Premier Inn Employee Discount – Know More

Premier Inn is a British hotel chain that serves in many countries. It happens to be UK’s largest hotel brand with more about 800 hotels and 72,000 rooms worldwide. It operates in various locations like city centres, suburbs and airports. Premier Inn offers various job opportunities in front of house, housekeeping and kitchen services. They offer plenty of opportunities for their employees to grow in their careers. Being a big organization, they pay well and treat their employees very well by giving good salary, appraisals, bonuses and employee discounts. It is one of the renowned companies when it comes to employee discounts. Let us know about the ‘Premier Inn Employee Discount’.

Premier Inn Employee Discount

The premier inn employee discount may include 50% off on hotels and 25% off on food. Along with the high discount value, they provide facilitated, clean and aesthetic rooms. Not only discounts on hotels, Premier Inn also gives their employees discounts at all Whitbread companies. These discounts can be unveiled using a loyalty card issued by them at all Premier Inn hotels and Whitbread chain. All discounts are not very easy to avail though, some of them need you to do advance booking. From sources, discounts may be 25% if you are not on shift and 50% if you are on shift. 

You can use the privilege card to avail discounts at Whitbread. For making a booking through privilege card, you need to have a card number. You have to quote your card number at the time of booking and you also need to validate the same at the time of check in. Terms and conditions apply on Whitbread privilege cards. The conditions may be limited period offers, preceded discount upon advance booking, booking limitations. For instance, Emerald Club card bookings can only be made via telephone. Discounts may be availed for limited people in some cases. 10% discount will be given on any food and soft drinks in all Whitbread restaurants but the offer limits to 4 people, that too excluding Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, ZIP by Premier Inn and hub by Premier Inn. Special student, shareholder discounts are also available. The bookings can be made through their website or directly through other booking website. It is necessary to quote the discount key at the time of booking and it may also be needed at the check in. Direct discount coupon can also be used at the time of check in. It all depends on the discount you are willing to avail. You should proceed according to the kind of conditions the offer has. One coupon code may not be reused. The cards can be used multiple times for availing discounts before their expiry. 

Discounts for affiliates

Not only employees who work at any of the hotels can earn the rewards but also the affiliates who market Premier Inn on their websites get various discounts and offers for doing so. For every visit through the affiliate, 1% of the booking is shared as commission. Affiliates can also get their privilege card and gain benefits equal to an employee. They can also earn various benefits like early check in, late check out, premium quality food, family coupons etc. 

Hotel discounts are s thing at Premier Inn but there are more benefits of working there. Paid sick leaves, paid vacations, meals on duty etc. are some more benefits. 

How to become an employee at Premier Inn?

The Premier Inn is the largest hotel chain in Britain and the hotel chain has over 800 hotels worldwide. They have their branches open in various countries and amid that, they hire from various regions. The work profile varies form front of house staff, kitchen staff to housekeeping staff. Premier Inn believes in the strength of their people. They know their employees are the ones who are responsible for their success and brand. You can apply for a job at Premier Inn through their website or through their on-site recruitment. The posting of vacancy is available on their website. The average pay of an employee ranges from $9.50/hour for host/hostess to $16.43/hour for front desk managers. The workload depends upon the timing. Employees may get overloaded with work during Christmas Day, New Years, or other festivals. Workload may also vary from location to location. Also, the skills required to keep up the job also vary. 

How to make a booking at Premier Inn?

You can make booking at any restaurant of Premier Inn or Whitbread by telephone. You can also make direct booking through their website. The bookings made through the website may need you to have the screenshot of the booking at the time of check in. The booking can also be made through other websites that offer occasional discounts. Sometimes, you can get more discount by making direct booking through other websites than by using employee discounts. All kinds of bookings can be made online and offline as well. The payment methods are also flexible at Premier Inn. They cherish their guests very much. 

To sum it up, employee do get discount at Premier Inn. The discounts may include:

  • Up to 50% discount on hotel booking through website
  • About 10% to 25% discount on food and soft drinks
  • Discounts on using privilege cards or loyalty cards
  • Higher discounts if you are working on shift
  • Terms and conditions may apply to avail the coupon discounts
  • Limited period offers exist
  • The services are great for employees
  • Paid vacation coupons may also be availed
  • Affiliates can also benefit through offers
  • Shareholders are also given discounts

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you get a discount code for Premier Inn? 

Unfortunately, you cannot get a Premier coupon code because they do not accept them any longer. The coupon discounts may be available for some locations but you can’t ensure their working. It would be better if you make a offline booking and avail a location benefit or offer or discount. Employees can use their employee cards or privilege cards to avail discounts. 

2. How do I redeem a Premier Inn discount code?

You can use the discount code to make an online as well as offline booking. You just have to quote the discount code while making the booking. If the option for availing online discount is unavailable then, you can make an offline booking which will fetch you the offer.  

Premier Inn Employee Discount – Know More

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