably, relax, take a deep breath and go for it. There’s no point stressing over an AOS interview. You can easily resolve this with a calm mind. 

  2. Honesty is the best policy! No matter what you say or believe in, let me get this straight. If you are honest with your answers, no one can really be a hurdle between you and your green card. If you are the sponsoring spouse, make sure you answer all the questions related to financial claims and legalities aptly. If you are a green card seeker, then answer everything with confidence instead of shivering and stumbling. 

  3. Practice beforehand! Although this might look insignificant, it is better to practice some simple and easy questions at home. Try to practice the above-mentioned questions and adjust your answers accordingly. Here are a few examples:
  • What is your name? What is your current residential address?

Hi, my name is _______. I currently leave at ________________. 

  • Where do you work at? Specify the name of your company.

I work at (name of your company) 

  • When is your marriage anniversary? Since, how long have you been married? Do you have kids? 

Our marriage anniversary falls on (date). We have been married for a duration of (number of years of your marriage). We have (no. of kids)/ We don’t have kids. 

  • Are you a native US citizen? 


  • Do you pay your taxes regularly? 


  • What are the names of your in-laws? 

The name of my mother-in-law is _______. The name of my father-in-law is ______. 

  • Do you live together with your spouse?


  • Have you ever been in any judicial testimonials during immigration processes? 


  • What is your nationality?

Specify your nationality. 

  • Have your previous AOS applications been rejected? If yes, then why? 

Yes, it was rejected because (give the honest response)/ No. 

Suppose you practice such commonly asked questions and are honest with your answers. Then, it would take you just a couple of hours, and you will be successfully done with the AOS interview. However, if you mess up due to anxiety, stress, and false claims, it would take you forever to get a green card. Remember to take things calmly and answer them elegantly to prevent unnecessary mess. 


  • How long does adjustment of status take? If you have a family application, you can stay in the United States during the 8-14 month duration of the whole process of adjustment of status. You need not worry about the expiration of your visa. You can still stay in the US till you get your green card. 

  • Who is eligible for adjustment of status? For anyone to be eligible for adjustment of status, he/she must be recommended by a friend, colleague, or relative who is a resident of the US. In another case, if you don’t have any relatives or friends, then you must be a refugee (for one year) before applying for the AOS process. 

  • What happens after the adjustment of status? After the approval of your AOS application, the next step is to get an ‘I-551’ stamp on your passport from a USCIS  office. This serves as a momentary statement claiming you to be a permanent resident of the US. 

  • What is the adjustment of the status timeline? Several processes during an AOS application may require several weeks to get done. For example, mere approval of notice may take you 5 to 10 months. 

  • What is the fee for adjustment of status? Being a refugee, you won’t be charged a penny. But if you are applying through other methods, it may take you from $1140 to $1250, depending on various categories. 

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AOS Interview Questions (10 Short Examples)

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