How to type 2 squared symbols in Word or Excel?- [²]

How to type 2 squared symbol [²] in Word or Excel (with Keyboard shortcuts)


Sometimes, we want to type-specific symbols and signs that are beyond the keys of the keyboard. Luckily. The keyboard keys are not the end of the world. There are lots of shortcuts hidden inside the keys that bring up interesting writings on the screen. However, it must also be noted that such shortcuts are rarely known by the regular users of the computer. In this article, we are going to see, How to type 2 squared symbols in Word or Excel?- [²]

A square sign is a typical example. Inserting the square (2) symbol may be useful sometimes. In a Word document or Excel sheet, mathematical functions are of great use, and functions like these are needed from time to time.

 To type the square symbol, you can use superscript (the x2 button above in the Home section) to type anything that will go above the script. You can type 2 there to make it look like a square symbol. However, there are some built-in shortcuts to type the symbol. In Windows, you can use Alt+0178 or Alt+253 (using the numeric keyboard). In Mac devices, use Option+00B2. You can successfully insert the square symbol this way.

Built-in Shortcuts and Their Uses

When using a Windows or Macbook, you will be amazed to know that your keyboard can type more than a hundred more features than you know. They are not present as distinct keys, but they can be inserted using shortcuts. The shortcuts depend on the applications, and for Word and Excel, they are the same. While in Excel, there are a lot of hidden features that can change the expression written in a cell, there are shortcuts that will let you write exactly what you want. It may be a Chinese alphabet, it may be a currency symbol, or it may be a mathematical expression. In this article, we will discuss ways to type the square (²) symbol in Word or Excel.

The Alt/Option keys

The Alt key in Windows and the Option key in Macbook have similar purposes. They are used to insert or do actions that are beyond the scope of the keyboard. Mostly they are used to do shortcut tasks in different applications, or open or close them. But these keys are very useful while typing too.

These keys (called modifier keys) are used to insert symbols or signs that we don’t get in a keyboard. These shortcuts are hidden and people rarely use or know about them. To insert the square symbol, we need to use the modifier key. Also, the symbol can be inserted using superscript.

Insert Using Superscript

The first method is plain and simple. To insert the square symbol, you need to turn on superscript. To do this, head to the Home section after opening the word document. You will find an ‘x2’ button below the font selection option. Press it to activate superscript. Now press ‘2’, and you have the square sign.

Please turn off the superscript by repressing that button to continue typing the usual script. Superscript lets you write words on the upper half of the line. Similarly, subscript (the x2 button) writes script on the below half of the line.

Insert Using Modifier Keys

The second method is not that simple, but it is a faster way to insert the square symbol. This method uses the modifier keys (Alt or Option keys) of the keyboard.

If you are using Windows, press and hold Alt and press 0178 using the numeric keypad. Alternatively, you can hold Alt and type 253 using the numeric keypad. This will insert the square symbol. Also, you can type 00B2 and press Alt+X to insert the same. 00B2 is also the code for Mac users to insert the symbol.

For Mac users, hold the Option key and type 00B2. This will insert the symbol. These shortcuts will work in both Word and Excel.

Did you know that the Alt+X shortcut in Windows can be used to type even normal letters? You can also insert those Greek symbols crucial in mathematics, or those weird Chinese letters that you want. Word supports so many scripts! 

The Power of MS Excel

Although not related to this topic, you should know that in Excel, you can square a number by writing ‘^2’ beside the number. For example, if you want to insert the square of 5, just insert ‘5^2’ in the cell, and the computer will insert 25.

This is only one of the many interesting features available in Excel. You can even use functions like programming to insert certain words or characters or merge words. Excel is one of the most powerful typing and listing applications today.


Inserting the square symbol is simple, but you need to remember the shortcuts. If you use Windows, use Alt+0178 or Alt+253. Alternatively, you can type 00B2 and press Alt+X. For Macbook users, press Option+00B2. This is only one of the several symbols you can insert using the modifier keys.

If you want to explore Word, go to Symbols under Insert, and you can find all the symbols you can insert there. Feel free to explore the section and insert the symbol you want. Some symbols may not show in the document. In that case, a square box is shown. This means that the symbol cannot be shown in this version of the application, or your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How to insert the cube (³) symbol?

A: You can insert the cube symbol using superscript. Alternatively, you can use the dedicated shortcut, Alt+0179 (Option+00B3 in Mac).

Q2) What is the Alt+X shortcut?

A: Alt+X shortcut is handy for Mac users who have recently migrated from Windows. The shortcut you type pressing the Option key, Alt+X helps to insert the same. It works the same way as the Option key.

Q3) Are these shortcuts application-specific?

A: Yes, some of these shortcuts are application-specific. These shortcuts work for Word documents and Excel sheets. The Alt key shortcuts will work on other typing applications like Notepad and Wordpad, but the Alt+X shortcut fails to work. You have to check whether an application supports the shortcuts by typing it in there.

How to type 2 squared symbols in Word or Excel?- [²]

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