What Age Does Lululemon Hire? -Know More About It

Lululemon Athletica incorporation is an apparel retailer in Canada, and it’s a self-described yoga-inspired athletic apparel and designer company. The main work of this company is to produce designer clothes, and lulu lemon is considered an international brand clothing company and runs different stores including different kinds of apparel such as pants, designer dresses, shorts, shirts, and yoga accessories. Let us know about “What Age Does Lululemon Hire?”

What Age Does Lululemon Hire?

The entry-level age is a minimum of 18 years old. And freshers should have basic educational qualifications and hold a high school diploma. And there are other requirements but based on age applicants who are above the age of 18 years old must hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree. And lulu lemon demands strictness, punctuality, and efficiency from young employees too. The reason to maintain the business operational procedure smooth and efficient. The reason behind this age requirement of 18 years old and not hiring below that age there are plenty reasons- 

There is an exploitation of young employees at the workplace by the employer and putting pressure on them and tricking them into wrong activities sometimes young employees are struggling to get their payment on time or getting less as per their working hours, young employees also become a victim of harassment mentally and sexually or bullied by senior employees, other reasons are minor, inability to handle, lack of experience and below 18 years old its considered child labor in some states or countries as per their law.

Description Of Lululemon Incorporation-

Lululeamon Athletica is a brand among sports companies and other clothing brands. Lululemaon is a multinational company and the founder of this company is Chip Wilson. He founded this company in 1998 and spread across other continents of the world. Moreover, Lululemon is a prominent name and famous for yoga accessories, sports clothing, and athletic address. And the estimated figure of income of Lululemon is $4.1 billion (till 2020) along with a net income is around $675.22 million.

Job Postions At Lululemon

  • Educator- Customers must be informed about the items’ construction, features, and fit by the educator. Except for Lululemon, not all companies care enough about their products to inform people about them. The average pay for instructors at Lululemon is close to $15 per hour, or $35,903 yearly when bonuses and incentives are taken into account.
  • Assistant Store Manager- The duties of an assistant store manager include helping the store manager out with different tasks around the business, such as Training and monitoring the development of new hires.
  • Warehouse Associate- One of the most coveted jobs at Lululemon is this one. Warehouse associates’ salary increases significantly along with the increase in demand for their services. Lululemon’s warehouse associates make an average of $17 per hour or $40,573 per year.
  • Key Leader- Any retail store’s success depends on its key leaders. A Key Leader at Lululemon earns more than $68,824 annually. The key leader is given a variety of duties, including motivating the workforce and keeping an eye on the floor. accountable for the instructors’ training.

Working Benefits At Popeyes For Entry-Level Team Members-

  • You will receive free fitness classes, paid time off, and employee discounts.
  • Participating in the sweat pursuits program provided monthly to all employees.
  • Lululeamon follows the pay equity concept and gender inclusivity, and there is no discrimination.
  • Providing maternity, paternity, and adoption leaves.
  • Under the Lululemon parenthood program, they are getting paid leave for  6 months.
  • You will also be covered by the healthcare service (including dental and vision insurance)
  • Full-time members are getting a 60 percent discount, and a 40 percent discount for part-timer employees is racing. 

Tips on Interview Questions-

  • Are you comfortable working in fast-paced surroundings?
  • What motivates you to work?
  • Have you done this work earlier?
  • What skills do you have for the preferred position?
  • How will you be an asset to this company?


In the nutshell, the minimum hiring age is 18 years old to start your work at lulu lemon. The reason already explained why this brand has kept this age for entry-level and lulu lemon is a strict and ethical brand company and against of child labor. In this article, the description and foundation of lululemon are explained. Furthermore, the hiring process, perks & benefits of working at lululemon, positions, and job responsibilities are described. Everything is discussed regarding the job environment and process read it before you will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions-
  1. What dress I should wear on my interview day at Lululemaon?

Most likely you should wear casual business attire with a proper shirt, shoes, and jeans.

  1. Whether below 16 years old person can hire at Lululemon?

No. below 16 years old teens are not allowed. 

  1. Is there any training period at Lululemon?

Yes. It’s important to participate in the training program for the Lululemon test for 3 weeks.

What Age Does Lululemon Hire? -Know More About It

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