Bexar County Tax Office Locations And Headquarters

The Bexar Evaluation District recognizes the property that will be levied. It determines its assessed value, as to if exemptions will be granted, the taxable owner and postal address, and which taxing jurisdictions will be able to tax it. Let us know more detail about ‘Bexar County Tax Office Locations And Headquarters’.

Bexar County Tax Office Locations And Headquarters

Bexar County Tax Office Locations And Headquarters

Bexar County Tax has four locations in San Antonio, including one main headquarters branch. Payment agreements for property taxes can be made by calling 210-335-2251 or emailing [email protected]. Property owners are advised to pay their taxes online or by phone at 888-852-3572 using an electronic check (free) or a line of credit (which has a 2.10 percent fee).

Tax Office Of Bexar County

Property tax collection, beer and wine approvals, vehicle register, and titling are all services provided by the Tax Assessor office. Collector’s

The Bexar District Tax Office is responsible for collecting ad valorem property taxes for the County of Bexar, the Street and Flood Regulate Fund, and 57 other taxing entities. This group has 24 townships, 12 school systems, and 21 special districts. 

Over 1.6 million number plates and sticky notes, 491,927 title transfers, 30,349 handicap stage protest signs, and 3,739 wine and beer permits were all issued by the Bexar District Tax Office in 2018. Property taxes in Bexar County were gathered and disbursed in the amount of $4 billion.

The Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector is an enshrined in the constitution officer who is elected by and accountable to the people, as mandated by the Texas Legislature. The State of Texas Constitution of 1845 established an elective position of Assessor and Connoisseur of Taxes. In the last 175 years, many changes have occurred, leading to the current obligations of County Tax Assessor-Collectors. Assessor-Collectors are one of the only two constitutional requirement county-wide elected positions, and they are elected for four-year terms.


Main Office 

  • Vista Verde Plaza Building
  • 233 N Pecos La Trinidad
  • San Antonio, TX 78207-3175

Northeast Office 

  • 3370 Nacogdoches Road Number 160
  • Salado Park II
  • San Antonio, TX 78217-3375

Northwest Office

  • 8407 Bandera Road
  • Bandera Festival Shopping Center
  • San Antonio, TX 78250-2574

Southside Office

  • 3505 Pleasanton Road
  • San Antonio, TX 78221

Each year on October 1, the final phase of the taxation process starts. The Tax Assessor-Collector is in charge of assessing property taxes based on the evaluation district’s certified worth and exclusions and the taxing jurisdictions’ adopted rates.

All actual and business private possessions are taxable unless it is exempt by law. The Desk of Albert Uresti, Bexar District Tax Assessor-Collector, seems to have a signed obligation to collect and distribute the money property taxes for 56 different taxing jurisdictions, in addition to Bexar County and the Flood Mitigation Fund. Bexar County, Flood Control, Alamo City College, College Health System, and San Antonio River Jurisdiction is one of the impartial school districts that levy taxes on all assets.

Services Provided

The majority of the vehicle title and enrollment services are provided by the county tax assessor-collector office spaces, which include:

  • Renewals of Registration (License Plates and Registration Stickers)
  • Transfers of Vehicle Titles
  • Changing Your Address on Your Driver’s License
  • Placards for Disabled Parking
  • Registration Receipt Copies
  • Registration for a limited time only

You can renew your car registration and change your address in many counties online. Renewals at power stations or sub-contractor, such as participating grocery stores, are permitted in some regions. The types of payments that are accepted vary by county.

Other locations may become available. Please get in touch with your county tax agency or check their site to learn which office is the nearest to you. Our Vehicle Titles and Registration Division collaborates with the County Tax Office.

Property Taxes 

The tax roll is effective on January 1 for real estate tax purposes. To safeguard the tax liability, a tax lien is instantly attached to everyone’s taxable characteristics on January 1 of each year. The taxation process is divided into several phases over the class of the year.

Appraisal districts recognize and adequately assess all real and business personal property during these phases. The taxing jurisdictions’ governing bodies set a tax rate to support one’s financial year spending plan. The Tax Assessor-Collector evaluates and gathers real estate taxes for each highly taxing jurisdiction for which they are willing to take responsibility in the final stage.

Jurisdiction For Taxation

Each taxing jurisdiction’s governing body certifies its yearly budget. It adopts a tax rate that will generate revenue to pay for public services such as public schools, community health services, police and fire protection, streets, roads, drainage systems, and so on. In Texas, the main source of income for taxing municipalities is local taxes. It’s worth noting that failing to use their services does not exempt property from taxation.


The Texas Law guarantees taxing municipalities to follow parliamentary guidance and hold public meetings to debate any significant tax rate increases before adopting them. Citizens can (in some cases) reverse or limit tax rate increases under these legislative guidelines. As a taxpayer, you are strongly encouraged to take part in one or more of these deliberations.

  1.  In San Antonio, where do I go to convert a car title?

The majority of the vehicle title and enrollment services are provided by county tax assessor-collector offices, including Enrollment Renewals (License Plates and Enrollment Stickers) and Automotive Title Transmits.

  1. In Bexar County, where do I send my family farm exemption?

To find out, go to their website and look for the green box here? You can mail implementation to BCAD, P.O. Box 840248, San Antonio, TX 79283. Please call 210-335-2251 for more information.

  1. What is the best way for me to pay my Bexar County taxes?

Income taxes and car registration renewals are still being accepted at our Southside Drive-Thru, at 3505 Pleasanton Rd. The Drive-Thru will not process title transfers. They encourage other citizens to take advantage of our online, phone, and mail offerings.

  1. What is the cost of transferring a car title in Bexar County, Texas?

The following are the fees one can expect to pay when purchasing a car in Texas: 6.25 percent of the total vehicle purchase cost is taxed. Prices for transferring a title range from $28 to $33. (varies by county) Fees for tags and licenses: $51.75 ground fee, $10 local fee.

Bexar County Tax Office Locations And Headquarters

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