What Age Do You Have To Be To Work At Dairy Queen?

What Age Do You Have To Be To Work At Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen is an international chain of fast-food restaurants having as many as 6000 restaurants spread across the world. The surge in demand led to paving the way for opening several stores thereafter. It has lived up to the bills of visitors which is why its service as a restaurant to have been spanning eight decades with umpteen job openings for entry-level positions. Here is the topic- What Age Do You Have To Be To Work At Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen Hiring Age

The minimum age to be working at Dairy Queen must be 16 years old, although in a few states one is allowed to work even at 14. Being below 16, an employee must have a work permit approved by his or her parent. Teenagers need not have to work for long hours and some stores remain open throughout the day while some stores operate from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Application Process

An applicant looking for a job opportunity in the ice cream serving division may opt for both online and offline modes of submission. However, an interested applicant seeking a job in the restaurant cannot apply online but he or she has to visit their local store along with the application form and make sure to ask if the specific store is hiring at the moment. You can even mention the preferred environment you want to work in during the application process or interview.  The position allotted to you might not be as you please, but hiring managers usually place you while taking your comfort into account.

Application Tips

Even though you are unable to apply online, be prepared to have some time to finish the application process successfully. It is crucial to be familiar with your social security number and do mention a couple of references in the application if you have one. As references play a vital role while applying for a new job, it enables employers to get insight into your interpersonal skills as well as the success you’ve had in your previous company.  Having not worked before, you can specify a teacher or a mentor of a volunteer program you were involved with. As soon as your application has been reviewed, you may expect to get a call from the management of Dairy Queen. It could take you a week to hear back from the manager. If you don’t hear back either you can phone the store or visit the venue again and inquire about the application.

Job Opportunities

Many entry-level jobs are available at DQ which are easy to perform and even employees having not worked earlier can accommodate the working conditions of this organization. It also hires several associates for full-time and part-time jobs who go on to become store managers or general managers and enjoy longevity in their careers.

Positions and Salary Description

Crew Member

  • Being a crew member, you have to deliver food and serve the customers on their tables, sometimes you have to clean and sanitize tables. It is an entry-level job involving a great deal of patience to deal with a lot of customers. A crew member is paid around $8/hr. 


  • Cashiers take the orders of customers and welcome them with utmost hospitality. They are the first person whom customers meet, therefore it is necessary to be friendly to make a good cashier. Besides, they have to pay heed to the orders given by customers.  A perk of being a cashier at DQ is not having to work with food.  A cashier is paid as much as a crew member.


  • As we all are familiarized with the work of cooks and about how they put their heart and soul into preparing delicious food while considering customers’ orders.  You must be 16 or above to be able to work as a cook. A cook is paid slightly more than that of the aforementioned positions.


  • Their job involves hiring employees, giving workers and employees proper training, assigning hands-on tasks to trainees, and making sure the needs of customers and their satisfaction.  In addition, they are accountable for ordering food inventories.   The salary of assistant managers lies between $8/hr to  $12/hr whereas restaurant managers are usually paid about $30000 per year in the beginning and they witness a significant hike in their salary with gaining experience.

Dairy Queen Dress Code 

While working at any store, you are supposed to be putting on a hat, shirt, and black trousers or jeans( which are not torn).  Shoes should be black as well as slip-resistant.  Tattoos are not allowed as they increase the chances of rejection, though few stores do not mind you having tattoos.

Working Hours

Working hours are quite flexible as many of whom are students and having other jobs as well. Part-time workers work four hours a day, on the other hand, full-time employees follow the same regime of working eight to nine hours a day.

Interview Tips

  • Do not worry or panic unless the interview begins and wait patiently for your call that will leave a good impression on the interviewer.
  • Do not forget to bring your resume and a copy of the application.
  • Formals are often preferred, but coming well-dressed is even more important than the former. At least try to arrive in neat and modest attire.
  • Most importantly, be yourself and do remember why you want to be hired for a particular position.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Are you a team player?

In Dairy Queen, you are supposed to collaborate with the team frequently which involves sound communication skills and teamwork. You often have to work with a group wherein you realize how you may contribute to your team as well as company. Therefore, make sure to emphasize any experience in which you have volunteered or led your team to achieve success reflecting that you are a team player and can comfortably work with utmost cooperation.

Why would you like to choose this store?

If you are asked this question, you should respond that the particular store is the closest to my house and it would take me just a few minutes to get there. If I apply at any other store, I will have to cover a huge distance which is time-consuming and perhaps I end up arriving late at the office. Refrain from fabricating stories that might sound unnatural to an interviewer.

Perks of working

Dairy Queen has a hospitable work environment and it also provides paid training programs. Employees enjoy discounts on meals and at times they are offered to have free meals which is certainly the best part of being its employee. Any employee to have been serving the organization for five years is eligible to get paid holidays.  Besides, there are several other benefits including comprehensive health insurance, retirement plans, and education assistance. Employees get to avail paid sick leave of which they are appreciative. The ice cream franchise provides various benefits like dental, vision care, and medical insurance to all workers who meet the criteria of being eligible to enjoy these perks.  

This company is entirely focused on the well-being of its employees and encourages them by rewarding many incentives.  Therefore, employees work here for the long haul and do not like switching to elsewhere.  

What Age Do You Have To Be To Work At Dairy Queen?

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