ULTA Beauty Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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ULTA Beauty is America’s leading beauty retailer and the largest retailer for beauty products, fragrances, skins, hair care, and salon services. In a unique retail environment, they provide incomparable product range, value, and accessibility. Here, we’ll know ULTA Beauty Hiring Age.

ULTA Beauty supports more than 700 independent businesses and delivers outstanding customer service. The retail chains offer a great location to find work in several sectors, including sales, storage, and beauty care, with in-house salons and teams of committed partners.

Working here is a dream. But the minimum Age to Work at ULTA is 18 years old. Yet, since 2015, ULTA has produced more than 22,000+ employments. In addition, internally promoted at a rate of 70 percent, and over 6,000 women have been in executive positions during the previous five years.

Overview of Various Job Titles

Most ULTA stores follow large-scale layouts and contain thousands of square feet of retail space. Thousands of employments countrywide are produced by significant stores and expanding product lines supplied by the network. The cosmetics firm employs a total of approximately 19,000 enterprise and career experts. Employees are typically interested in sales and customer service professions since roles need minimal formal experience to consider. However, experienced and motivated people enthusiastic about cosmetics can qualify for management jobs. Still, in addition to fundamental recruiting skills, managerial professions typically demand particular employment criteria.

The ULTA product lines cover bathrooms and beauty products and unique products for advanced skincare, nails, and hair care. Sales applicants must know some about beauty items. Beauty products must be considered. Recruiting staff for personal conduct and careful attitudes on an ongoing basis. Workers at the entry-level frequently do part-time positions on hiring with the firm. Due to demonstrated job efficiency, more shifts and full-time hours may be offered. Nights and weekend shift requirements are constant.

Factor in overall decisions to recruit is also the capacity to raise moderate weights and work on foot for changing times. In addition, managers usually work full time and require good organizational and delegating abilities.

What is Ulta Beauty’s Employment and Salary Information?

To get ULTA employment, applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The cosmetics store chain generally promotes warm, pleasant, and skilled staff against less committed candidates. The majority of hiring opportunities comprise part-time employment at the entry-level; nevertheless, the dealer continues to call for motivated and experienced employees to fulfill their management responsibilities at full time.

Job searchers can use the following opportunities:

Cashier or Beauty Advisor

  • Beauty consultants focus primarily on sales. Specific tasks include product recommendation, product usage demonstration, cleaning and organization of floors, transaction completion, and product delivery.
  • ULTA frequently employs beauty consultants for a minimum salary but provides pay performance increments, resulting in more than $10.00 an hour.
  • Although former relevant experiences have no specific criteria, candidates should have high school degrees or employment equivalents.


  • Each shop has full-service exhibitions, where skilled professional crews are required. As a result, ULTA salons continue to provide significant cosmetology positions.
  • Pay scales start at $10.00 per hour and increase based on experience and achievement.
  • To obtain employment consideration, applicants must have certified certificates from approved cosmetology schools.


  • Hiring, training, and motivating personnel at the entry-level are essential roles. Managers also guarantee the success of each assigned department/location, monitor the transport and receipt of products, and balance cash drawers after shifts.
  • The manager makes between $10.00 and $12.00 per hour on average. Prestigious managers with the right skills earn yearly pay choices of more than $40,000.
  • Previous managerial, retail, or cosmetics expertise is a bonus.

Application Tips

A strong understanding of business trends and expertise in cosmetics sales are improving the chances of earning jobs. Candidates often become more desirable than other, less informed candidates by expertise in multi-brand, service sectors, and vocational industries such as cosmetology or hairstyling. Workers also need to exhibit outstanding customer service and interpersonal knowledge throughout the recruiting process. This is due to some sort of public engagement with most entry-level positions and professional occupation accessibility.

As part of the recruiting process, applicants should also prepare for the completion of pre-employment surveys. The questions are frequently designed to examine product and brand familiarity and cover everyday retail and sales scenarios.

Job searchers must complete online applications and wait for ULTA via email or telephone to reach desirable individuals. Most of the contacts will take place within a week after the hiring forms are finished. Where there is no formal interaction, applicants may use comparable techniques, e.g., telephone and/or email, to monitor cosmetics shops. 

There might be more waiting periods to make calls for recruits for some roles like management careers and stylist employment. Whichever position is sought, wait at least a week to hear from the chain, since recruiting staff generally check vast groups of individuals immediately before making the final choice.’

The primary responsibilities and duties include the following:

  • Makes contact with the eyes, smiles, and recognizes and welcomes quickly every visiting guest or guest in the immediate vicinity while moving around the shop.
  • Provides polite, informed, and helpful service. 
  • Understands that guest service is the highest priority and finishes work when visitors are present and require support.
  • Identifies the requirements of every guest and answers product and service inquiries—partners with management to guarantee that the needs of the visitor are satisfied whenever necessary.
  • In addition, throughout the servicing of visitors, we advocate more products and/or services depending on guest information, or things previously picked for purchase.
  • Meanwhile, the store is filled all day long, and all items comply with corporate requirements on tables and shelves.
  • Takes part in the development, implementation, and monitoring of physical inventories.
  • Performs other management-led operational responsibilities.

What are the benefits of working in ULTA Beauty?

Employment status and employment title factor for eligibility criteria for employee benefits. Most employee discounts and insurance choices are accessible to employees. Qualified workers are also provided with health, dental and vision coverage, staff support, and paid time off. ULTA workers must be at least 21 years old to benefit from financial savings such as 401(k) pension plans.

Full-Time Associates are offered the following benefits:

  • Two medical PPO plans to be selected
  • Vision coverage
  • Dental coverage 
  • The company provided insurance coverage for life and disability.
  • Flexible accounts for expenditure.
  • The lifestyle advantages such as insurance for homes, cars, pets, and accidents.
  • Pay off time and pay for a vacation.

Part-Time Associates are offered the following benefits: 

  • Vision coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Accident Insurance
  • Disability Coverage

ULTA stores give expert styling services in-house, which are unique among cosmetic dealers. Upon appointment, customers may get hair care treatments, skincare tests, and product demos. The indoor spas, known as THE SALON in each shop, attract firm clients and play significant roles in the company’s rapid expansion throughout the last several years. The store launched around 160 venues between 2013 and 2014.

Frequently asked questions

  • How old do you have to be to work at ULTA Beauty?

Ans- You have to be 18 years old or above to work at ULTA Beauty.

  • Can they make an exception for a 17-year-old to work in ULTA Beauty?

Ans- No. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

ULTA Beauty Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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