Cold Stone’s Hiring Age – Application Process & More

Cold Stone's Hiring Age

Cold Stone Creamery is an American ice cream parlor chain under the parent company of Kahala Brands. It is not limited to ice creams alone but pies, ice cream cakes, cookies, sandwiches, smoothies, shakes, and ice cream blended coffees as well. The company stores are famous for preparing the customers dessert with their tweak of likings under 1500 locations. Through this article, you will get to know about Cold Stone’s hiring age, the application process, benefits, etc.

What Is The Cold Stone’s Hiring Age?

The minimum age to be hired at cold stone is 16 years old, so no 15 years old or below shall be considered for any position in the company store.  In order to know more about the hiring process, the dress code of the employees, the hours of work required to be done, the benefits an employee is provided with, the responsibilities and positions of work along with the hourly pay rate, you must scroll down your screen and continue reading to stay updated in all these spheres and more. 

The Steps For The Cold Stone Hiring Process:

  • You can either complete the online application or upload your resume by copy-pasting your data into the mentioned fields of personal details, professional category, education, and work experience too. 

  • Printable applications are not available. 

  • Within a day or two at the maximum, you shall be contacted for an interview referred to as auditions, in the process, if you pass the application screening. 

  • Be prepared to answer all questions with confidence, and don’t try to be untrue while showing your talent of singing, dancing, holding conversations properly, displaying acceptable attitudes, and signs of preference over others.

  • No drug test is required to be done on the applicants. 

  • The entire process should not cost you spending more than a week or two at length to be hired unless the store is not looking for fill in’s or has a huge traffic of applicants to deal with.

What Is The Dress Code For Clod Stone Employees?

Black jeans, pants or leggings with shirt, apron and cap is the usually accepted dressing style of the employees.

What Are The Operational hours Of The Store?

The store timings are not the same for all days of the week and may vary by an hour or two. Sunday to Thursday the store opens at 12 pm and closes by 10 pm while Friday and Saturday, the stores have an extended hour of services to render to the holiday mood of the customers which is from 12 pm to 11 pm. 

What Are The Payment Rates, Dates And Schedule?

The average rate per hour of various employees has been mentioned below:

  • Cashier receives somewhere within the range of $8 to $13
  • Retail store manager receives from the range of $9 to $16
  • Supervisor receives from $8 to $13
  • Restaurant assistant manager receives from $9 to $15

Payments are made on a biweekly basis, on Tuesdays to be specific. 

Do The Employees Have Any Access To Benefits?

The employees can avail free ice creams along with flexible work hours, paid leaves, bonus, insurance plans and tips for services.

What Are The Various Shifts And Their Duration?

The morning shifts could be 6-7 hours long while night shifts could range from 2.5 hours to 5 hours. Part-time employees are expected to work a 5-hour shift.

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Cold Stone’s Hiring Age – Application Process & More

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