Accounting Assistant Interview Questions – How To Answer?

An accounting assistant or coordinator assists a company or a firm’s accounting department with preliminary accounting responsibilities. The primary focus of this work is on keeping records for the accounts payable and accounts receivable. One has responsibilities that include journal entries, surveys, collection of cash as well as invoices. Let us know What are the ‘Accounting Assistant Interview Questions’.

Accounting Assistant Interview Questions

Accounting Assistant Interview Questions

During Accounting assistant interviews, the recruiter intends to accumulate details about your skills and qualifications along with your attitude towards the job and your personality. To assess such information, questions covering a large variety can be asked. Similar categories are broken down in this article to help you answer effortlessly and gain all the particulars to land such jobs.

Categories Of Interview Questions:

1. Expertise authentication Questions:  This category includes such questions that are required to verify your experiences stated in your resume/cover letter. Such questions used by the recruiter are not only to verify your credentials but also to evaluate your strength of retention from your past work. They can ask about your level of experience thus assessing whether you are suitable for this job or not.

  • Example 1: “What did you contribute to the most while working at your previous job ?”
  • Example 2: “What were the most challenging aspects of your past job and how did you tackle them ?”

2. Accredential Verification Question: Through this category of questions, the recruiter tries to assess your educational qualifications, achievements, and professional history. This is mainly to fast-check the information provided in your resume or Cv

  • Example 1: “What was your CGPA in 12th standard ?”
  • Example: “Which organization did you work as an intern for?”
  • Example: “In what year did you join college?”

3. Proficiency Questions: Through this category of questions, the recruiter intends to evaluate whether you possess the skills and competency required for this job. 

To ace such questions, focus on the requirements for the job, estimate the company’s demands, and list examples that briefly demonstrate such essential qualities.

  • Example 1: “According to you, what makes you fit for leadership roles?”
  • Example 2: “Give an example where you handled a workplace conflict ?”
  • Example 3: “Give an instance when you had to make a spontaneous yet strategic decision ?”

4. Viewpoint-based questions: Through this category of questions, the interviewer wants to gauge your opinions on matters related to a functional workplace. These are often bewildering questions presented to confuse you. Although there are no exact right answers you must strategically phrase your answer and focus on correct decision-making.

  • Question: “What is your greatest weakness ?”

Tip: Recruiters know that professional accountants are not perfect and they want to evaluate your readiness for self-improvement so do not be afraid to mention your weaknesses as long as they can be worked over and improved.

5. Situational questions: Through this category of questions the recruiter intends to evaluate your presence of mind, promptness, and ability to handle situations under pressure.

 To answer such questions do not panic, think about the situation given to you and estimate the best possible outcomes and steps to achieve that certain outcome.

  • Example: “What if due to some emergency, you had to step up as a corporate assistant for a day?”

Frequently Asked Questions For Accounting Assistants:

Below are given examples of frequently asked questions while interviewing for assistant accounting. Remember to have enthusiasm and patience while answering these questions.

1. Introduce Yourself:

One of the most asked questions not only for accounting assistants but also in almost every interview. Remember these tips given below:

  • State your name, age, and qualification.
  • State what you are currently pursuing or the last course/job/education that you were involved in.
  • State why you are applying for this job and your motive for this company.
  • Tip: Do not add personal information or informal remarks. If only the interviewer strikes with you informally you can reciprocate appropriately but make sure to be within a limit.

2. What skills do you possess to be a suitable Accounting assistant?

The interviewer wants to assess your knowledge, experience, and expertise on the topic.

  • State the basic skills required to be an exceptional accounting assistant.
  • State instances from your previous experiences that demonstrate such required skills.
  • Explain how these skills are an integral part of being able to function in a working place.

3. What skills do you possess as regards accounting software?

The panel wants to evaluate your familiarity with accounting software

  • Name the software that you have experience with, it is a good idea to also state your level of experience 

For example, Beginner at Deskera, an expert at Oracle, or an intermediate at FreshBooks

4. What would you do if faced with a disagreement with your superiors?

This is one of the situational questions that the interviewer may ask to assess your behavior, attitude, and opinions.

How to deal with this question: Be respectful and don’t answer impulsively.

State that you can stand with the right.

State that if you are bold enough to communicate your opinions and point out errors.

TIP: Don’t forget to mention that you respect the fact that the higher authority holds the capacity to either reject or approve your opinion.

5. According to you, what are the usual responsibilities of an accounting assistant?

Here, the recruiter is set to test your experience and knowledge about the work you have applied for. You must read the job description well and decide the essential components necessary for a sustained workflow.

  • Simply, state the responsibilities and roles of an assistant accountant.
  • Try to convey that you are familiar with the duties you have to uphold as an assistant accountant.

6. What are the issues or errors that you have dealt with as an accounting assistant?

Through this opinion-based question, the interviewer intends to assess your weaknesses as well as your ability to deal with errors. 

TIP: Do not give overly perfect answers like “I work too much” or “I am a perfectionist”. Try to be transparent as recruiters evaluate you with your problem-solving and self-improvement skills.

  • State a genuine moment you have made an error in your past works.
  • If not errors, state the aspects of accounting that you find difficult to deal with.
  • State how you dealt with such an issue and what improvements you made to prevent the recurrence of such an issue.
  • State that you can receive constructive criticism and can take corrections from colleagues or superiors.

7. What is the difference between Accounting and Auditing?

Through this category of questions, the recruiter is simply evaluating your knowledge of accounting.

Define both terms clearly

For example- State that Accounting is recording, collecting, presenting, and encapsulating financial records, whereas Auditing is carefully analyzing and examining the financial records of a company.

State the difference between both terms

For example- Auditing is performed occasionally to check the functionality of the finances of a company whereas accounting is a daily task done to preserve the financial records of the company.

8. What is your work pace under pressure and how do you manage the workload?

Through this category of evaluation questions, the recruiter tries to determine whether you can work under stressful circumstances.

  • Convey that you keep up with unending work in an organized fashion.
  • Taking the help of schedules and planners to ensure the completion of given tasks.
  • State that you form manageable goals to be concurred first rather than trying to complete all the tasks at once.
  • State that you avoid stacking tasks and focus on pending work to ensure that each task is given adequate time to be completed.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Accounting Assistant Interview Questions’, The assistant accounting position is a simple, entry-level job targeted at freshers. Make sure to answer each question with patience and articulation. Questions asked during such interviews are mainly to assess your behavior, quick wit, and knowledge about the position. Practice the different types of interview questions discussed above and feel confident for your next interview.

Sample Interview Questions And Answers:

  • Give ideas to better our company’s working capital flow

Ans.- “According to me, focusing on the company stock is crucial. Stocks are one of the few working capital that is under our control.

Inventory management is also a great asset in improving the working capital flow. Stock turnover rates should increase, and overstocking must be avoided at all costs.”

TIP: Do some research on working capital flow as many companies work with negative working capital. Study e-commerce and telecommunications.

  • How do you think this role can assist you to develop professionally?

Ans- “I think acquiring the position of Accounting assistant will give me a golden opportunity to learn and understand various aspects of accounting. From what I have understood I believe that your company has outstanding professional accountants by whom I would like to learn individually and assess how accounting departments function on a large scale.”

TIP: Convey to the interviewer that you want to move up in the company. Give articulate details about your plans and endearment regarding this field.

  • What are your thoughts on communicating with vendors, clients/ customers, or interacting with other departments of the company?

Ans- “I have had a lot of experience working under circumstances that require effective communication. I have a precise understanding of the importance of constructive communication of sensitive or confidential information. I recognize how proper communication plays a significant role in the functionality of an organization or a company.”

TIP: Try to state your previous work experience where you were required to possess effective communication skills as the recruiter intends to analyze whether you have the abilities required for the said position.

  • How would you format spreadsheets to track daily cash invoices?

Through this question, the interviewer wants to understand your process of working and your ability to have precise and laid out data. Be sure to hand out a step-by-step process clearly while presenting your organizational skills.

Ans- “My prior approach will be to understand the usual proceedings of the business. But individually I would begin by adding a principal page to track the total receipts. On this page, I would list initial cash, the total number of sales done by the business, and collection from the accounts receivable. Then by creating another page I would list all the outgoing cash, including refunds or any cash taken out by the owner. If the business does not have a track record anywhere else, I would add pages listing all the incoming and outgoing cash. Then I would finally save a copy of the spreadsheet to use as a template for future use.”

Accounting Assistant Interview Questions – How To Answer?

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