Vans Hiring Age Complete guide 2021

Vans Hiring Age

This American company is a huge manufacturer of skateboarding shoes. We will discuss Vans Hiring Age here. It is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, United States, founded by Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren in 1966. V F Outdoor is Vans’ parent company, which deals in clothes, footwear, and fashion accessories worldwide. Trace more information about the company on their website.

Eligibility  – Vans Hiring Age

  1. 18 years of age is the minimum age limit that has been set by the company for providing employment to any interested candidate at any position in Vans what so ever. However this age only gives access to entry level positions while others who might have a minimum of two years of experience shall be able to apply for higher positions. 
  2. So, younger candidates should check in their respective locality stores, in case they are hiring candidates with work permissions and necessities at hand as there could be exceptions in some cases although the chances are rare. 
  3. High school diplomas or general education development are other educational necessities in association with the hiring age need at Vans. 

Several others things should be occupying space in your mind to search for information on. Below, we have attempted to put in as much information as possible on the hiring process, approximate timings of the store, dress code followed by the employees, benefits they can avail of, pay chart of various positioned employees, etc. 

To know of which, in one particular place to save your time and effort, you must go nowhere and continue reading. So scroll down your screen, and we promise not to leave you unsatisfied. 

Working Hours

The regular timings are same for weekdays that is from Monday to Saturday as the operational hours of Van stores are from 10: 00 am in the morning to 9: 00 pm in the night while on Sunday the operational hours of Van stores are from 11: 00  am in the morning to 6: 00 pm in the night usually ranging from 4 to 5 hours of shift mostly.

Hiring Process

The varied method of submitting an application, which is the first step of the hiring process, has been mentioned below, and the others.

  1. Vans application forms cannot be printed thus one can either submit an online form or an offline form by visiting the nearest store outlet.

  2.  One can make a request for an application form to be handed over to them and on receiving it one must fill it up very cautiously in ink and then submit it for the best of results. Your handwriting should be readable and all the information should be true.

  3. For online submissions, visit the careers page and select Vans as the company name from the displayed list of varied company options.

  4. Next you must read all the provided information on your screen very carefully before deciding the position you want to apply and serve for in future.

  5. Once you have made up your mind so as to which position you want to apply for, you can fill in the application details which include personal information like your name, area of residence, contact information over email and cell, your educational qualifications, previous job experiences, the preferred shift you would like to pitch in for, the number of hours you would want to contribute etc. 

  6. Be honest and make sure to cross check every bit of the information provided else they might have trouble contacting you if selected.
  7. If you do not hear back soon enough as was expected you must contact the nearest store location and request an update on your application. 

  8. After the screening of all online and offline applications the list of candidates for the next step which is interview shall be put up and contacted regarding the timing, venue, slot and dress code allowed. Patience is indeed the key to your success, so just have hold on your mind and do not let it overthink.

  9. Some basic yet crucial interview questions that might be coming your way could be from the following list of fifteen questions. However there is no certainty of the mentioned ones so do not prepare them exclusively but include them with your intensive research about the company and keep them in mind well enough to stand out among other applicants.
    • How do you deal with your mood issues if any in the work area?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • How did you tackle a tough situation at work?
    • Why are you here with us today?
    • Are you aware of our company policies? 
    • Is there anything you can do to fix an upset client?
    • How much would you rate your own belief in team spirit?
    • How can you raise the spirits of positivity in your surrounding?
    • How good would you rate your communication skills?
    • Have you been referred by anyone in higher position?
    • Tell us about your greatest fear?
    • Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
    • Does the idea of working at Vans excite you? 
    • Is this job your passion or financial simply a financial need?
    • Do you have any salary expectation in mind that you would want us to look into?

  10. Make sure you don’t speak a lot or too little either as you shall only be expected to speak to the point. 

  11. Keep your cell on mute and do not let personal calls interfere in professional space of work during the hiring process.

  12. Dressing appropriately for the interview is another crucial thing that must be kept in mind. An applicant is usually suggested to dress in formals if applying for managerial positions and business casuals or semi formals for other regular positions in the workplace of Vans. 

  13. He or she must reach the venue not just on time but a little before their scheduled meeting in order to relax and prepare.

  14.  Background checks are a common thing to be conducted in the hiring process of any company and Vans is no exception so ensure you are honest about everything and not lying as that shall create a bad image. 

  15. However, drug tests are not done here on any applicants unless a real need be.

  16. The entire process of hiring should not take more than two weeks of time. 


Some of the most commonly sought positions have been mentioned below:

  1. A Sales associate receives an average pay of about $ 10 which falls within the range of $ 8 to $ 15 for each hour of service that is provided by them. 

  2.   A retail store manager receives an average pay of about $ 20 which falls within the range of $ 12 to $ 27 for each hour of service that is provided by them. 

  3. An assistant store manager receives an average pay of about $ 17 which falls within the range of $ 12 to $ 21 for each hour of service that is provided by them. 

  4. A cashier receives an average pay of about $12 which falls within the range of $ 10 to $ 15 for each hour of service that is provided by them. 

  5. A key holder receives an average pay of about $12 which falls within the range of $ 9 to $ 16 for each hour of service that is provided by them. 

  6. A retail shift supervisor receives an average pay of about $12 which falls within the range of $ 10 to $ 15 for each hour of service that is provided by them. 

All the payments are made on a bi-weekly basis for all the working employees in their respective stores.


Usually, the employees of vans are seen dressed in Company provided upper top and shoes along with any flannel or jacket which is coordinated with the bottom of the employee’s choice, which could be ripped as well. 


An incredible discount of 50% is applicable on all priced products, and a 30% discount is available on all sale items.  Along with these, they offer many free items and provide Medical, dental, and vision plans too.

Vans Hiring Age Complete guide 2021

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