Where Are The Mitie Offices And Headquarters Located?

Mitie is an award-winning professional service and technology-driven business, and its presence is seeing rapid growth in the UK and then throughout America. The company’s work extends to many sectors, including corporate support, healthcare, engineering and technology, and facilities management. We’ll explore the geography of each location, what services they propose, and the amenities surrounding them. Having the right office location is important for successful operations, so readers can get a proper idea of what Mitie proposes to us. Let us see where are the Mitie offices and Headquarters located !

Where are the Mitie offices and Headquarters located? 

Where are the Mitie offices and Headquarters located? 

David Telling and Ian Stewart created Mitie naming it MESL in 1987 than next year MESL launched its IPO for the first time in 1988, then it got merged with Highgate & job getting renamed by the name it has now, the Mitie Group, in 1989. Since then Mitie has spread fast small businesses and opened up new branches to speed up its growth. In this article, we are going to discuss the strategies behind the locations of headquarters in America.

Mitie office locations in America offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of their clients. These services may include facility management, janitorial services, security, parking, catering, and more. These services aim to create a more efficient and cost-effective office environment, helping businesses run more smoothly and productively.

Mitie has Headquarters/Big offices located in

Place                                                                 City                                     State                             

Astoria(Queens, 20th avenue street)          New York                         New York

1016Hyperion Avenue                                  Los Angeles                     California

319 6th st s, Oneonta                                     Oneonta                          Alabama

Dublin                                                               Columbus                       Ohio

Manchester                                                   Manchester           New Hampshire

Georgetown                                                    Lexington                   Kentucky

Columbia                                                         Columbia             South Carolina

The services that Mitie provides in the particular places mentioned above, and a few reasons for Mitie setting up a business there are-

New York

Astoria is a place inside Queens in New York. It is a very beautiful place with a mix of multiple cultures. Astoria has a good transportation structure via road and rail network, and also by water as it is very close to the East Side river that connects to the Atlantic Ocean. Making an office was definitely a good idea for Mitie. Mitie provides a range of integrated facilities management services in New York, including cleaning and janitorial services, security, landscaping, and engineering services.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is located in the southern region of California in the United States. Los Angeles is situated in the coastal area of the Pacific Ocean. LA is one the best places in the world to set up business due to its low labor cost, good infrastructure, transport system, culture, and talented people. Mitie provides a range of integrated facilities management services in Los Angeles, including building maintenance, engineering services, energy management, sustainability management, janitorial services, landscape services, custodial services, and project management services.


Oneonta is a city located in Otsego County, New York. It is positioned almost 80 miles southwest of Albany and is situated in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. It is within a few hours of the major cities of New York City, Albany, and Syracuse, allowing businesses to easily access these larger markets. The town correspondingly proposes a range of amenities, including a low cost of living, quality healthcare, and outstanding transportation. 

Mitie provides janitorial services in Oneonta. This entails cleaning and sanitation services such as preservation, floor care, carpet cleaning, restroom cleaning, window cleaning, etc. Additionally, Mitie also provides pest control and landscaping services to the Oneonta area.


Dublin is an ideal place for businesses of all sizes to set up operations. It has a highly educated, English-speaking workforce, excellent transport links, and a low corporate tax rate of 12.5%. The city also benefits from access to the European Union’s single market and its strong political and economic stability. Mitie provides a range of facilities management and security services in Dublin, including hard and soft facility management, energy management, building services, security, and cleaning.


Manchester of New Hampshire is very close to the Atlantic ocean which makes it a very good place to do business. Besides that talented people, low-cost wages, supportive culture makes it a good strategic position to create businesses. Mitie provides a wide variety of services in Manchester, including facilities management, catering, security, and custodial services, cleaning, waste management, pest control, ground and horticultural maintenance, energy and environmental services, technology services, and property maintenance services.


Kentucky is located in the south-east province of the United States. It has a large and diverse workforce that is capable of meeting the needs of businesses in many different industries. Mitie provides a range of services in Kentucky, including security, engineering and technical, digital solutions, and facilities management services. In addition to these specialized services, Mitie is also equipped to provide support for a variety of other services such as janitorial, landscaping, janitorial services, IT and telecoms, as well as a variety of other management, support, and back office services.


Columbia is the capital of South Carolina, United States. It is located in the center of the state, along the Congaree River its free trade agreements with multiple countries, its pro-business government policies, its pro-investment legislation, its attractive tax incentives, its increasing level of infrastructure, and its strong and stable economy. Mitie provides comprehensive security services to patrons through Columbia. This includes manned patrols and static guard services, mobile patrols, access control, CCTV systems, emergency and loss prevention services, and security consulting services.

Above mentioned are mostly headquarters located locations to know more about the other small offices check out this link https://www.mitie.com/contact-us/our-branches  

Mitie’s deliberate placement of headquarters locations all over America has been successful in creating a countrywide incidence. With offices situated in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Boston, Mitie has successfully placed itself to serve its markets in all parts of the country. The strategic approach of Mitie, to expand its existence steadily in new areas, has been beneficial in capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the US market. 


So, in conclusion, it can be said that Mitie has established a presence in these cities across America with a variety of office locations. These workplaces deliver their services to customers in many industries, like energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality. With offices from New York to Oregon, Mitie is well-positioned to serve the needs of customers in the United States.

A few questions
  1. How much has Mitie contributed to giving the people of America good medical support?

Mitie has not directly contributed to giving the people of America good medical support. Medicine falls under the jurisdiction of physicians and other medical professionals in the healthcare field. However, Mitie has provided services that help support the medical industry, as like as providing environmental services, waste management, and other technical and engineering services.

  1. Has Mitie been able to grow in America like it had grown in the Uk in the 1900s?

No, Mitie has not seen the same growth in America as it did in the UK in the 1900s. Mitie is a UK-based firm and does not have a large presence in North America. Although Mitie has provided some support services to patrons in the US and Canada, it has not established a widespread presence in the region.

  1. Is there any American-born competition to go against Mitie in America?

Yes, there are a number of competitors to Mitie in the US market. These include ABM Industries, Clean Harbors, GCA Services Group, ISS World Services, Sodexo, and The ServiceMaster Company.

Where Are The Mitie Offices And Headquarters Located?

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