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Amazon is a well-known, global brand in e-commerce, technology, and many more. The recruiters at Amazon are looking for passionate people with solid knowledge in everything. Naturally, candidates have to walk through multiple skill tests to get handpicked among the bests. And the final step is the onsite interview. Let us know about “Amazon Onsite Interview Questions”

Amazon Onsite Interview Questions

The final phase of any Amazon interview is the onsite interview. You have to have  completed 2-4 screening interviews of 45-60 minutes before this. Your onsite interview will be scheduled once you pass all of these screening tests.

What Is An Amazon Onsite Interview?

Amazon is always looking out for passionate individuals to carry out its motto of making history. So, it tests all who want to join multiple times from different aspects to have only the best of the best. They have at least three screening rounds: phone screen rounds, online coding assignments, and phone Interviews.

The Rounds Of An Amazon Onsite Interview

The Onsite interview of Amazon is the last and most probably the most challenging step that any aspirant needs to overcome to make their ’Amazonian dream come true. You will be able to come to this interview only after passing the screening interviews at different times. And in this interview only you have to pass 4(sometimes 5 depending on the post) rounds in a single day.

Amazon has an objective interview system set, in which every round is about a specific subject and doesn’t correlate with each other, thus all are equally important in making or breaking your deal. The rounds are

  • Round 1 and 2 – These two rounds test an interviewee’s problem-solving skills in data structures, algorithms, etc.
  • Rounds 3 and 4 – You have to answer questions relating to the system designs of Amazon.
  • Bar Raiser Round – This round is generally a soft skill testing round. And it has a slight weightage on other rounds as one of the interviewers here is a “bar raiser” i.e., they can veto the final decision.

Once you have completed all these rounds, the interview panel will debrief you on your performance and make a decision.

Sample Questions Asked At The Amazon Onsite Interview

The questions asked at the onsite interview of Amazon are on topics of coding, system design, specific position-related, behavioral, and communication skills. Some of them are

In an n×n matrix consisting of elements from 1 to N find the trace.

Eliminate the repeating elements in an array A of N numbers.

Write a code to arrange the first 100 elements in an array in the Fibonacci series.

Write a code to merge two strings S1 and S2 alternatingly.

Calculate the product in a decimal value of two binary strings.

Design a URL service.

How would you design a traffic control system for big sale days?

Design a Rubik’s cube and all the possible ways to solve it?

How do you design an ordering system with a limit?

Design a car racing game?

Do you like pets?

How would you handle a difficult customer?

How well do you work under pressure?

Tell me about your worst experience with a web development project.

What would you do if your superior asked you to go against the company’s policies?

How To Prepare For An Amazon Onsite Interview?

You may take a few steps to ensure that your Amazon onsite interview goes well. 

  • Be prepared and familiar with the questions that will be asked. Do so by visiting the company’s website or reading job advertisements, and researching the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Always try to be efficient and effective.
  • Another factor to consider is your self-assurance. The interviewer wants to believe in your abilities, and if you come off as someone unsure of their abilities or knowledge, neither side will be pleased. You have to be active to respond to any applicable questions swiftly and confidently.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion (suitable dress shoes and apparel), smile regularly during the interview process, and maintain eye contact to convey a positive image of oneself.
  • Maintain a cool and composed demeanor throughout the chat so that you may honestly answer all questions without stumbling over words or divulging personal information. Also, take in mind how each question may be interpreted legally (e.g., confidentiality agreements), as this may influence your response choice (for example).

Is Amazon A Good Place To Work?

Working at Amazon has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, but it could be a fantastic fit for you if you’re searching for a new challenge. Competitive salary and exceptional benefits, such as paid maternity leave and unlimited vacation time, are just a few of the perks of working at Amazon.

There are also a variety of ways to enhance your career, such as advancing up the ranks or taking on new duties. And, because this is a fast-paced business, there is always room for advancement. What’s the drawback? Maintaining a flexible work schedule might be difficult when requirements change frequently.

Working at Amazon has numerous advantages, but it may not be the greatest location for you if you seek a regular 9-to-5 job. Most Amazon employees work from home, visiting the office only once or twice a week. This allows them to devote more time to their initiatives and provide higher-quality results.

Amazon is also known for its fast-paced atmosphere, which encourages and rewards creativity and innovation. If you’re seeking something similar in a job, this could be the right fit for you. Finally, before making any decisions regarding where to work, it’s critical to analyze all of the criteria.


Here a few of the most often asked questions during Amazon onsite interviews are compiled. However, it’s not an exhaustive list. It’s given for you to familiarize yourself with the types of questions. It’s a starting point and then you can go in-depth concerning your particular jobs. You’ll be in a better position to promote your candidacy if you know what you’re getting into.

  1. How difficult is it to crack an Amazon interview?

The interview can be easy or hard depending on an interviewee’s level of preparation and depth in core skills as well as soft skills.

  1. Any advice on how to ace an Amazon technical interview?

There are different materials online to develop your overall appearance to pass an Amazon technical interview. But first, have concrete knowledge of your area of interest.

  1. What is the Amazon Software Engineer Salary?

Amazon Software Engineer salaries can range from $100,000 to well over $200,000, depending on location and experience. 

  1. What do you consider to be the most difficult aspect of working at Amazon?

The fast-paced environment and continuously improving technology may be the most difficult aspect of working at Amazon. 

Amazon Onsite Interview Questions -Know More

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