Adidas hiring age- Process and benefits

Adidas hiring age

This article is all about the Adidas hiring age, its hiring process, and the benefits of working there.

Adidas, a design company

Adidas is the best for making stunning shoes and other athletic wear. To give you a clear vision about Adidas is, Adidas is one of the subsidiaries that Adidas Company manufactures. The other subsidiaries of Adidas, the design company manufactures are Reebok, Five Ten Footwear, and Adidas products. 

The products they produce are purchased all over the world. A person who got a passion for sports, shoes, or any sportswear, will make a perfect employee for Adidas. Working in any fashion and style setting industry has to be involved with love for the company you are working for. If you want to get a job at Adidas, do a lot of research about the company and the products they make. 

Adidas hiring process


  • The minimum age required to work at Adidas is 18. 
  • You must be 18 years old with a high school diploma to get any entry-level positions.
  • For any management position having any previous experience in the relevant field will be more convenient for getting that job.

Application process

  • Applying for a job at Adidas is an online process. They do not have an in-person application process.
  • Go into the Adidas link, apply for any job role you wanted. 
  • Once you are on the site, they will be asking you to create an account. And you will have to do for the application process.
  • Once you have filled the application and submitted it, you will receive an email noting that your application has reached them.
  • If you got selected, you will be receiving a phone call within two or three weeks. Then you will have a phone interview. 
  • If you have not heard about the job updated, you can call or email the location store.

While filling out the application, you will have to attach additional documents. You can submit your previous work proof, add any second language you know, and your proof identity, such as personal details ( contact number, location, school, or college education history).

Never be in a rush to apply. Your resume is more important, which will get you the job. Your resume should be updated. If you have done so many internships and had more than three or four work experiences, you do not have to mention everything in the resume. State the things that are more relevant to the job that you have applied for. By this, your resume will be short and look precisely like what the employer wanted. Make sure that you have answered all the questions in the application. Check the application as multiple times as you can, so that your application will not get refused for some silly errors.

The interview

Once your application is reviewed by the employer, you will be called for an interview. The questions will be much simple. You have to be cool and answer them. Do not lie in the interview session. If questions are asked about whether or not you agree to some of the regulations, maybe like salary and benefits, let them know the honest answer. Be honest with the employer, if you have any doubts clear them before you are getting hired. 

Perks and benefit for Adidas employees

  • The chief benefit the employees would get is a stress-free environment. The work-life at Adidas could be pleasing for a person to work there.
  • The employees get the benefits of flexible working hours. 
  • Adidas provides daycare facilities in some locations, but it is not available in every retail store. But they offer telework ( teleworking – a person can work from home for the company ). Sabbatical leaves, the employees can take leave for an extended period from work. 
  • Adidas offers the best training programs for their employers. It is the employers who uplift the performance of the Adidas brand. So, they expect the employers to do their best in what they do by offering them professional trainings.
  • Adidas gives its reward in different in various little ways. Adidas offers non-monetary and monetary rewards. The employers will be offered performance rewards. The performance rewards keep the employees motivated to do their job, and they give their best input to the company.
  • The employer will get to choose between part-time and full-time employment.
  • You will be offered paid vacations on doing overtime or if you have surpassed the conversion salary.
  • 401 K retirement plan.

If you have got a job at Adidas headquarters or any other main branch, your benefits come in a truck. Or if you are working under any Adidas branch you can ask for the availability of benefits.

  • You will get the benefit of holiday camps for your children.
  • Playroom for kids with fully equipped kid’s objects.
  • You get access to sports such as football, Volleyball, Tennis, etc.
  • Free health care training on yoga classes, Back stabilization, etc
  • To get training in a fully equipped gym with professional trainers to train you.
  • You will get a professional session on mental health.

Job opportunities

Store Manager

The store manager will take responsibility for any activities that take place in the store. They will have the right to hire and fire employees based on their performances. The store manager will earn around $ 55,000 to $ 70,000 an hour. 

Assistant store manager

The assistant store manager will help out the manager. They will be training new employers and schedule the task for each member in the store. The assistant manager will earn around $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 a year.

Sales associate

The sales associate will assist the customers who visit the stores. The sales associates should know where the products are placed in the store. They must give the best customer service and make the customers feel at home. The sales associate will earn around $9.00 to $11.00 an hour.


The cashier does all the monetary transactions at the store. At the end of their shifts, they will have to check the profits and tally the cash. The cashier will earn around $ 9.00 – $ 11.00 an hour.

Social media manager

The social media manager has the big shoes to fill. They have to attract customers on all social media. Inform about any new launch of products from the company and promote in all the platforms. They will have to personally connect with a customer who reaches out to them through social media. The social media manager will be making around $ 50,000 – $ 55,000 a year.

Frequently asked questions

Does Adidas do drug tests on their employees?

Yes, Adidas does drug tests on all their employees, or at times they do drug tests on any suspicion is seen with a person.

Do Adidas employees get discounts?

The employees get discount cards for Adidas products. The full-time workers get 50% off for the products.

What is the minimum age required to work at Adidas?

You have to be 18 years old or above to work in Adidas. You must possess a high school diploma for an entry-level position.

Does Adidas provide its employees with health insurance?

Adidas provides its employers with life insurance and dental insurance.

How long does it take after the application submission to get the job?

Once you applied, it will take around three to four weeks to hear back from them.

Adidas hiring age- Process and benefits

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