Red Bull Office Locations And Headquarters- Find More About It

Red Bull is an energy drink discovered by Chaleo Yoovidhya from Thailand. After being adapted to the tastes of Europeans, it was incorporated by Dietrich Mateschitz in 1984 as Red Bull GmbH in Fuschl is See, Australia. Red Bull, which made its first sale in 1987, is today the number one energy drink in the world. Let’s learn about ‘Red Bull Office Locations And Headquarters’.

Red Bull Office Locations And Headquarters

Red Bull Office Locations And Headquarters

Red Bull, whose slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings”, is a company with high brand value and has proven itself in the world market. Red Bull, a successful company, has many offices thanks to its international network. It exists on almost all continents such as Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Today, with its sales network reaching 170 countries, it employs a total of 30 countries, with its headquarters in Austria. 

Red Bull, which has more than one office in some of these countries, attaches importance to the word of its employees in comfortable, convenient, and creative offices. The company organizes sports events in different locations, in many different sports branches, with the participation of thousands of athletes. Thanks to these organizations, it has made a name for itself even in regions where it does not have an office.

Red Bull’s Sport Events 

Red Bull also has some sports events and competitions organized in the regions where it is located to increase its brand value and to support sports. Examples of these projects are Red Bull Jour D’envol, Red Bull Dance Your Style, Wings For Life World Run, Red Bull Bowl Rippers, and Red Bull Basement. These competitions cover areas such as flying with a non-motorized vehicle, dancing, running for spinal cord injury patients, skating competitions, develop tech solutions.

In addition to its support for sports events, his collaborations with professional athletes, regardless of their branch, draw attention. Within the scope of these collaborations, in addition to the representation of the Red Bull brand by the best in their field, it is ensured that the brand takes place in all sports branches.

Features of Red Bull’s office in North America 

The Red Bull North America office is located in Santa Monica, an attraction point in the west of Los Angeles County, California, USA. The office is equipped with features that every person would love to work with. The office has two gyms, common areas, and a café for socializing. In addition to this office, there are 12 offices spread across the USA, where the sales, distribution, and marketing departments employees are located.

Features of Red Bull’s Offices in Europe

Red Bull has 28 offices across Europe. The countries with the most Red Bull offices are listed as France (6), Germany (5), and Austria (3). The most important offices in Europe are Fuhl am See, Berlin, Paris, and London offices.

Red Bull has offices in 3 different cities including the head office in Austria. The headquarters building in Fuschl am See is by the lake and has a wonderful view. The building has unique features in terms of interior and exterior architecture. It is a special design with its volcano-shaped structure overlooking the lake, a little outside the main center of the city in Austria. The official colors of the brand are red, blue, and silver. A quiet, calm, and nature-infused working environment has been created, and vegetation and water pools have been used in the interior design in order not to break away from the naturalness. The building, where we see the statues of the bull running on the lake, which is the symbol of the Red Bull, opens the doors of a very busy office environment to 2000 personnel from 60 different nationalities.

The UK headquarters are located in Covent Garden, one of the famous areas of London. In addition to its headquarter, he takes part in different teams working on a local basis.

Attractive Offices


One of the most striking features of the London office is the ability to pass between floors with slides instead of stairs. Additionally, there is a table tennis area in the office. This makes the London office one of the most entertaining offices in the world. Another and most striking feature of this office is that it consists of a combination of 5 bars. In this way, it provides a wide and comfortable working environment for the employees.


Red Bull’s Amsterdam office is among the most unique and remarkable offices in the world in terms of interior design. Built on the site of a former shipbuilding factory in the north of the city, the office features cave-like rooms, mezzanines, a DJ booth, a recording studio, and meeting spaces lined with metal and plywood. Artistic street culture is intensely experienced in the area where the office is located, and it is a preferred area for performing extreme sports.


At the entrance of its Munich office, one of its offices in Europe, a symbolic bull and a Formula 1 car hanging from the ceiling greet the guests. It is possible to encounter such original images in other offices as well.


Now we have learnt ‘Red Bull Office Locations And Headquarters’, In line with all this information, Red Bull dominates almost the whole world with the office locations it has chosen. The selected locations are also of great importance for organized sports activities. It also makes a name for itself with its creative office designs where its employees feel comfortable. Red Bull, which grows day by day and aims to open offices in other countries of the world, continues to grow rapidly with an increasing graphic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In how many countries does Red Bull have offices?

Red Bull has 45 offices in 30 countries all around the world.

  1. Where is Red Bull headquarters?

The headquarter building in Fuschl am See in Austria

  1. What features do Red Bull offices have?

Red Bull always prioritizes comfort and creativity in its offices, and sports make you feel that it is an identified brand in its offices. It is possible to see items such as a climbing wall, skateboard track, and Dj booth in their offices. In addition, they include elements such as bicycles, engines, skateboards, and formula cars for decoration purposes in their interior designs.

  1. What does top Red Bull events and extreme sports around the world?

BMX, Drift Shifters, Rampage, Straight Rhythm, roller coaster, Freeride world tour, skating, and BC One are the most popular Red Bull events.

Red Bull Office Locations And Headquarters- Find More About It

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