Tesla Employee Discount

One of the American multinational companies is Tesla Inc. Tesla is among the leading automakers worldwide. It was initially referred to as Tesla Motors. The owner of Tesla Inc. is Elon Musk. With a capitalization of approximately 550 billion US$, the headquarters of Tesla are in Austin, Texas. The company creates designs and also manufactures solar panels, grid-scale, solar roof tiles, electric cars and trucks, and many more related products and services too. It has sold battery-related vehicles all over the world. Let us know What are the ‘Tesla Employee Discount’.

Tesla Employee Discount

Tesla Employee Discount

When it comes to employee discounts at the company, discounts are given to employees only on Tesla merchandise. However, no discounts are given on the cars even to the current employees. Though many other benefits are given to the company’s employees on various services, such as entertainment and child care. Read below to find out more. 


Tesla Inc. was founded as Tesla Motors by Martin Eberhard because he always said that he wanted to build a technology company that was also a car manufacturer. Therefore, he established this inc. with technologies such as computer software, batteries, and more. In 2004, almost 7.5 billion dollars were raised in a series of fundings, which included 6.5 million dollars from Elon Musk because he received 100 million dollars from his sales of PayPal.

In May 2010, the company purchased the building, and later on it became the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. The company raised around 226 million dollars by issuing 13.3 million shares of common stock.

Tesla Employees: 

Working at Tesla is not an easy job at all; it is highly competitive. To get a job at Tesla Inc. is very hard.There are about 110,000 employees currently (in 2022) at Tesla Inc. The percentage of employees in 2020 was around 47.36%, which is nearly 70,750. In 2019, 40,680 employees joined Tesla Inc., and 1.64% left. The people working at Tesla Inc. make up to 108,037 dollars per year. A manager at Inc. gets something near 36.3 lakhs per year, whereas the salary for the founder or CEO is around 477.2 lakhs.

Tesla Inc. provides a lot of benefits to the employees, such as health insurance, life insurance, a health savings account, a flexible spending account, a supplemental spending account, and many more. The people who are working at Tesla at the posts of CEO, manager, or team members are totally satisfied as they get their maximum compensation from the company.

Tesla Employee Discount:

Tesla Employees don’t receive any discount on new vehicles of the company; many other benefits are provided to them as employees, but Tesla Inc. only provides discounts to employees on Tesla merchandise and products. The company does not usually give discounts, but in some cases Tesla gives discounts to the employees on childcare, entertainment, and a range of services up to 35%. 

But Tesla does not give any discounts on their cars. Some of the people working there get cars from the companies, which can later be purchased by outsiders at a lower price.

Perks Of Tesla Employees:

Some of the perks that employees of Tesla get are as follows:

  • The Inc. provides a full medical, dental, vision, and family health package.
  • Tesla also gives disability insurance to the people working for the company. They pay 60% of the monthly salary if a person is unavailable to work due to some health issues.
  • The people who work at Tesla also get a discount of 15% on Tesla stocks two times per year.

Career Opportunities:

By working at Tesla, you can get a lot of career opportunities, such as working as a technical product analyst, software engineer, software development engineer, energy storage or electrical technician, central non-technician, recruiter, or many more.

The three highest-paid jobs at Tesla are senior software engineer, which gets an average salary of 135,045 dollars, information technology project manager, which gets 114,698 dollars, and global supply manager, which gets 116,439 dollars. The employees at Tesla are needed to make a minimum spend of approximately 40 hours in the office weekly.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Tesla Employee Discount’, As you all know, Tesla is an automotive and energy company that designs electric vehicles and storage systems. Some of the products that Tesla Inc. produces are the Cyber Truck, Tesla Semi, Tesla Roadster vehicles, and many more. The main aim of the Tesla company is to boost the world’s transition towards sustainable energy.

Tesla Inc. has been called one of the most successful electric vehicle producing companies in the world. The quality of vehicles has improved over the last few years. The company looks at your potential to determine whether you are capable of working there or not. They, too, look at your innovative spirit. Most people are interested in working at Tesla because it is an innovative organisation that is improving and changing day by day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the questions that are asked by Tesla on a daily basis are as follows:

  • How often do the people working at Tesla get a raise?

Ans: Some of the people working at Tesla get promoted rarely, but in some cases, some of the employees who are in a higher position get promoted once a year; therefore, people in a lower position get promoted just once every two years.

  • Where are the cars of Tesla mostly made?

Ans: Almost all the cars of Tesla are made in Fremont, California, but currently there are three countries that have been hosting the Tesla factories, and there are also some countries that use Tesla cars, including South Korea, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and more.

  • Are there any electric cars that can compete with Tesla?

Ans: Yes, there are many electric cars that can compete with Tesla in terms of things like horsepower. With engine cars, there are not such things that suit all cars because every car has its own weak points as well as strong points.

  • How is Tesla’s company succeeding?

Ans-Tesla companies are succeeding day by day because they follow all the proper techniques, like making a clean sheet design. They almost design every single piece of a car. Even so, they make nearly all the parts for cars on their own.

Tesla Employee Discount

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