Amazon Interview Result Delay – Know More

Amazon is an American multinational company with the main focus  on E-Commerce, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazon was earlier called Cadabra. This company was started in the year 1994 in Washington. The company today serves customers from all over the world. The company recently has also launched self-driving Cars. One feature or department of Amazon all the people in this country are well versed in is its supermarket. Amazon is considered one of the largest online Supermarkets available on the internet. It has a rocking revenue of over 36.064 billion. Lets see why the Amazon Interview Result Delay.

Amazon Interview Result Delay - Know More

Around 1.4 million employees are currently employed. When it was built in 1994, the reason for choosing Seattle as its headquarters was that it was also the home of Microsoft. Hence said to be a place with abundant technical talent. 

In the year 1997, Amazon came into the public eye. It initially started by selling music and video CDs in 1998. The following year Amazon expanded its boundaries and started selling other items like video games and home improvement stuff. 

It was only in 2002, that Amazon began to explore the web services department. While exploring the online sector they initially began by selling and managing the inventory of small-scale companies and individuals. Soon they started venturing into other sectors. They started acquiring and creating partnerships with other companies. Hence leading to the Global development of the Amazon company we know of today.

Services And Transportation –

  • Even though Amazon initially started by selling products made by small-scale industries to the people, the increase in the popularity and use of Amazon services has led to further development in the transportation of goods and services offered to the customers. 
  • These services offered and the requirement of the users led to the development in these sectors. The development led to increased revenue and reach of the company. It also helps the company to remain up to date with the requirements of the customers and also to compete with the rival brands. 
  • There are several ways of transport Amazon uses for the distribution of its goods. First is Amazon air. This type of transport includes transport airlines used for bulk or large amounts of transport. The second is Amazon flex. Amazon flex or seller is a smartphone app that helps individuals to deliver packages to customers in their own or private vehicles. The third one is Amazon logistics. This site is mainly used by small business partners who are usually contracted by Amazon to deliver goods to the customers
  • The Amazon company provides services such as Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime, Amazon Drive, and Amazon Studios. Apart from that, they have Alexa and Echo which are virtual assistant technology. There are several other services that Amazon provides. The products that Amazon sells online range from consumer electronics to jewelry

Is it hard to get employed at Amazon?

  • Even though getting a job at Amazon is a little bit tough since the Amazon workspace is highly competitive, if you are well qualified for the position then you might succeed in getting the job. The probability of getting the job also depends on the position you are applying for and the city you want to work in.
  • The Amazon employers seek that the employees are the right fit for the company. The employee’s educational as well as work qualifications should meet the criteria of an ideal employee. Apart from just having high educational qualifications, you should also have good qualities and values within you. 
  • You should be honest during the interview, confident and through your interview answers, interviewers should be able to see your determination and ambition to get a job there. You have to keep in mind that there are thousands of people who are applying alongside you who also want to be a part of the company. 
  • The competition is very high and Amazon being one of the top companies in the market which provides high salaries to its employees, is considered as one of the most applied and reputable jobs like that of Google. The skilled workforce makes Amazon one of the trending companies in the world.

Qualities you should have to ace the Amazon interview

  • Amazon mainly focuses on the candidate’s ability to solve problems. The candidate or the employees should be able to solve circumstances and provide solutions to specific problems in a time of crisis. Usually, the qualities that employees should possess depend on the department they’ve applied for. 
  • But there are some general qualities that all employees should possess –

Some of these important qualities involve patience and problem-solving skills. 

  • The employees should be considerate towards others and should be able to handle the work-life balance well. 
  • You should be able to come with solutions during a situation of crisis. 
  • You should be honest and should be able to do the required work within the given period.
  • You should not be lazy and lenient towards the work you do.
  • During the interview, interviewers should be able to see your determination to exceed. 
  • You should have the ability to put forth new plans and interesting ideas in front of the people so that they understand your ambition to work. 
  • At the Amazon company, your only aim should be to take Amazon to new heights. You should be committed to the work you do and should be comfortable in Amazon’s working environment. You should healthily show your competitiveness. 

What type of questions do they ask in the interview?

  • Regarding the interview process Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, once said “I would rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person”. This statement itself gives forth the highly competitive nature of the Amazon company. 
  • The company seeks highly skilled and intelligent people in its workforce. When preparing for an interview you should understand that different qualities are required for different positions in the company. 
  • Hence, the questions asked during the interview can differ. During the interview, you need to mention what qualities and skills you possess and what sets you apart from the crowd.

Some questions that might be asked – 

1.Can you describe your most difficult customer and how you were able to handle their needs?

2.Which leadership principle of Amazon’s do you connect with most?

3.Why have you chosen Amazon?

4.Tell us about yourself in brief.

5.When given an unfamiliar task, how do you ensure you handle it properly?

6.Give me an example of when you received criticism. How did you respond to the information?

7.Describe a situation where you had to deal with ambiguity when making a decision.

How to Apply for the Job?

1st Method- 

The most common way of applying to a job in Amazon is, if you are currently pursuing your studies in a college and Amazon approaches your college. For placement, in this case, students can easily apply by filling the application. If they get selected here they will have to go through the interview and if you ace it then the job is theirs. 

2nd Method-

The second way to apply for a job is through an online application. This is also considered the simplest way to apply to the company. You just have to go to the Amazon job portal and there you will find all the information you need to properly fill the form. In the form, you have to fill in all your details with job preference and location. 

3rd Method-

The third way is to participate or look out for hiring events. You can also create your id on LinkedIn and look for job placement on Amazon. Type of jobs that you can apply for in Amazon are engineering, business, media, and operation.

What if there is a delay in Amazon interview results?

  • Amazon takes approximately 2 to 5 days to declare the results of an interview. If you are worried from day one itself after giving the interview then you need to be patient and wait for at least a week or 10 days before approaching the matter. It doesn’t matter if you aced the interview or were not able to do so Amazon will send you a letter regarding the same. 
  • If you are selected or not selected the letter will be sent about your selection or rejection. There are two rounds of interviews that are held at Amazon. If you are someone who is patiently awaiting the results of the first round then you should hear back from the company within 2 working days. 
  • If you want to know if you have cleared on not their second round then you have to wait for at least 5 working days. Do not try to unnecessarily message or contact the HR team regarding the results just after a few days of your interview because it will create a bad impression about you and they will think that you lack patience. 
  • If it has been longer than a week then you should not need to jump to any conclusions, as there might be some technical or other problems which they might be facing. In any case, you can contact HR after a week regarding your result.


If you are someone who wants to apply for an Amazon job or have already applied then the first thing you need to do is become yourself. The interview can bring itself a lot of anxiety about performance. The only thing you should do is be completely honest in your answers and say what you believe in which top Amazon keeps looking for unique people with different interests and different thought processes. In this way, they can include in their team people with different thought processes. This gives them variety and solutions to problems become simpler to achieve. If you have done your best in an interview then it is better to not be anxious about the results. Take your time  and concentrate on happier things. The interview result will come when it has to come and if you have done well then the results will always be on your side.

Amazon Interview Result Delay – Know More

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