Sweet Frog Hiring Age- Hiring Process

Sweet Frog Hiring Age

Sweet Frog Is a premium chain of frozen yogurt restaurants that was founded in 2009 in, Richmond Virginia, United States. Currently, Sweet Frog has 300 stores in the states and many more internationally. The company is owned and operated by Sweet Frog Enterprises LLC. Sweet Frog has numerous flavors and toppings that you can choose from. All the toppings are fresh and are stocked daily with fresh ingredients. Here, let’s know about Sweet Frog Hiring Age.

What is the Minimum Hiring Age at Sweet Frog?

The minimum age requirement at Sweet Frog Is 16 years old

SweetFrog offers entry-level jobs that are suitable for recent graduates and high school students with no experience. Sweet Frog is flexible with school schedules offering shifts that start at 5 pm.

What is the Hiring Age At Sweet Frog

The hiring age of sweet frog employees depends on the role advertised. For Team Members and cashiers the hiring age is 16 years old and above. 

For other roles which need more years of experience i.e. a managerial role, you should have around 3-5 years of experience and preferably a college degree.

What we will be discussing further,

  1. Why work at Sweet Frog?
  2. Sweet Frog Application tips
  3. The sweet Frog hiring process
  4. Most common jobs at Sweet Frog
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Conclusion

Why Work at Sweet Frog?

According to reviews from Indeed.com, the work environment at Sweet Frog is easy and stress-free. Employees get a proper work-life balance. 

Employees are responsible for helping customers put yogurt toppings on their yogurt cup, pretty easy, right? This is not entirely the case. Employees working at tourist destinations can get pretty busy schedules especially when the tourist numbers are high.

Advantages of working at Sweet Frog

  1. Sweet Frog offers a conducive work environment. Employees socialize and enjoy working together
  2. One of the main benefits is that you get free frozen yogurt at the end of every shift! 
  3. Sweet Frog’s management is fair, honest, and helpful to their team. 
  4. Employees get access to paid breaks but only for valid reasons
  5. You get an opportunity to learn more about time management and customer service.

Unfortunately for most employees, the pay was not very good. Additionally, it does not increase with experience. It comes hand-in-hand with the amount of work being easy and stress-free.

An overall sweet Frog is a great place for younger teenagers or fresh graduates.

Sweet Frog Application Tips

The application is done online. You can get the application form on signnow.com.

  1. Start the document by filling in the document Using the fill & online button.
  2. Proceed in providing your contact details and identification details.
  3. Click on the checkmark to indicate the answer
  4. Be sure to double-check  all the fillable fields so that you don’t leave anything out
  5. You can then add your signature on the sign tool that is provided With sign Now 
  6. After verifying your application, you can now click done.
  7. You can help feed save and share the document 
  8. For further questions kindly refer to the support section or get in touch with the sign Now support team.

Additionally, you can either walk in or call the store you are interested in and find out which available positions they have.

Contacting your local store to find out more about job openings is advised, This is specifically for Sweet Frog stores that are owned and operated by independent franchise operators. 

This means that the recruitment process is handled by independent employers exclusively. They also handle their employment policies and procedures.

SweetFrog Hiring Process

According to former employees who gave a review at indeed.com, the interview process was easy, fast-paced, and friendly. You will possibly have a one on one interview with the store manager. You will be asked a few questions about yourself, get to know more about the job, and then get a response

Most common jobs available at Sweet Frog

Team member

The average salary of a team member at Sweet Frog is approximately $7 to $8 per hour. This job position is available to teenagers specifically 16 years and above.

As a team member you are expected to be enthusiastic about assisting customers, hard-working, handling cashier duties, maintaining a clean environment, and preparing and serving food items. 

You will ensure that Sweet frog customers have a memorable customer experience. The company can only get there working hand-in-hand with the employees.


The average salary of a cashier at Sweet Frog is approximately $9 to $10 per hour. 

The cashier will provide exceptional customer service.  You are also expected to actively process cash and credit payments, and maintain a clean and tidy work area.

The qualifications required include; previous years of working experience in customer service or as a cashier, pay strong attention to detail, be a good listener and have great communication skills, have basic mathematical skills, and pay attention to detail.

Customer Service Associate

The average salary of a customer service associate at Sweet Frog is approximately $10 to $11 per hour.

You are expected to enthusiastically greet customers as you welcome them to Sweet Frog. The customer service associate will also ensure that the restaurant is properly organized and cleaned, and additionally, create an inviting environment that is positive, safe, and clean for the team and customers.

Lastly, the customer service associate is expected to perform other duties as assigned by the store manager. 

Assistant Store Manager

The average salary of an assistant store manager at Sweet Frog is approximately $10 to $13 per hour

The job is available for people with previous years of experience in the food or retail industry.

As an assistant store manager, you are expected to have excellent customer service, be a great team player, pay great attention to detail, and above all be an honest person.

You will also be required to ensure that goals are set and that the team is constantly motivated to meet the goals.

Store Manager

The average salary of a store manager at Sweet Frog is approximately $12 to $13 per hour.

The job position is available for people with at least 3 years of experience In the Foodservice industry

As a store manager, you are expected to be fun, bubbly, love working with the customers and the community that you will be serving.

You will also ensure that the yogurt is of the highest quality, ensure that the store is clean and tidy,  ensure that the customers have the best experience so that they come back for more, and ensure that the financial goals are met. 

Lastly, the store manager is in charge of the employees. You will also be in charge of recruiting new teammates, you will also ensure that the teammates are well-trained, and give them constructive feedback that will help them meet their goals


Sweet Frog is making a lot of accomplishments in the Frozen dessert Industry. For instance, it won the 2014 and 2015 Gold Daisy awards for the “Favorite Ice Cream/FroYo Shop”. The company additionally supports local nonprofits and civic organizations globally.

To find out more on Sweet Frog job careers and what they are all about, click this link https://www.sweetfrog.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I order Sweet Frog Online?

Yes, you can. You can order online on their website from any Sweet Frog store that you choose.

  1. Does sweet Frog drug test its employees?

Yes, it does. The owners drug test employees randomly.

  1. Is No Weigh Wednesday still a thing at Sweet Frog

Yes, it is. But it doesn’t happen every Wednesday. No weigh Wednesdays is special because you pay a flat rate price for each frozen yogurt cup! The small cup goes for $4 the medium cup goes for $6 and the large cup cost $8 

  1. Does Sweet Frog Offer Probiotic Options

Yes, it does. It has a variety of frozen yogurt options, from Dairy-free, Nonfat, Low fat, No added sugar, Gluten-free, Premium which have probiotics and active cultures.

  1. Does SweetFrog Pay weekly or Biweekly?

SweetFrog pays biweekly and you are likely to get a direct deposit. 

Sweet Frog Hiring Age- Hiring Process

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