Tractor Supply Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

Tractor Supply Hiring Age

Tractor Supply is an America-based company that operates over 1000 retail stores dealing in agriculture products, equipment for home improvement, garden maintenance, livestock, and pet care in the US and provides employment to nearly 20,000 people. Today, we’ll know about Tractor Supply Hiring Age.

If you are 16 years old, you are qualified to be a Tractor Supply employee. However, there are also other requirements for the job, which will discuss below.

About the Company:

The company was founded in 1938 as a tractor spare parts business by Charles E. Schmidt. It was in 1939; the Tractor Supply Co. retail store inaugurate at Minot in North Dakota. Soon besides tractor parts, agricultural products, home improving equipment, pet, and livestock care also introduced business. According to Fortune magazine, the company grew so fast that it quickly became one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies. Recently, it opened its 1900th store in September 2020.

  • Operational Hours:

Their stores remain open 12 hours a day. On weekdays they stay available from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening and on the weekend, from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening.

Hiring Age concerning Posts:

Though 16 can refer to as the minimum hiring age, it doesn’t mean it applies to any position in the company’s hierarchy. For example, while it can be a suitable age for the posts of material handlers, store team members, or interacting with customers via phone call or face to face, posts of managers or store team leaders require several years of experience and a significant age to be applied to. 

  • Store Team Member:

Starting as a 16-year old employee, we have the store team member. Working as a team should be the spirit of a store team member as maintaining a store is teamwork. One should be full of high energy, positive vibes and must know all the store equipment, as often, the team members have to juggle between various works in the store.

Their day to day work includes:

  1. Excellent customer service and meeting sales objectives.
  2. Operation of cash registers.
  3. Recovery of merchandise to correct aisles
  4. Assembly of store display and look after the janitorial obligation
  5. Operation forklifts and assistance in sales.
  • Store Team Leader:

They are the leader of the team representing a division of the company. Therefore, they should strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the store as they are the example setters for the rookies and the entire team working there. 

Their day to day work includes:

  1. Work closely under the supervision of the management team.
  2. They maintain the operating sales and merchandising objectives.
  3.  Lifting weights daily and assume a flexible work schedule.
  • Management Department:

If you want challenges on your way to success, then the managerial position is the apt post for you. Be an operations manager, or assistant retail manager, or retail store manager; everyone has their challenges and hurdles to cross. Working as a manager requires age, experience, skill, and educational qualification. 

  • Operational Manager:

The day-to-day function of an operational manager includes supervising the distribution of space, equipment, and crew members.

  • Retail Assistant Manager:

The retail assistant manager is responsible for premium customer service and supervision of retailed products.

  • Retail Store Manager:

They make the hiring decisions on behalf of the company, supervise workers, increase store sales, maintain store presentations, and control inventory.

  • Store Reciever:

A perfect position for entry-level employees of 18 years. This post requires reliability, organized activities, and time management. Also, the flexible work hours make this post a demanding one among the rookies.

The day to day activity of a store receiver includes:

  1. Maintain inventory accuracy and receiving and shipping freight.
  2. Push or pull merchandise up to 200lbs.
  3. Solve daily problems regarding the shipment and receiving of products.
  • Qualification for the Posts:

A degree is not necessary for store team members or store team leaders, or store team receivers. However, there are specific skills that one should master for these posts, like integrity, problem-solving, proficiency with store equipment and computer, counting abilities, and so on.

While applying for the management posts, one needs specific educational qualifications and experience besides unique skills. For example, a degree in BBA is preferred for managerial positions alongside five years of experience at least for operation management, and both the retail management post requires at least two years of retailing experience. 

  • Salary for Different Positions:

The rates vary based on positions. The more vital the role is for the company, the more is the salary. Here is the list of wages for the following posts:

  • Store Team Member: The average hourly salary of a store team member varies from $7 to $9.
  • Store Team Leader: The store team leader receives a salary of $8 to $12 per hour.
  • Operational Manager: An operational manager receives $34,000 to $38,000 annualy.
  • Retail Assistant Manager: A retail assistant manager receive an hourly pay between $12 to $15.
  • Retail Store Manager: A retail store manager makes between $41,000 to $64,000 annually.

Tips for Applying:

How to make a good impact on the Retail Store Manager (RSM) so that you indeed get the job? Here are a few insights on how to increase your chances of selection:

  • Before contacting, check well your resume is well-tailored as a poor resume may give poor results. The summary is somewhat of a standout game when it comes to selection in the corporate world.
  • Check out the Tractor Supply website and apply for positions you want to work.
  • Once applied, send an email to the recruiters you have already used for the position as this saves time for RSM as your name will automatically enroll in the Tractor Supply database. In addition, it will show your eagerness and passion that you are not here to miss any opportunity.
  • Email is a better way to reach out to the RSM since they can reply when they wish instead of a call which will compel them to respond now and then.
  • The best way of writing an email is to be direct and to the point. Writing the body in a cover letter would be a better option as it is neither too personal nor too formal.
  • Also, attach the resume along with your email. When seeking out a particular position, it is better to align your skillset and experience. 
  • Know well everything about the company. The RSM will be happy to see that you have invested time to know about the company. 

Age is undoubtedly not a barrier while applying for general posts in Tractor Supply, but age is of the essence for specialized departments like management. Applicants can surf through the web page of the company to see which post fits them. The web page holds access to job postings, applications, hiring applications, and so on. Applicants should know well about the company principles and values and must respect and abide by them. 


What is the minimum age for applying for Tractor Supply?

Sixteen years is the minimum age for the applicant to apply for a job in the Tractor Supply.

  • How long is the training period?

The training period can be 3-6 months, depending on how fast you learn.

  • How does Tractor Supply pay?

Tractor supply pays on an hourly basis, and the payment varies for every post. Therefore, more responsibility and hard work more is the payment.

  • Do the employees get discounts on their products?

A 15% discount is applicable on regular items for the employees working in Tractor Supply and their families.

Tractor Supply Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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