How To Quit An Internship Early?

How to quit an internship early?

Acing an internship might be on your to-do list but sometimes you got to make some tough  decisions and let go of that internship. Quitting for your betterment only, not because you  gave up or anything but because there were many better reasons than giving up. But how  exactly does a person quit an internship early? Let us know how to quit an internship early, steps to quit your Internship early and things to remember while quitting in this article.

How To Quit An Internship Early?

Quitting an internship early, before the end date is not as hard as it may seem. Being  honest and straightforward as to why you are quitting is the key to unlocking this  metaphorical door. 

What is an internship? 

An internship is a program where people can gain professional experience in a particular  industry. These are often school and college students, entry-level candidates, or someone who  is looking to change careers. 

Explore the reasons before quitting. Could they be avoided? 

There can be a variety of reasons for quitting your internship early before the due date and it  is important to figure out are these reasons worth quitting before the end date. 

1. Exams

Yes, exams can be one of the major factors forcing a person to leave his/her  internship before the end date. 

A solution to consider

Talk with the company and they can arrange for you offs, even  paid offs during your exam days, or just decrease the workload from your head. 

2. Too much work

Sometimes the amount of work companies put on interns is far more  than what they pay them. And sometimes they are even made to work for more than 8  hours in the name of gaining experience. 

A solution to consider

In a situation like this, send a formal letter to the manager of  the company or the HR and complain about the things and against your employer. HR  must make sure no bad image of the company is formed in people’s minds outside of  the company and that all issues are resolved. So you can expect HR to help you with  your issue and get it resolved at the earliest. 

3. Unsafe work environment

A nightmare of a cause can be harassment at the  workplace. And when someone is being harassed it becomes very tough to open up  and share your problems such that the only left to them is to run away from the place  and hope for a fresh start. 

A solution to consider

No, you don’t have to open up to your boss or anyone but to  someone you trust. Maybe your friend, your family, anyone. Share with them, get  some professional help and file a complaint against the wrongdoer and make sure  he/she does not ever step foot at that workplace anymore.

4. Better work opportunity

Then there is the instance where you might have gotten a   better opportunity than the one you are currently working at with better pay, a better   work environment, and whatnot. 

A solution to consider

No, nothing can be considered here. Just state your obvious  reason and be done with it. No need to sugarcoat. 

One must discuss the reasons for quitting or just in general with someone. This is one  of those decisions you make in life that once made can’t be undone and which will thus  affect your whole life if not taken wisely and in your full senses.  

Steps to quit your Internship early 

1. Talk with your Employer

The first thing you would like to do is have a talk with your  employer and tell him about the decision of quitting the internship. 

2. Commute the same via formal mail

It is important to state your decision to the  company along with the reason for your quitting. This can be done via email which is  written professionally. 

3. Get in terms with the manager

A mail is a good option but a meeting with the  manager is a better option. Discuss with him all the terms and conditions. Serve a  notice period to show your respect, if there is not any, and even discuss your  responsibilities during that time. You can even talk about the re-joining policy after  some time if the reason for quitting is no more applicable to you or will hamper your  future work at the company.  

4. Submit a Notice

Some companies require you to submit a notice and serve the notice  period before you can quit the internship. Make sure you plan on these things  accordingly as per your engagements. Submit the notice at least a month before the  date you were planning to quit completely so that by that time you can be free of any  notice period that needs to be served. 

5. Get the Approval

If all your things are sorted with the company, your resignation  would be approved pretty quickly, and you would be good to go. Get your affairs in  order and bid your goodbyes to the staff and manager. 

Things to remember while quitting 

1. Honesty is the Key

It is important for you to be honest. Working at a company, at a  professional level you develop work ethics over time and it demands honesty, with  your employer, your colleagues, and with yourself. So, if you will be honest while  stating your reason for a need to quit the internship, mutual respect would be  increased and might even help improve the work environment at the office or even  help you in the future. 

2. Gratitude is meant to be expressed

No matter the reason for your quitting, it is  important to thank the employer, the manager, and even your co-workers for what  they have done for you and what they have taught you over the period you have  worked there. Bid your farewell to everyone and promise to be in touch throughout.

3. Get the necessary things sorted beforehand

Securing your internship certificate, letter  of recommendation, and the promised stipend should be managed and kept as a top most priority. Securing a letter of recommendation can help you in securing other  good internships and even help you secure good jobs. 

4. Work quality should not be compromised

In your last days, do not think “Now, I am  quitting in a few days let me slack off at work.” No, work ethics should always be  maintained. As an intern you must give your best even while you are on the notice  period, these things will help you in the future and even help in securing an LoR. 

As said earlier, quitting an internship is not as tough as it may seem. You just need to be  honest and keep in mind a few things. 

Also, have some plans ready for after quitting depending upon the reason for quitting. For  instance, if education was the reason for your quitting, you might want to take in mind what  income gap you can expect and how to handle it. Evaluate and plan so that you are prepared  financially. Or if you got a better opportunity at a different company with better facilities  make sure all your documents are in place and secure the letter of recommendation if you are  applying to a new company at the time of quitting that will help and increase your chances of  getting hired. The basic crux is that one needs to plan before, while, and after quitting an  internship. 

How To Quit An Internship Early?

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