IKEA Employee Discount

All employees are eligible for a 15% employee discount from IKEA as soon as they start working there, regardless of any probationary period. This discount is only valid for the employee and cannot be used by anyone else; if it is utilized by a third party, the employee in question may face disciplinary action.

IKEA Employee Discount

IKEA Employee Discount

Employees receive a 15% discount on all IKEA products, including those ordered online, in eateries, and in-store. Employees of IKEA are also entitled to perks like paid parental leave and medical, dental, and vision insurance. Employees who regularly work 20 hours per week are eligible to use their 15% discount right away. But they can’t let anyone take advantage of this deal because doing so will get them in trouble.

In any individual shop, IKEA has a variety of positions with varying pay scales based on expertise. IKEA employees generally make $16.66 per hour on average, although this might vary.

You can anticipate earning between $10 and $20 for work in the food service industry, between $13 and $27 as a visual merchandiser, between $12 and 21 as a retail sales associate, and between $9 and 17 as a customer care representative.

The Best Workplaces For Diversity, Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, and People 2018/17 Companies That Care have all named IKEA as o On average, IKEA employees generally make $16.66 per hour

IKEA additionally provides several additional employee benefits:

such as;

  • Medical/RX\Dental\Vision
  • Paid Holiday Paid Paternity Leave (up to 16 weeks)
  • 401(k) (sometimes referred to as “Tack!”)
  • Disability Protection for Income
  • Animal Insurance
  • Workplace meals are less expensive ($3–$4) in all stores and staff restaurants.
  • All IKEA employees are eligible for these perks as long as they consistently put in up to 20 hours per week of work.

End-of-year present: IKEA Employee Discount

  • In December, severely is given a gift as a token of appreciation.
  • 15% Employee Discount – accessible both online and in-person.
  • I-Benefits is a discount website that can help you save hundreds of pounds at High Street stores.
  • Given Day: An extra day off throughout the holiday season to spend with friends and family.

Season Ticket Transport Loan

  • We support environmentally friendly transportation to our stores by offering a 15% subsidy on your yearly each employee is given a gift as a token of appreciation in the Decembery sacrifice program that enables you to hire a bike and related equipment from your company in exchange for cycling to work.
  • Tertials are three social gatherings you can attend each year to get to spend with friends and family during the holiday season support employees during this period by offering 3 paid vacation days for treatment or recovery since it recognizes the impact that fertility treatment can have on employees and their families.
  • Day off in honor of a marriage or civil union – IKEA will extend your paid leave by one day to assist with the festivities.

Family-friendly policies 

  • At IKEA, we’re glad to contribute to the easiest possible childcare experience By giving you improved statutory leave benefits for maternity, paternity, sharing, and adoption, as well as by helping your co-workers who are through reproductive treatment.
  • First Day of School Leave: Since starting school is a significant life event for you and your family, IKEA will grant you one day of paid vacation.

Permanent Health Insurance

  • If you miss work, you may be eligible for private health insurance depending on your benefit level and area.

One IKEA Bonus

  • At IKEA, we think that everyone helps us achieve (and beyond!) our goals. Together, we accomplish everything. Every member of our unit receives an IKEA Bonus when we achieve or surpass predetermined business objectives.
  • TACK, which stands for “Thank you” in Swedish, is a program that begins after you have worked for five years.
  • Medical and dental insurance may be available to you depending on your benefit level and region.

Healthy lifestyle

  • IKEA offers free fruit, a salad, and a free hot main meal option daily employees also have access to the co-worker canteen, which is subsidized.
  • Your support system at home and work: Wellbeing Services (Retail Trust). 24-hour access to confidential assistance.
  • Access to online meditation sessions, Hello Fresh recipes, and virtual exercise classes are all available through the well-being hub. Financial well-being assistance is also available.
  • The IKEA employee discount is valid at all of the company’s locations worldwide. This implies that if you’re traveling and happen to be close to an IKEA, you may use your employee discount to make a purchase and save some money.
  • IKEA employees also get cheap meals at the company’s restaurants in addition to the employee discount. This reduces the cost of eating out a little, which can be helpful if you’re on a tight budget. So, if you work for IKEA, be sure to benefit from your savings whenever you can. You never know when you’ll be close to an IKEA location.


15% off on all IKEA goods available to employees, including those purchased online, in restaurants, and in-store. Additionally, IKEA employees are eligible for benefits like paid parental leave, and medical, dental, and vision coverage. If an employee works 20 hours per week regularly, they can begin using their 15% discount as soon as they begin. They cannot, however, allow others to benefit from this discount as it will result in disciplinary action.

Frequently asked questions
  1. What products are eligible for the IKEA employee discount?

You might be unsure if your discount will apply to that adorable little bookshelf you’ve had your eye on, despite the fantastic privileges and discounts offered to you while working at IKEA. I can assure you that it will, though! The IKEA employee discount is valid on all items in the store, including those that are already reduced in price.

  1. IKEA employee discounts may be used online, right?

Your employee discount from IKEA is valid online. You will need to register on the IKEA website, link your id number to your account, and activate this.

IKEA Employee Discount

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