What is Key Food Careers?-Job Application Process

Key Food Stores Co-op, Inc. is an independently established and owned supermarket. It is founded in Brooklyn, NY, United States. There are altogether 324 Key Food store locations in the United States. The headquarters of the Key Food Stores is located in Matawan, New Jersey, United States of America. Let us know What is Key Food Careers?-Job Application Process.

What is Key Food Careers?-Job Application Process

Core values and the main objectives of the Key Food Company: – 

  • Safety.
  • Team-driven work.
  • Service Excellence.
  • Integrity role.
  • Dynamic value.

Stores operated by the Key Food Company: –

          The stores operated involve Key Fresh and Natural, Food Dynasty, Food Universe Marketplace, Food World, Key Food Marketplace, SuperFresh, The Food Emporium, Urban Market, etc.

Key Food stores are located in the following 6 states of the United States. These are as follows:

1] New Jersey.

2] New York.

3] Florida.

4] Pennsylvania.

5] Connecticut.

6] Massachusetts.

Some of the Key Food locations in the USA:

          The famous locations involve New York, Queens, NY, Long Island City, NY, United States, Forest Hills, Brooklyn, Queens Village, Floral Park, Bron, Maspeth, Jamaica, Valley Stream, Jersey City, Long Beach, NY, Beacon, Hartford, CT, Staten Island, Valley Stream, Astoria, NY, Milford, PA, United States, Sunnyside, NY, etc.

List of the top competitors of Key Food Companies in the USA.

  • Market Source Corporation.
  • The Mosaic Company.
  • The Market Basket Inc.
  • Brigido.
  • Marketing Werks Inc.
  • Pierce’s Markets.
  • Advantage Sales and amp; Marketing etc.

Job positions available at the Key Food Company: –

1] Bakery associate.

2] Deli associate.

3] Customer service associate.

4] Grocery associate.

5] Seafood associate.

6] Meat associate.

7] Dairy/ frozen associate.

8] Produce associate.

9] Front-end associate.

– Management level positions include:

  • Deli Manager, Produce Manager, Assistant grocery Manager, Dairy Manager, Accounts payable administrator, Commercial kitchen appliance service technician, Customer service representative, and Journeyman Refrigeration technician.

How to apply online for the job employment at Key Food Company:

STEP 1– Apply for the job application through the online company portal.

STEP 2– Enter the details in the application form related to personal information, educational background, previous job roles, skills, and interests, etc.

STEP3– Attach the supporting documents along with the resume and click the “submit” option.

STEP 4– Wait for the interview call from the HR and team.

               The interested candidate must apply on the online website of the Key Food Careers- https://www.keyfood.com/store/keyFood/en/careers/. Following are the screenshots of the sample template.

Qualifications and talent required to get hired at the Key Food Company: –

  • High School Diploma, Graduate Degree, or equivalent.
  • HND or the Foundation degree in Food Science or Food Technology.
  • Six months or additional experience/ training in Food Management.
  • Food Service certification training or experience is highly preferred.
  • Basic/ intermediate Computer Skills.
  • Mathematics and Statistics knowledge is preferred.
  • Hospitality Management course (optional).
  • English language Proficiency.
  • Ability to perform cash register IBM.
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.
  • Should be able to follow plan-o-gram and merchandise presentation guidance.
  • Ability to understand Food Safety services, policies, and practices.
  • Must be pro in cash handling, accounting, and deposit control. 

Skills and knowledge required to get easily hired at the Key Food Company:

          The skills and knowledge include:-

  • Good confidence level.
  •  Good leadership qualities and management skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and outspoken nature with the customers.
  •  Pro knowledge of the food items, readiness to handle stress, and pressure.
  • Basic calculation skills, updated and experienced knowledge of Deli, meat products.
  •  Prior knowledge in the operating manual/ power scales and the slicers are preferred.
  • Punctuality, flexibility, and consistency in completing the targets, etc.
  • Multitasking abilities must be able to work individually as well as in teams.
  •  SAP experience.
  •  Must be a quick learner and detail-oriented.
  •  Feeding the Buyer bill backs regularly and processing egg/ meat retail uploads.
  • Receiving payment by cash, vouchers, credit cards, debit cards, etc.
  • Helping the consumers with purchasing decisions, answering sales questions, identifying the customer’s needs, resolving their issues and concerns, etc.
  •  Assisting the cleaning departments in regular cleaning and sanitization services and also in transporting the merchandise within the required departments.

Specific job positions with their job responsibilities: –

A] Produce Manager:

           The main duties include scheduling the employees in the respective department, operating the cleaning procedures, controlling all the food orders, etc. The main task includes maintaining the produce department full and freshly rotated every time.

B] Assistant Grocery Manager:

          The job duties include the inventory and operation of the food shipment procedures. The duty involves the following quality control operations. To lead the entry-level employee team by motivating them, providing coaching, and creating work schedules for them.

C] Deli Manager:

          To supervise, lead and guide the entry-level employees in the respective department. The Deli Manager should possess enough knowledge about steam tables, cooking, salad bars, hot food bars, salad bars, bakery, etc. The Deli Manager is also responsible for inventory roles and food ordering tasks. He/she will maintain the higher quality of the given department.

D] Customer Service Associate:

          The job role involves providing attentive consumer service to the customers in the different departments of the supermarket. Should maintain courteous and kind behavior towards the customers. Must have a clean appearance to ensure delivering great customer service and benefit the Key Food Company.

E] Office Clerk

          The job role is to perform several confidential, administrative and responsible duties. He/ she must be able to photocopy, mail, and perform other clerical duties to support the other team members. The applying candidate must have a pleasing personality and must be pro in handling cash and using the cash register.

F] Installation Technician

           The primary job responsibility includes preparing for installation projects. The other duties include equipment setup, referring schematic diagrams to support the installation, solving equipment-related issues, etc. He/she must also be able to maintain continuous communication with service members. The applying candidate must possess an excellent technical and mechanical aptitude. Must be able to work in shifts.

G] Food Service Helper

          The job responsibilities include setting up an assigned workstation. Physical tasks like collecting and stripping trays from tray conveyors, cleaning, sorting, holding, etc. Practicing good food handling techniques and working for standard operating procedures. The applying candidate must have prior one year of experience in Food Service.

Average salary is given for the different employment jobs at the Key Food Company:

Sales Associate$ 12$10
Deli clerk$13$13
Meat Cutter Apprentice$16-$28$12-$25
Meat Wrapper$13.67$12
Produce Clerk$14.14$13.55
Department Head$24$22                                   
Food Service Helper$21- $29$16- $24
In-Store Shopper        $28-$30$22-$38
Crew Member$24-$33$22-$32
Stock Boy$12-$13$10-$12
Breakfast Attendant$25- $33$20- $31
Server$24- $34$20- $30
Pricing Manager$10-$22$15
Business Development Manager$6,000$4,000
Stock Associate$19-$21$18-$19
Senior Oracle DBA$56-$58K/ annum$50-$54K/ annum
Accounts Payable Specialist$26-$28$24-$26
  • What is the minimum age requirement to work at the Key Food Company?
  • The minimum age required to get hired at the Key Food Company is Sixteen (16). The candidates 18 or more are eligible to apply for any position in the Key Food store.

     Benefits to the employees/ team members at the Key Food store:

          The benefits involve health plans and retirement benefits are given to the employees, life insurance plans, discounts on the meal facilities, real advancement opportunities, extensive training for the development of the employee and the Key Food store, flexible working schedule, vision insurance, retirement plan, paid time off and disability insurance.

Frequently asked questions during the interview at the Key Foods Company: –

  1. Tell me in short about yourself?
  • The candidate can state the personal information, prior working experiences, hobbies, qualities, etc.
  1. What was your previous job role?
  • The applicant can speak about the previous job position, duties assigned, etc.
  1. How would you effectively lead your team members?
  • The applicant can speak about the management and leadership qualities, politeness in handling the team, etc.
  1. How would you handle the challenging tasks if encountered during the job?
  • The applying candidate can state about his/ her potential in facing and overcoming the challenges, share previous job experiences of how he/she tackled that challenge, and reach a target/ result.
  1. Why do you prefer to work at the Key Food Company?
  • The candidate can explain what he/ she likes about the Key Food store, the services offered to the customers, the skills, experiences, career growth, etc. which he/ she achieves by working in this firm. 
  1. Would you be able to work at remote locations?
  • The interviewer wants to check your willingness by asking this question. So, the interviewee must be frank in answering this type of question.
  1. Would you like to work extra hours during the weekend or the night shifts?
  • The interviewer wants to check your potential. So, the candidate must be honest in answering this question.
  1. What do you know about the Key Food Company?
  • He/ she can state the aims and objectives, mission, locations, good experiences of other candidates working in the Key Food Company, etc.
  1. Can you name some of the Key Food Company stores?
  • The applying candidate must have thorough knowledge about the Key Food company. He/ she can name some of the Key Food stores such as Food Dynasty, Food Universe Marketplace, Food World, Key Food Marketplace, etc.
  1. Can you describe your ideal supervisor/ manager/ boss?
  • He/ she can describe their opinion about the ideal supervisor/ manager/ boss. He/ she can speak about different qualities, skills, management and cooperation talent, etc.
  1. Would you prefer working in teams or individually?
  • The interviewer wants to test your teamwork ability. So be honest in answering this kind of question. Mention the prior situations where you have worked individually or in teams to complete the target and achieve the result.
  1. Which type of food do Californians prefer more?
  • The interviewer wants to check your knowledge about the food service. The candidate can speak about the Californian food cuisine such as Fish Tacos, Mac Pizza, Sushirrito, Ramen Burger, etc. based on their diet.
  1. Why do you think that you fit in this job role to be hired at the Key Food Company?
  • The candidate can speak about the education, certification training, previous job experiences, any achievements, skills, etc. that makes him/ her suitable for this job position.
  1. How do you keep yourself updated about the latest knowledge in foodstuffs?
  • The interviewing candidate can speak about his/ her skills and knowledge about various types of cuisine, taste, quality, etc. He/ she can mention the food magazines, customer’s demand, etc.
  1. How important is a positive attitude to you?
  • He/ she needs to explain the importance of a positive attitude by stating his/ her past experiences, as positive nature is an important aspect for any job position.
  1. Why do you feel that you will excel in this job position?
  • The candidate can state about the topmost good qualities and skills in him/ her which would make him/ her excel in the given job position.
  1. Do you know about any person working in the Key Food store?
  • The appearing candidate can speak about the relative/ friend/ roommate, etc if so, working in the Key Food store.
  1. From where did you come to know about the Key Food store?
  • He/ she can talk about the advertisement of hiring positions through newspapers, advertisements, e-media, friend/ relative, etc.
  1. How would you promote our food products?
  • The candidate can speak about his/ her marketing potentials, advertisement ideas/ strategy, impressing the customers with excellent food service, etc.
  1. Explain the typical day at work like how it starts and ends?
  • The interviewer wants to check out your daily work and professional ability. So be honest in replying to this question.
  1. How would you tackle a rude or annoying customer if he/ she is not satisfied with your service?
  • The interviewing candidate can speak about the personal skills/ talent of managing the rude/ annoying customer through the previous job experiences, understanding the problem/ complaints of the customers/ guests, and finding a way to please and calm the customer.

Conclusion: –

          The Key Food store is a rapidly growing firm with a large market share in the United States. It is famous for its unmatched product variety, food services, etc. It widely supplies its different locations with natural, conventional, and organic grocery items, along with international products. It has well-managed, talented, and experienced staff/ team members. It provides opportunities to the eligible candidates to apply and get employed at various departments of the Key Food stores such as bakery, protein, health, beauty, general merchandise, meat, etc. During the term of employment, the employers/ team members are provided with a good salary and job-related benefits. 

What is Key Food Careers?-Job Application Process

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