How to type heart symbol text in word?

[♥♡] How to Type Heart Symbol Text in Word (with Keyboard Shortcut)

In this modern era, we all love to express our emotions and feelings through emojis. Emojis help us to express the things that words cannot do. They also help us in making our text interesting and colorful. There is a lot of emojis that are in use. Multiple expressions of smileys, colorful hearts, animals, flowers, celebrations, and so on. You can use the desired smiley based on your situation. It is very easy to use emojis while using a mobile. But to include an emoji while typing on a laptop requires a little extra effort. There are a lot of shortcut keys for different emojis. So, in this article, you will learn how to type heart symbol text in word

Including ♥ to the text:

So, there are different rules to type a heart in Mac OS and Windows OS. So, when you are using a word/ excel/Powerpoint document in Windows OS press alt+3 keys simultaneously. You would be able to see this () symbol. If you are a Mac user press option+2764 keys simultaneously. However, if you are not satisfied with this quick method continue reading further to know more about other methods.

Several keys are common in both the Mac and Windows OS. Sometimes they are symbols easily available as secondary keys on the keyboard. Just by holding two or more keys together, you can quickly insert such symbols into your text. For instance, holding Shift + 3 keys would give you the hash (#) sign. 

However, most symbols aren’t inscribed on the keyboard as secondary keys. This makes it challenging to type. One of these challenging symbols is the Heart symbol ().

Your work becomes very hard for you if you want to add any of these symbols frequently into your text. So, using the following guide would no more be difficult for you.

So if you are using the Windows OS, You can use the shortcut 2665, Alt+x. This would be the easiest way to include a heart emoji in your texts. If you are a Mac user press Option + 2764 buttons to include the heart to your text.

There is a lot of heart emojis in today’s usage. For example the beating heart, the heart with a cute little twin, inverted heart, and colorful hearts. Each heart has its own set of codes and shortcuts for its usage. Here are the shortcuts of some of the most commonly used hearts to include in your text.

  • Reversed Rotated heart: Alt + 9753
  • White Heart: ♡             Alt + 9825
  • Black Heart: ♥             Alt + 9829
  • exclamatory heart:         Alt + 10083
  • Big Black Heart:                     Alt + 10084
  • Rotated black heart:❥             Alt + 10085
  • floral heart:❧                 Alt + 10087
  • Beating Heart:                  Alt + 128147
  • Heart Break:          Alt + 128148
  • Two Hearts:             Alt + 128149
  • Sparkle Heart:           Alt + 128150
  • Growing Heart:              Alt + 128151
  • Heart With Arrow:         Alt + 128152
  • Blue Heart:                 Alt + 128153
  • Green Heart:                Alt + 128154
  • Yellow Heart:                 Alt + 128155

Other methods

The other easy methods to include symbols are, go to google and search for your desired emoji.

Once you find your perfect match, select the emoji, and press ctrl+c. You can also right-click and copy the emoji. 

When you press ctrl+v in the word document, after placing the cursor at the right position, you would be able to see the symbol included in your text.  

You can search for the symbol using the Character map app by clicking on the Start button.

Another easy method to include a heart symbol is to directly insert it from the insert menu in the word/excel document. You would be able to see the menu bar at the top of the screen. Click the Insert button. 

After clicking the insert button, you would be able to see a lot of options under the insert menu. So click on the symbols button.

Select your desired symbol by clicking on the drop-down list.

You can also use the shapes menu in the insert option to add the heart shape to your text. So these are some of the methods to insert the heart emoji into your text when you are using a personal computer or a laptop.


Though we have a lot of methods to include the heart emoji, only one method can be used by utilizing the shortcut keys. This method is very useful when you are living in a place with a poor network making it impossible to search online.

Kindly reach out in the comment section in case of any queries. Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day!!

  1. Keyboard shortcut to insert heart in windows

            Press 2665, Alt+x simultaneously

  1. Keyboard shortcut to insert heart in Mac

Press option+ 2674 simultaneously 

How to type heart symbol text in word?

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