XTO Field Office Locations & Headquarters

The origination of XTO Energy dates back to 1986 and at that time it was labeled as “Timber Oil Company ” and changed its name to XTO Energy. The reason behind altering its name is to put its focus on Natural Gas instead of Oil. “Bob R. Simpson, Jon Brumley, and Steve Palko ” lay down the foundation of this company. At its starting point, the company holds the long-lasting gas and oil manufacturing properties. The company was published in 1993. The company is housing part of 3.6 Million. XTO produces 1,703 Million Cubic Feet of Gas per day and 94,000 barrels of oil per day. The employees of the company are 2,646 in number. The company is operating in 88 countries. Let’s get to know about XTO Field Office Locations & Headquarters.

XTO Field Office Locations & Headquarters

XTO Field Office Locations & Headquarters

XTO is basically an American company. This company is working in Northern America. The main focus of the company involves the production and drilling of Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil Resources. Its headquarters and Offices are located outside American Nations. The XTO company has its “Corporate Division, Operating Areas, Central Division, Eastern Division and Permian Basin. 


  • Its headquarters are present in Texas

XTO Headquarters Address

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

810 Houston Street

 Suite 2000

 Fort Worth

 TX 76102-6298

 United States

XTO Energy Headquarters Contact Number

The XTO Energy Corporate headquarters contact number is 817-870-2800.

XTO Energy Headquarter Corporate Headquarters Email Address

[email protected]

The company is operating in other regions also. Regions where the XTO Offices operate are Warrendale presents in Pennsylvania, and present in Oklahoma City.

Mid Continent Region contain the fields present in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. XTO holds its operation in Woodford Shales, Bakken Shale, and Arkoma Basin. The company operates its Gas system in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas Country, and North Dakota. 

Eastern Region includes the Eastern Texas Basin, Mississippi, Northwestern Louisiana, and Haynesville Shale. XTO 1998 initiated operations in Eastern Texas along with Northwestern Louisiana. Development activities increased in these regions as XTO started its operations here. 33% of XTO’s reserves are present in the Eastern Region. XTO activates a Gas dispensation plant in Cotton Valley Field which is present in Louisiana. 

XTO energy is considered to be the most active worker in Permian Base. XTO company offices are present in Texas, Midland, Coyanosa, and Carlsbad, N.M. About 800 employees are working in Permian Basin, and expect to increase substantially in the next upcoming years. According to the views of the ,the production of the company would increase up to one million barrels in 2024. New advancements in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have opened up new opportunities in the Permian Basin. As a result of this Permian Base has gained an attractive Worldwide portfolio of Natural Gas and Oil Resources. 

Office Locations

The company has 4 headquarters present in

  1. Bakken
  2. Williston
  3. Killdeer
  4. Alexander and Sydney
  • Appalachian Base

XTO Energy operates in Appalachian Basin. Focused areas are Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

  • Bakken

XTO operates in Bakken region. It occupies 200,000 Square Miles of Williston Basin. subsurface.

  • Arkansas

XTO operates in 16 States and occupies more than 662,000 acres part.

  • Kansas

XTO operates in 7 Realms and occupies 776,000 acres of the surface part.

  • Louisiana

XTO functions in 13 Societies and occupies over 602,000 acres of the surface part.

  • New Mexico

XTO operates in 2 States and occupies over 887,000 acres of the surface part.

  • North Dakota

XTO operates in 8 Countries and occupies over 479,000 acres of the surface part.

  • Ohio

XTO operates in 2 States and occupies over 56,000 acres of surface part in Ohio.

  • Oklahoma

XTO operates in 26 States and occupies over 1.1 million acres of surface part in Oklahoma.

  • Pennsylvania

XTO operates on 15 Lands and occupies over 534,000 acres of surface part in Pennsylvania.

  • Texas

The company operates in 88 Countries and occupies over 3.6 million acres in Texas.

  • West Virginia

XTO operates in 9 Realms and occupies over 140,000 acres of surface share in West Virginia.

  • Wyoming

XTO operates in 3 States and occupies over 130,000 acres of surface part in Wyoming.

  • Argentina

XTO is giving operational backing for the development of Unconventional Resources in Argentina.

XTO is measured as a major producer of Natural Gas. Natural Gas is measured as a fuel that emitted a lower amount of Methane in comparison to Coal. So, for this reason, the emission of Methane in the United State is decayed because of the use of Natural Gas. The United States now trying to fulfill its energy needs through utilizing Natural Gas without damaging the environment. 


In a nutshell, summarizing that XTO is serving its best in meeting the energy needs. In addition, it also protecting the environment from the release of harmful gases. This is for the reason that XTO relies upon consuming Natural Gas. XTO prompting the communities in which these are operating. 

FAQ Questions

Question 1: What is the contact number for XTO Energy Inc.?

 Answer 1: The contact number for XTO Energy Inc. is (817) 870-2800.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of XTO Energy Inc.?

 Answer 2: The CEO of XTO Energy Inc. is Keith A. Hutton.

Question 3: Who was the founder of XTO Energy?

 Answer 3: “Bob R. Simpson, Jon Brumley, and Steve Palko” lays down the foundation of this company.

XTO Field Office Locations & Headquarters

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