Amazon Engineering Manager Interview Questions


Amazon is a leading E-Commerce company that specializes in selling books, music, housewares, electronics, toys, and many other different types of products on their website AMAZON.COM. Amazon sells directly their products or acts as a mediator between different small businesses to sell their products on Amazon’s website. Its Web series business provides computing recourses, data storage, and cloud computing over the internet. Let us know ‘Amazon Engineering Manager Interview Questions’.

Amazon Engineering Manager Interview Questions

Working with a company like Amazon is a dream for everyone. Amazon offers a huge number of jobs for Non-Technical and technical backgrounds. Amazon is the largest employer in the world with 10+ million employees.

Amazon Engineering Manager Interview Questions

Amazon engineering manager interviews are tough interview to crack. In this article, we will discuss the process of cracking the interview for Engineering Manager at Amazon. Cracking the interview of the Engineering, manager at Amazon takes a lot of effort. It takes alt of effort to crack the interview process. Here are a few processes along with sample interview questionnaires.


  • What are the expectations from Engineering Manager at Amazon?
  • What are the specifications for engineering managers at Amazon?
  • Levels of Engineering Manager at Amazon.
  • Interview questioners for the Engineering manager 
  • Questions to ask the interviewer 

List of Amazon Engineering Manager Interview Questions

What are the expectations from Engineering Manager at Amazon?

At Amazon Company, an engineering manager or EM (also known as a software development manager SDM or Software Engineering manager in different countries) has to maintain many responsibilities and manage all the work within the organization like managing top talents, managing technical issues, and looking for features for their products. They ensure that the best employee works over items, and look forward to a positive impact from the products and services they will provide to the customers. The interviewer will see the coding experience and designing experience and also demonstrate great leadership.

What are the specifications for engineering managers at Amazon?

Engineering managers should have a wide area of skills required, both interpersonal and technical. Cracking the EM’s interview at Amazon Company will require the interviewee to show up their skills during the interview.

The company will provide some resources to the engineering manager a tech skills engineer while managing their team their way. The interviewee will have to demonstrate their skills to the interviewer before hiring. The interviewee will have to show the lairdship quality to the management. The leadership will be tested based on Amazon leadership principles listed below

  • Be curious
  • The highest standards are set for the employees 
  • Leadership quality 
  • Ownership
  • Trust building among their employee and customers
  • Think big
  • Results Deliver
  • Strive to be the world’s best employer
  • Dive deep into the tasks
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Simplify the invention
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Hiring the best employee and developing them

Only those candidates will select when he/she shows the above skills to the employer.

What are the requirements from an Engineering Manager?

Amazon search for tech skilled leaders with a passion for team development. The e-commerce section of Amazon is open for any candidates with skilled or nonskilled or technical or nontechnical backgrounds. But the Amazon Web Services (AWS) requires professional candidates with a strong technical background.

Any candidate who is applying for the Amazon Engineering manager post should give to follow all the leadership rules defined by Amazon. Cracking of interview will require you to follow all leadership skills and duties. According to Amazon, they believe that leadership is done daily, and you don’t need a certain post to be a leader. All the candidates who follow their 16 principles is a leaders. 

Levels of Engineering Manager at Amazon

At Amazon, there are the following levels of Engineering Manager.

  • L5 Software development manager or Software Engineering Manager(SDM)
  • L6 Software development manager or Software Engineering Manager(SDM)
  • L7 Senior engineering manager (SEM)
  • L8 Director

The base salary doesn’t increase by levels, but there is an exponential increase in stocks as you grow up as a leader.

Interview Questions:

  1. What was the largest project you have completed?
  2. What do you have done innovative?
  3. Give an example of how you can help another college.
  4. Have you ever failed, give an example.
  5. What you will do if to have to train a staff member?
  6. How will you manage the situation when you have to deliver the project on a deadline?
  7. Have you compromised your short-term goal over a long-term goal?
  8. What is data modeling and how it can be implemented?
  9. How do you handle the situation when you have to put your team members at the bottom for PIP?
  10. Tell me if you have a conflict with your superior or inferiors, how do you manage it?
  11. Who told you about this recruitment?
  12. What is your expertise?
  13. When we will hire you, what will be your first step?

Questions to Ask the Interviewer

1. What is the purpose of this position?

2. What is the reason behind this position being created?

3. What are the values and cultures of the company?


Amazon is the largest employer in the world with 10+ million employees. Amazon is the largest E-Commerce Company that also specializes in selling web services, web series, and movies. Amazon prime provides a platform for movies and several types of dramas worldwide. Amazon needs different types of employees and engineers to work for their company so that the company will be eligible to deliver its services at its best.

  1. What is the main role of the engineering manager at Amazon?

The main role of the Engineering manager is planning, developing, and designing the projects as well as managing and supervising one or more engineering aspects.

  1. How do be prepared for an engineering manager’s interview at Amazon?

You can start by preparing for an interview with the help of YouTube on Leadership principles and system design. When you have to know about the values and culture of Amazon, you can search for it on the internet You have to understand 16 principles of leadership for system design interviews.

Amazon Engineering Manager Interview Questions

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