Hose Headquarters & Locations-Know More

Teresa King, a graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington, is a fine example of American dream comes true. She established her company “Hose Tech USA” in 1991, and in span of 20 years, it is able to generate revenue of $6 million. The company specialized in providing metal hose, accessories, assembled units and related services to the chemical and aerospace industry. It has the potential to advance and grow at a rapid pace and under the able leadership of young Teresa King; the company is capable of achieving great heights. Let us know about that the Hose Headquarters & Locations.

Hose Headquarters & Locations

Hose is an American company with headquarter at Houston, USA and multiple offices all over the country. These offices are spread across the country – Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Tomball, Le Porte and Waco. These office locations are chosen very carefully to cater the need of industries throughout the country without delay. In the time of emergencies, the waiting and transportation time can be reduced to minimum. The company uses large numbers of mobile fleets to provide services and consultation on the site at any time of the day throughout the year.  

The stores have skilled professional that help the customers in all types of assembly and product choice. These professional helps their customer to choose correct components and assemble them efficiently.


Hose Tech USA is a one stop solution to all the industrial needs. They help the customers and design, assemble and install machinery at their site without any stumbling block. Their products include Hydraulic Hose, Industrial Hose, Teflon and metal Hose, thermoplastic and Silicon Hose etc. 

The company also provides wide range of fittings, Coupling, tubing, Hydraulic adaptor, Clamps, Gaskets, Valves and strainers. It has a huge collection of pipe fittings, reels, Crimpers and cut saws. The company also supplies Hydraulic fluid to the industries. 

 Hose Tech USA deals with mainly five types of gauges. These gauges are specially meant for dry process, liquid filled pipes, Vacuum pipes, with thermometers and thermo wells. 

The company has the partnership with various leading manufacturers such as Kuriyama, Megadyne, Reel Craft, Stucchi, STF, Anvil Industries etc. The hard working and knowledgeable professionals of Hose Tech USA always uses company grade quality product to ascertain te safety of machinery and customers.

Chemical Hose Pipes

When transferring harmful or toxic fluids in a chemical factory, it is better to trust the best in the business. Chemical hoses are created to hold and transfer corrosive, highly acidic fluids, harmful waste, and petroleum. Hose Tech USA is a pioneer in providing chemical hose pipes and its installation.

Mining Hoses

Mining hoses are engineered to handle heavy-duty, high pressure applications, with oil resistant designs. A high temperature air hose is required for mining and drilling work. A highly flexible, durable hose is required for severe working conditions. All these equipments demand high standard of implementations and maintenance. Hose Tech USA is a reliable name in mining equipment and component supply.


Hose Tech USA has dedicated teams for designing, installation and servicing of machinery. These teams consist of highly professional, certified hose technicians that support all the component needs of customers. The company provides its services at very competitive pricing. Various services include:

  • Product Installation and Assembly
  • Machinery Maintenance and Repair
  • Customer Inventory Management
  • OEM Services

In addition to that, the company provides Rapid On – site Response Service round the clock. It provides emergency services to the industry clients with minimum delay.

Hose Tech USA provides state-of-the-art industrial hoses, coupling accessories, and other accessories for business and industries ranging from water to welding, petroleum to pressure washing, and from mining to material handling. Every component is tested under harsh environmental conditions and operational demands to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

Employee Welfare

Hose Tech USA is committed towards its employee welfare. It gives utmost importance to their safety and health. It is a self paced institute that allows its employees to work on multiple machines in a day. The company encourages females to choose the field job and ensure their well being and safety.

 All the technicians and designers in the organization are certified. The company encourages its employees to upgrade their skills continuously. It provides various facilities for it. The company encourages the culture of enhanced skills and continued training. Hose Tech USA helps its employees in all the issues including child care, flexible timing, child education etc. 


Hose tech USA is a small and young company dealing the fittings and designing of various equipments and machinery according to the need of client industries. The client industries include chemical plants, manufacturing sectors, food and beverage industry, mining, OEM, marine industry, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, power generation and many more. It has it’s headquarter in Houston with various plants at different sites. The company has an empathetic approach towards its employee and thus helps them to manage their personal and professional issues.

 The company has maintained the safety of its employee and customers a priority. All the components pass through a series of testing prior to its usage. The company also provides rapid 24 hours services to the customers during emergencies.  

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Does the company follow al safety protocols for employees?

A: The Company gives utmost importance to its employee’s safety. All the government prescribed protocols and equipments are provided to the employees. The company also provides health insurance benefits to the eligible employees.

 Q: Is it possible for company’s technicians to visit my manufacturing unit while designing equipments for it?

 A: The Company always hires the best available professionals in the area. They are duly certified with vast experience. These professionals always visit the location to access the requirements and conditions. The designing and component selection is done on the basis of their evaluation report.

Hose Headquarters & Locations-Know More

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