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Hotel receptionist

Hotel receptionist is one of the most interesting jobs which can even be done with minimum qualifications ! Being skilled at a few tasks can help you be unique and bring effective ideas to the table. Hotel receptionist has various job titles under its categories which includes Greeter, Front desk clerk, Resort receptionist, Hotel reservations clerk. If you are searching for Hotel receptionist resume guide this article will help you to know about this.

Hotel Receptionist Resume Guide

Hotel receptionist resume guide

Almost every office needs a capable Receptionist to handle the outward-facing aspects of its operation and he/she is the representative of the respective company.

If you possess any of these skills you’re perfect for the job(exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to stay impeccably organized) do check out this guide which will help you make the perfect receptionist resume to score you the interview! the following will guide you to make a perfect resume for hotel receptionist.

This guide will give you a complete brief on how to write a top notch resume for hotel receptionist and accomplish the  4 C’s of a resume, which are as follows-  critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. We will provide a strategic and visually balanced resume writing guide to make it easier for you to create a resourceful proposition for the employers.

Hotel receptionist job professional information


Hospitality and tourism

Career Type

Reception, Guest Relations, Reservations, Administration, Customer Service, Client Relations, Front Office


Communicator, engagement with people, Supporter, Organizational, Coordinator and assistor.

The work includes

  • taking care of bookings and cancellations, usually by phone, email or information on computer
  • checking in guests, allocating rooms and handing over keys to their respective rooms
  • answering questions related to hotel facilities and about the availability of  local transport, places of interest and entertainment
  • dealing with special requests of guests such as room service, taxi bookings
  • passing on messages to guests and taking mail for posting whenever they need to
  • passing on any guests’ problems(such as room service) to the respective member of staff
  • answering the phone, operating the switchboard and dealing with the email and mail
  • checking out guests, adding up their bills and taking their credit, debit card or cash payments and using computer applications to do so.
  • Coordinating meetings and organizing catering and room bookings
  • Scheduling travel and other local tourism plans
  • Operating Point of Sale systems and accounting
  • Validating parking tickets 
  • Ordering office supplies if needed
  • Managing digital and hard-copy filing systems for perfect organization of information

Pay scale

The pay scale depends on where you work and the amount of qualifications you’ve. Usually it ranges from $13,000 to $26,000.

In India the pay scale varies according to the tourism places like Rs 18,000 for freshers to Rs 30,000 and more for hotel manager jobs.

It might increase/decrease depending on the number of shifts you work for and the quality of your work.

Job vacancies depend on the place where you’re applying for. Places with high tourist attractions might have more vacancies as they’ve more hotels/lodges there. Make sure to do complete groundwork before applying for this job.


Getting a degree isn’t the only thing that’ll pave your way into this field. The degree requirements include Bachelor’s in hospitality/hotel management. Knowledge and fluency in more languages is quite helpful. Having experience in this field and getting technical training can make it a cake walk for getting the job.


You need to have:

  • a smart appearance
  • friendly, helpful manner
  • enthusiastic, flexible attitude
  • excellent communication skills and a good telephone manner
  • ability to remain calm under pressure 
  • confidence to make decisions without hesitation
  • the ability to multitask in pressuring situations
  • good computer skills like MS Excel or Word

There are various hotel receptionist duties in different areas of this field. They include

In a luxury hotel

  • Record daily occupancy and rate totals of the guests
  • Responsible for registering guests on the hotel rewards program and issuing accompanying vouchers and complimentary items
  • Help in the check-in and check out procedures for all guests
  • Meeting and greeting guests in the lobby before checking them in
  • Assist guests with flight bookings and local transportation whenever they need it
  • Settle Accounts and submit them to the company clients for final payment
  • Answer telephone and in-person queries about hotel services and facilities

In a vacation resort

  • Manage the reservation system and arrange bookings and cancellations if needed.
  • Process payments for group bookings at the various restaurants and recreational facilities at the premises.
  • Confidently act as a sales liaison between a hotel guest and local travel companies and tour operators. And help in booking respective places.

A well written resume should contain the following keywords which will guarantee you to have a good first impression in front of the recruiters

Strong trait: Highly motivated and enthusiastic

 Job title should include: customer service representative/ hotel receptionist

Key Skills: trained in conflict resolution and have great communication skills.

Position to which you’re applying in the respective company: seeking to join your XYZ company as a customer service representative.

An offer which will make you seem out of the box: to build customer loyalty by leveraging interpersonal skills and offering top customer services to the guests.

Here is what I’ll cover in the resume writing guide for Hotel receptionist

  • Topics and information to be mentioned in a resume
  • What to and what no to include in a resume
  • Most asked questions while writing a resume
  • A resume sample to make a clear example 
  • Changes which will make your resume exceptional
  • Cool tips for a hotel receptionist interview
  • Questions mostly asked in a hotel receptionist interview

Resume writing guide for Hotel receptionist

1.Contact information

  • Applicant’s name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address


This column is supposed to be a brief pitch      for your interest in the management field and how you would like to be a part of their hotel chains and learn a variety of skills from them. Keep it short and avoid writing from a 1st person perspective.

Samples for Objective

Sample 1 (for fresher candidates)

Objective: To deliver the best customer service and advance my career in this field.  And to make use of the efficient skills for representing your hotel chain to have one of the best front desk services. Confident and I’ve a multi-tasking ability for the reception position. 

Sample 2 (for experienced candidates)

Objective: Seeking a position for hotel receptionist in your deemed hotel. Can fulfill the requirements by performing various tasks like managing reservations, greeting customers , ensuring the guests are well settled and many more skills gained from past experiences.

Sample 3

Aiming to secure an entry-level position to gain practical accounting experience with the peerless supportive team at your company.


Mention your key skills which will depict what level of responsibilities you can take care of. Make sure to not make it lengthy and with a lot of sentences. Make sure your skills show that you’ll be an asset for the employers.

Samples for Skill



  • Bilingual (English, Hindi, Spanish)
  • Organizational skills
  • Microsoft word and Excel 
  • Typing 
  • Efficiency and communication
  • Can easily use office equipments
  • Multitasking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dependability
  • Problem solving ability
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Listening
  • Professionalism
  • Customer focus
  • Organization and planning
  • Handling pressure and tolerating stress
  • Attention to detail
  • Initiative
  • Reliability

4.Past experiences and responsibilities

It’ll be a great impression if you already have experience in any of the fields of hotel management. Do mention the position you’ve worked for before and your respective responsibilities there.

Samples for Past experiences and responsibilities

Sample 1

Past experiences and responsibilities

Hotel TAJ 

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Hotel Receptionist

Responsibilities assigned

  • Greetings guests with great courtesy.
  • Ensure the guests are settled comfortably and help them if they’ve special requests.
  • Answer telephone calls and manage complaints.
  • Arrange transportation facilities for the local guests staying at the hotel.

Sample 2

Past experiences and responsibilities

Hotel Oberoi

New Delhi

Banquet manager

Responsibilities assigned

  • Rent out banquets for companies and conduct events in a smooth manner.
  • Work closely with the catering department and take care of the beverage and food requirements of the guests.
  • Ensure that all the events and activities taking place at the banquet halls are in the book and are registered. 

5.Educational qualifications

Mention the qualifications you have acquired along with the institutions you’ve studied at. If you’re a hospitality management degree holder it’ll be easier and more informative in the resume. 

Samples for Educational qualifications


Educational qualifications


Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management

Diploma in computer science and clear knowledge of Microsoft excel and office.

Details which will make your resume have a clear understanding

  • The locations or regions you are willing to work in and your knowledge about the place
  • A lot of Hotel Receptionist positions require employees to work during weekends, public holidays, and during night shifts. You need to indicate your availability to work shifts, during weekends and holidays by mentioning it in the objective and skills column.
  • Do mention the technology platforms you’ve been experienced at such as front desk technology, booking systems, reviews applications, travel guide apps, email and calendar management systems.
  • If you are bilingual, do add the languages you’re fluent at.

You can add a career summary which will give a brief account of your past experiences and how confident you’re by taking adequate responsibilities.

1.Sample for career summary

Enthusiastic hotel receptionist with hardworking and multitasking skills. Having five star rating by two well renowned hotels and very efficient at the tasks provided. Completed Bachelor’s in hospitality management with high CGPA.

2.Sample for career summary

Resourceful desk receptionist with high skills and past 4+ years experience in this field. Proficient and bilingual along with great communication skills.

Additional features to benefit and outstanding your resume

  1. Professional courses/training certificates in the respective field
  2. Using keywords to highlight your skills like- 
    • Resourceful
    • Empathetic
    • Dedicated
    • Team player
    • Flexibility
  3. Having experience using technology computer based applications, accounting, financial transactions and PABX systems.
  4. You can add your interests/hobbies relevant to your job if you’re a fresher with no experience.
  5. Highlight your willingness to learn by joining the respective company as a fresher and gaining high skilled experience for future reference. 

Questions people have regarding the making of resume

How long should my resume be?

While two-page resumes have been in trend nowadays, try to keep your resume short and informative. Don’t elongate your resume just to sound appealing.

Which topics aren’t essential to be included in a resume?

Marital status, religion, birth country and whether you’ve children or not aren’t so important to be included in the resume.

What mistakes to avoid while writing a resume?

Try to avoid making grammatical or spelling mistakes and using short forms of words (for example- ‘u’ as ‘you’).

Is objective necessary to be a part of a resume?

It’s a good idea to add objectives as it helps the recruiter have an idea on why you need this job and what makes you different from others.

Should we include more than 5 skills in a resume?

You can mention your skills as keywords (for example- hardworking/multi-tasker) instead of explaining the skills in sentences.

What is the best resume format?

The best resume format is reverse-chronological order as it is very easy to skim. It is one of the most popular resume formats nowadays.

What Companies Expect to See on a Receptionist Resume?

It’s necessary to have a high school diploma to find work as a Receptionist. Beyond that, some time spent in higher education (especially in management schools) doesn’t hurt to prove that you have an excellent command of business English. Being bilingual would help a lot and make it a cake walk.

There are also certification and training programs that will help you show your competence as a Receptionist and will also highlight your self-motivation. If you have sought out a program like this, make sure to put it in a special Courses/Certificates section as a special highlight.

You should also emphasize customer service experience, as well as any position in which you used interpersonal skills, including sports teams and other group activities.

If you have formal training in record-keeping, office machinery, accounting or business software, make sure to include that. External courses and training in these would make you look exceptionally good.

Hotel receptionist resume sample

Tezashwani Tomar

Contact info

123 street 

Rabindra nagar

West bengal, India

[email protected]



Seeking a position for a hotel receptionist in your deemed hotel. I can fulfill the requirements by performing various tasks like managing reservations, greeting customers , ensuring the guests are well settled and many more skills I’ve gained from my past experiences.


  • Bilingual (English, Hindi, Spanish)
  • Organizational skills
  • Microsoft word and Excel 
  • Typing 
  • Efficiency and communication
  • Can easily use office equipments
  • Multitasking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dependability
  • Problem solving ability
  • Interpersonal skills


HOTEL TAJ,  MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA – Hotel receptionist


  • Greetings guests with great courtesy.
  • Ensure the guests are settled comfortably and help them if they’ve special requests.
  • Answer telephone calls and manage complaints.
  • Arrange transportation facilities for the local guests staying at the hotel.

HOTEL OBEROI, NEW DELHI                     – Banquet manager

MONTH 2012- MONTH 2015

  • Rent out banquets for companies and conduct events in a smooth manner.
  • Work closely with the catering department and take care of the beverage and food requirements of the guests.
  • Ensure that all the events and activities taking place at the banquet halls are in the book and are registered. 


AMITY UNIVERSITY, Noida, New Delhi    – Bachelor’s in hospitality management

MONTH 2008- MONTH 2011

Additional training

  • Diploma in computer science
  • Microsoft office professional course training from Jadavpur University

The example resume above should be able to give you an overall good overview of what type of information you need to include in your own Resume as well as how to perfectly organize your details in a visually-pleasing and structured way for the employers.

If you read through the resume, you’ll notice that every skill and job listed is relevant to receptionist jobs including the key skills required. This makes it easy for busy recruiters to see that the candidate is well-matched to the sector and make you look unique.

Quick changes which can get your resume noticed

Switch fonts

Switch the font of your resume to Arial, or Times New Roman and make sure it’s not hard to read by the recruiters (or stuck in Word’s standard Calibri). Using a common, clean font may not make your resume the prettiest out there, but it will make it more readable and understandable(and less likely to be rejected by candidate tracking systems)

Spell check

Make sure that your resume has correct spellings and ni grammatical mistakes.

Add your links to various profiles

add links to your LinkedIn/ Indeed profiles. You can add any of your social media profiles where your work experience has been listed.

Remove your address

Add your address only if you’re a local candidate and you’re aware of the whereabouts of that area.

Shorten your bullet points

Don’t include more than 6-7 skills or any bulletin points and make your resume a bit lengthy to read.

It should be readable

Bulky paragraphs and big chunks of text won’t make it a pleasant reading for the recruiters. Get recruiters on your side by making sure your content is easy to scan through. Clearly labelled headings, small paragraphs and plenty of bullet points will make it look more easy and attractive.

Simple design

A hotel receptionist resume doesn’t need to have a  fancy design. Simpler the resume, the more attractive it is. Use a clear black font in size 10 or 12 on a white background.

Key tips to crack a hotel receptionist interview

Build a strong first impression

It can be achieved by various tasks. Wear a decent formal attire which speaks ‘confidence’ and make sure to talk calmly and focus on the questions asked.

Research the company you’re giving the interview for

Keep a regular track on the companies success and how it operates. Having knowledge about the company makes the recruiters believe that you’re an asset for them.

Be punctual and attentive

Reach the destination on time and avoid being stressed out. Listen to what the recruiters ask and answer accordingly in a good commutative way.

Brush up the basic responsibilities and skills required to be a hotel receptionist

Keep a track on the skills and requirements to be a hotel receptionist and answer in a way that you’re better at them. 

Most asked questions in a hotel receptionist interview

What are the key skills and requirements to be a hotel receptionist?

  • Basic computer and accounting skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Stress management skills
  • Time management

How would you handle annoyed guests/clients?

I would listen to their problems calmly and react with a positive approach. If they’re not satisfied with my solution I would call the manager.

Are you familiar with computer and accounting skills? 

I’ve had past experiences in hotel management jobs where I’ve made use of my computer technical skills like accounting, MS Word and Excel.

What motivates you?

This question is a bit more tricky than you can imagine. Start by mentioning your strengths and how you’ve command over them. Then you can explain how passionate you’re towards the tasks you’ve been assigned before.

Websites which are great for making resumes ?

  • Zety
  • Resumehelp
  • Resumelab
  • Resumenow
  • Enhancv
  • Visualcv

You can even create your own resume by referring to the format and the guide for Hotel receptionist we have provided in Microsoft word or Open office.

With a well-organised, and tailored resume your dream hotel receptionist role is well within your reach and easy to be unique and attractive.

Whilst writing your Resume, carefully focus on mentioning the hard facts and skills, rather than packing your resume with generic clichés, and incorporate lots of relevant skills and keywords. 

Before you send off your resume application, head to Grammarly to check for spelling or grammatical mistakes.

We hope with our resume guide you are feeling more confident and known about creating your hotel receptionist resume and we are sure that you’ll be hired in no time.

Hotel Receptionist Resume Guide – Know More!

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