How Long Is Orientation At USPS?

How Long Is Orientation At USPS?

What is USPS?

     United States Postal Service is an independent agency. They provide postal services which include associated states and insular states. It’s an executive branch of the United States Federal Government. Here, let’s know How Long Is Orientation At USPS?

Where is USPS from?

    The headquarters of USPS is in Washington. In the year 1792, the post office department was created with the passage of the postal service act. In 1872, the cabinet-level department was elevated then transformed by the postal reorganization act of 1970 into United States postal services as an independent agency.

Services of USPS:

  • post office box rentals
  •  money order sales
  • selling postage in any denomination
  • selling shipping supplies
  • selling postage in any denomination
  • confirmation services
  • providing mailing information of USPS
  • change of address (COA) service
  • provides purchase receipts

What is orientation?

       A person who is selected comes to work randomly. This is known as orientation. They are usually done during college life, as it helps in learning general rules honor codes etc.

       An important note is that do not use mobile during the orientation.

The process to go through before orientation:

  • Set up an account on the USPS website.
  • Check the number of job vacancies in it.
  • Complete the online application.
  • Attend the exam.
  • After completing the exam, you’ll be called to fill in the other paper works and do some fingerprints. After the completion of the process, you will be hired.
  •  In less than a week, you will be receiving an email regarding orientation.
  • Parking lot photos pointing with arrows towards the door will also be included in the mail.

Location of the orientation:

     Local Learning Development and Diversity Centers (CDDC) is the usual place of orientation.

Duration of orientation:

     Depending upon the job and professional industry, the duration may vary. Approximately it may take up to one day to one week for the new employees. However, it may take a longer duration for technical jobs and the boarding process.

Things that take place during day 1 of USPS orientation:

    A lot of information is given during this orientation through modules by human resource members. They discuss the ethics, dress code, payroll, the method of payment to your work. 

      When you get into the orientation, they will give you a roll sheet to sign. This will make sure you are present for the entire orientation. This makes sure that you are present on time for the orientation if you are late they won’t allow you in.

     Every new employee is presented with a whole packet bag which includes a calendar, handbook, some paper works to be filled

     You should provide proof of insurance, coverage to the vehicle. The instructor will discuss the schedule, training, location, road test determination, etc. Some policy papers are also signed such as dress code policy, cell phone policy, etc.

Learning through USPS orientation:

  •     Through this orientation, you will be able to learn about postal offices. What a postal officer does?

       They are the officers who investigate and try to figure out what’s going in a postal office if there is any theft or any type of illegal activity taking place. The person who takes place in the illegal activities (maybe the postal officers or some other employee) will be baited.

  • Things not to accept as an employee of USPS:
  • Illegal people would offer money to deliver drugs, illegal things, narcotics, etc to the vacant houses, don’t go under these processes as it is not worth the job.
  • Don’t go for gift cards.


  • Rural Carrier System (RCAS) workers are not entitled to any type of hoodies, hats, etc.
  • Non-uniform employees can wear properly fitting skin type sensible clothing. Moving machinery should be with skirts or shorts more than three inches above midnight.
  • Certain footwear is prohibited on the work floor. Canvas, tennis shoes, open-toe sandals, moccasins, jelly shoes, crocs, heels, thongs, flip-flops. Room wear shoes that are fully closed can be worn, which should be made up of leather or synthetic material but not nylon.
  • City Carrier Assistant (CCA) is entitled to 460 dollars per year for uniforms.
  • Clerks are entitled to 207 dollars per year.
  • No allowances for RCAS.
  • No gift should be received from the customers.
  • The gift card can be accepted, which is only less than or equal to twenty dollars and no visa logo should be present in it.
  • A customer can give only three gifts in the entirety and not beyond fifty ounces.
  • You can go through the counsel number to check the rules and regulations for receiving the gift from the customer.
  • A clerk can’t accept any lobby in front of any other customers and the gift too. It looks like favoritism if you accept it. 
  • The policy says not to accept gifts from co-workers.

Day 2 of USPS orientation:

       Some type of training will be held through a web-base, information about routes, LLV training. After this, there would be four days of academy followed by site training.

      The most important thing throughout the orientation is to calculate the miles where you are going to and from including LLV training, academy, site training because you will be paid back for it. You get paid even if you attend the orientation.

      They will give you a calendar in which the paydays would be mentioned.


USPS believes in the satisfaction of the customers and the trust of consumers.

  • Therefore, the duration of the orientation is 2 days approximately. Per day the orientation may last from 9 to 11 hours approximately. 
How Long Is Orientation At USPS?

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