When was Lamborghini Founded? | Lamborghini History

We cannot leave Lamborghini on the list of expensive cars in the world. It is the third most expensive car brand. The car is the most sought after by people for its high speed, luxury and incorporation of the latest technology. Do you know when was Lamborghini founded and its history?

When was Lamborghini Founded?

When was Lamborghini Founded?

Lamborghini Automobili was founded in the year 1943 in Sant’ Agasta, Bolognese, Italy. The name of the founder is Ferruccio Lamborghini. He was born to a farmer. Since his childhood, he had a passion towards engines. Let us know how his passion evolved into the most expensive car brand by knowing the history of Lamborghini.

Early Life of Lamborghini

Lamborghini was born in the year 1916 in Italy. He was the first of five children. Lamborghini’s father was a farmer. Lamborghini’s father grew grapes in his field. Lamborghini learnt farming from his father. In 1935 Lamborghini mastered the art of tinkering with automobiles and motorcycles.

Lamborghini’s school for skill development

Lamborghini completed elementary school and joined ‘Fratelli Taddia’ a professional training institute. Later Lamborghini learnt ironworking and welding by working as a local blacksmith. Lamborghini learnt everything about machinery after joining the army. In 1935 Lamborghini mastered the art of tinkering with automobiles and motorcycles.

Lamborghini’s passion for engines

 Lamborghini had a passion towards cars. Using reused parts, he learned to repair the damaged cars. He learnt by himself and did not pursued college to learn this skill. Lamborghini joined the army during world war II. At the end of the war, Lamborghini was arrested and imprisoned for one year in Rhode Island. After one year of imprisonment, Lamborghini returned to Italy.

The need for a tractor

People were returning to their routine lifestyle after world war II. To start farming, people did not have enough resources. There was a huge demand for agricultural products and pieces of machinery. The supply for the demand was not met.

Lamborghini Tattari

After getting released from prison, Lamborghini started a car and motor repair shop in Italy. In the world after the war, Lamborghini understood that the demand for agricultural products and machinery. So Lamborghini devised a plan to fill the people’s needs. He thought of producing a tractor by using military machines.

So Lamborghini started a tractor company called Lamborghini Tattari and produced one tractor every month. The business worked well for him and generated massive revenue. Soon Lamborghini became the largest tractor manufacturer in Italy.

Lamborghini Tattari features

The model name of the tractor produced by Lamborghini was the Carioca tractor. Fiat, Landini and Motomeccanica dominated the tractor market. But those brands were not affordable to people. So Lamborghini designed a low-cost tractor named the Carioca tractor in 1948. The tractor started using petrol and switched to diesel.

Various tractors produced by Lamborghini

The following are the various tractors produced by Lamborghini

  • L 33-1951
  • DL 30 -1952
  • DL 25 C-1955
  • Lambhorginetta 1958
  • Runner series 1933

Lamborghini’s love for sports car 

The tractor business made Lamborghini a wealthy person. Lamborghini was fond of buying the best car in the world. So Lamborghini bought a Maserati, a jaguar, a Benz and two Ferraris cars. 

Problem with Ferrari   

Lamborghini was upset with his Ferrari cars. He was upset because Ferrari’s clutch breaks very easily. Thereafter Lamborghini went to Maranello village and visited Enzo Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari is the founder of the Ferrari car company. Lamborghini explained his car issue to Ferrari. He wanted Ferrari to improve the clutch. He also gave suggestions to improve the clutch parts. Enzo Ferrari rejected Lamborghini’s idea and said the following ‘Let me make cars. You stick to making tractors.

The birth of the Lamborghini Automobili

Enzo Ferrari did not react in a good way. He did not respect Lamborghini as an engineer and accept his positive feedback. Enzo Ferrari’s ego made him behave in such a way. After returning from Enzo Ferrari’s home, Lamborghini decided to produce his brand which is far better than Ferrari. 

He constructed the manufacturing plant within four months and hired engineers from Ferrari to produce his brand. In contrast to Ferrari’s 250GT, Lamborghini introduced Lamborghini 350GT. Lamborghini displayed the car at the Turin car show in 1964.

How did Lamborghini hire engineers from Ferrari?

Enzo Ferrari’s wife Laura had zero knowledge about car and business management. But she made some important decisions concerning the business, which were not welcomed by some of the employees. The employees brought this issue in front of Enzo Ferrari to give a solution to their problem. Instead of offering a solution, Enzo Ferrari fired all the employees who brought this issue to him. After getting to know about this issue Lamborghini approached those employees and hired them for his company.

Evolution of Lamborghini Automobili

Lamborghini 350GT did not bother Ferrari because it did a pretty decent performance and was not better than Ferrari. The next edition of Lamborghini was released in 1965. The name of the car was Miura. It is a trend-setting car. It is the first car to have an engine at the centre of the car. He displayed the car again at the Turin show and it received positive reviews. Lamborghini Miura outplayed Ferrari. A total of 774 Miura cars were sold. The next popular car of Lamborghini was Countach which means wow in Italy. The engine was installed longitudinally and the car looked like a spaceship. The car became so popular for its outlook.

Due to the oil crisis in the 1970s, Lamborghini Automobili went bankrupt. Then it was sold to the Mirman brothers. The brothers ran the company successfully for ten years. In 1987, the company was sold to Chrysler. They launched the replacement for Countach in 1990. In 1990, Audi AG purchased Lamborghini for $110 million. The First Lamborghini under the supervision of Audi was launched in the year 2001. Thereafter several cars were released. Lamborghini Aventador is the latest model produced by Lamborghini.

The history of Lamborghini is very fascinating. It portrays how a person can succeed in life if he follows and develops the skill of his dream. Without a doubt, we should implement this in our life to succeed in our life. 

Frequently Asked Question
  • Why is the Lamborghini logo a bull?

Lamborghini loved bullfighting and he believed that bull is a symbol of elegance. So he used the bull as his company’s logo.

  • How many Lamborghini Countach 5000 were made?

610 Lamborghini 5000 Countach were made.

When was Lamborghini Founded? | Lamborghini History

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