When Was Hershey Founded?- History Of Hershey

When you want to bake a cake or get some chocolates, many names come to mind; but go further and add rich and savory to the list, there’s one name to rely on- Hershey’s! And no one can beat the chocolate syrup! Say syrup and Hershey’s are the answer! We pamper ourselves and surely rely on the best but when it comes to chocolate, texture, and taste are of prime importance, and Hershey’s aces that too! What made this mountain of chocolate what it is and when was Hershey founded? Let’s dive in!

When Was Hershey Founded?

Getting started

The Hershey’s company not only had a small start but also a small hero behind the scenes! 18-year-old Milton Hershey fell in love with the art of chocolate making and the so-called chocolate king opened his first candy shop in 1876 but lack of experience along with a thirst to learn more saw the closing of the shop after a few years.

After learning the right way to do things, Milton came back with a deeper passion for chocolate-making and created his first chocolate-coated caramel candy bar in 1894 and that’s when the legacy of flavor and taste began for Hershey.

Sweet beginnings 

Moving on from simple chocolate and candy bars, Milton went ahead to open the Hershey Company which also created baking chocolate, cocoa. Sweet chocolate and much more. 

In the early 1900s, it was time to make an impactful mark, and with much effort and recreating over and over again, the world got the Hershey’s Milk chocolate bar which is nothing less than the foundation of the Hershey’s company and the chocolate itself!

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Chocolates and kisses!

Soon after the authentic bar was created, there was love to add to the menu! The adorable and delightful Hershey’s Kisses gave the company a creative and friendly touch. Not just that, these were no more delicious chocolates, they had emotions attached too, and to add to the whole feel, these were hand-wrapped to show the love! 

Joyful Accomplishments

Milton further experimented with his bars to give a variety of flavors and crispy additions to his bars. Right from smooth caramel to crunchy almonds and peanuts, there came to be something to suit everyone’s liking! 1908 to 1925 saw the numerous addition of flavors like the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds and the Mr. Goodbar

 No one can forget the smooth and melting Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. This invention that made all mouths water was done way back in 1925 and still stands as the dedicated commitment for chocolate syrup

The Advent of the Hersheyland 

After the classic chocolate syrup, Hershey’s went on for the next few years to acquire different partners, companies along with versions and types of chocolates, all with different names, colors, shapes, and sizes but holding the dense and lavish original flavor that Hershey created. 

The names and combinations, all diverse with a mix of everything, hold just the richness of Hershey’s loyalty and pleasure and blow up minds even today! 

  • 1927- Smores- the first recipe created by American Scout Girls with the traditional Hershey’s Milk Chocolate 
  • 1963 Reese’s – no one misses the peanut cups by Harry Burnett Reese; a former Hershey’s employee 
  • 1969 Rolo – The tiny indulgence for a creamy and chocolaty delight
  • 1977 Twizzlers – The strawberry-flavored twirling beauties!
  • 1978 Whatchamacallit!- As the name suggests, a crazy and crispy bar to munch on
  • 1981 Skor – Milk chocolate with a new idea of butter toffee for a creamy change!
  • 1986 5th Avenue- A crunchy peanut bar named after the bustling New York!

The list simply goes on and on and just doesn’t cease! This is what together created the ‘Hersheyland’- to some a fantasy, to some a pure bliss! 

The new face of Hershey 

In 2014, the company came up with a new logo and this one had a lot more attached than just design and chocolate. It also welcomed a slight change with the removal of the ‘s’ at the end of Hershey with the idea that the company was more than a trusted brand of chocolate and is a partner to over 80 brands over the world. 


From just a bar of good milk chocolate to what one can call an entire market of sweetness, Hershey’s has many aspirations and goals set for the future but the major aim remains the same- to provide richness and goodness along with taste in every bite! What started with an 18-year-old boy’s passion is now a livelihood to over 15,000 skilled employees. The company is around 125 years old and has more than 8.5 billion satisfied customers. Michele Buck along with the board of Directors continues to strive to work on retaining the quality of art in making chocolate that Milton Hershey’s eye always caught!

When Was Hershey Founded?- History Of Hershey

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