Does The Little Caesars Pay Weekly ? – And More

Little Caesars Inc. is an America-based chain selling pizzas. Founded on May 8 1959 almost 62 years ago by Mike Ilitch and Marian Ilitch, Little Caesars is now the third-largest pizza chain by sales just behind Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. Its headquarters are now located on Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Little Caesars operates and has franchises in the USA and outside in Asia. Middle East, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Little Caesars is known for its famous advertising catchphrase which is “Pizza! Pizza” introduced to the world in 1979. How much does Little Caesars pay? Does Little Caesars Pay Weekly?

Does The Little Caesars Pay Weekly? - And More

How Much does Little Caesars Pay? 

The highest paying job at Little Caesars is of a Transportation Manager who earns an annual salary of $82,197 per year. While the lowest paying job at Little Caesars is of a Night Manager which starts from $12,000 per year. The entry-level jobs at Little Caesars have an hourly wage which starts from $9.50  per hour for a Cashier to $12.80 per hour for a Supervisor. 

Does Little Caesars Pay Weekly? 

At most of the Little Caesars stores, the employees get their paychecks biweekly while at the franchise-owned locations, the owners have their own rules and some choose to pay weekly or biweekly depending on all their payment policies. 

The Pay period starts on Sunday and ends usually on Second Saturday, and after that, the employees get their paychecks the following Thursday or Friday for the previous two weeks for a particular pay period.

Pay Period of Little Caesars 

Most of the Little Caesar-owned stores’ pay period begins on Sunday and ends after 14 days on  Second Saturday. However at most of the locations, especially at franchise stores the pay period begins on Monday and ends 14 days later on Sunday. 

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Others have a pay Policy of starting a Pay period on a Tuesday and ending it one week later on a Monday, or two weeks later on Monday. 

Now if the pay period is of one week, employees get their paycheck weekly while if the pay period is of two weeks the employees get their paycheck biweekly. 

The most common payday for the employees is on Thursdays or Fridays, however, employees also have reported getting a paycheck every two weeks. 

Little Caesars Starting Pay

The minimum expected pay at Little Caesars which you will get after starting at a company starts to form $9.5 per hour, however, it does vary from location to location. 

The minimum wage is much higher in cities like Illinois where the minimum hourly wage is $11 per hour. You can always advance your career at Little Caesars by getting your sight on management positions within the company.

Little Caesars Salary 

  •  The Crew Member on average makes up to $10.05 per hour which means they get up to $402 per week and an annual salary of $20,904. Little Careers promote their employees and a crew member can even be promoted to a shift leader. 
  • So if you get promoted to a shift leader, how much will you earn? Shift leaders start with an average wage of $11.20 per hour which makes up to $448 per week and $23,296 annually. Thus a crew member promoted to the shift leader gets a higher salary than previously, however your overtime hours can get an increase too. 
  • A shift leader can also be promoted to Assistant Manager which gets up to $12.45 per hour, which means as an Assistant Manager you will get an average of $498 per week and an annual salary of $25,886 per year. 
  • However, an Assistant Manager gets an increase in work and overtime hours, which means if you do the overtime hours you can get an additional amount of $7,000 to $10,000 per year with your basic salary. 
  • The salary of a General Manager at Little Caesars starts from about $43,697 per year, below average for a management position as compared to other fast-food joints, but Managers always have a side gig of additional bonuses, profit sharing, commission sharing, so adding all these, a Manager gets up to an addition of $8,000 to $10,000 on their basic salary per year. 
  • So an employee who works their way from a crew member to the Manager can expect a decent increase in the salary, long hours of overtime, and additional bonuses. 
  • The Little Caesars distribution center has varying pay, the average pay for a warehouse worker is $20.04 per hour which means $804 per week and $41,808 per year, if you are looking for a  long-term and permanent job, then give it a try to Little Caesars Distribution center. 

Benefits of Working at Little Caesars 

  • Health Insurance 
  • Flexible Schedule 
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Retirement Plan 
  • Bonus Pay 
  • Paid time off 
  • Vision and Dental  Insurance 
  • Employee discount 
  • Life Insurance 
  • 401k retirement plan with the company 
  • Prescription drug insurance 
  • Disability Insurance 

Frequently Asked Question 

Ques 1. Can an 18-year-old work at Little Caesars?

Ans 1. The minimum age limit set up by Little Caesars is 16 years of age. So a 15-year-old cannot work at little Caesars while an 18-year-old can most certainly work at Little Caesars. 

Ques 2. Does Little Caesars provide training?  

Ans 2. The scheduled training for new hires lasts up to 3-4 days and you also get paid an hourly wage of $7.25 per hour. 

Ques 3. When do you get Paid? 

Ans 3. It all depends on the pay period of the store; at some places, you can get paid every two weeks while others pay you every week depending on their pay policy. 

Ques 4. What is the interview process like at Little Caesars? 

Ans 4. The interview process at Little Caesars is quite easy, wear casual and they will ask you some simple questions. After the interview, if you got selected, you only need identification proof for the paperwork.

Does The Little Caesars Pay Weekly ? – And More

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