FedEx Employee Discount

The term FedEx stands for Federal Express. FedEx is a shipping company, it delivers millions of packages all over the world every day. Around 200000 employees are working in FedEx all over the world. FedEx offers a wide range of discounts for its employees. Do you know the list of discount offered by FedEx to its employee?

FedEx Employee Discount

The List of Discounts Offered by FedEx to its Employees is as Follows:

  • Health Insurance benefit
  • Travel and Vacation benefit
  • Entertainment benefit
  • Car and other Vehicles benefit
  • Financial discounts benefit
  • Bereavement time
  • Home utilities and services
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid sick leave 
  • Jury duties

Discounts Reflect the Care of FedEx for the Better Living Standard of its Employees:

Health Insurance:

Full-time FedEx employees receive health insurance discount benefits after working for 90 days. However, part-time employees are eligible to claim health benefits after working for 1000 hours. While paying the premium FedEx does not deduct even a single penny from the premium. It pays the full premium to its beneficiary. The entire family members of the employed person are eligible to claim the health insurance benefit.FedEx offers health insurance for all kinds of diseases, treatments, surgeries and medical prescriptions. FedEx also provides an External Assistance Program i.e counselling for the employee and his family.

Travel and Vacation Benefits:

FedEx employees enjoy various travel and vacation benefits. During 1year an employee gets  1 week of vacation. After the first year, an employee will get a vacation period of 2 weeks. An employee will not get even a call related to work during his vacation. Not only the family members but also the friends of a FedEx employee is eligible for travel and vacation discount benefit.FedEx runs an airline. So FedEx allows its employees to travel on flights at cheaper prices.FedEx pays for its employee’s hotel stays and car rentals. FedEx also avails travel insurance for its employees.

Entertainment Benefits:

People use entertainment to take a break from their working routine. This does not vary with FedEx employees too. FedEx wants its employees to be in a cool and composed mode. They do not want their employees to stick with their working routines. So FedEx is providing entertainment benefits to its employees to engage themselves in entertainment. FedEx offers entertainment benefits to its employees and their family members. FedEx gives allowance to purchase movie tickets, theme park tickets etc. This benefit helps to refresh employees’ minds and allows them to work more enthusiastically.

Cars and Other Vehicles Benefit:

Buying a car and other vehicles needs some significant investments. When FedEx employees need help buying a vehicle, their employer steps in to help. FedEx avails loans for its employees to buy new and used vehicles. When a vehicle meets with an accident FedEx offers vehicle insurance to restore the damaged vehicles. It also provides insurance to service the vehicles once in six months. Vehicle benefits prevent employees from having to worry about repairing their vehicles. As a result of their company’s vehicle benefits, they can complete the process quickly.

Financial Discounts:

Financial discounts are nothing but getting discounts for personal loans, Housing loans and credit card loans. FedEx wants its employees to be free from loans. So it helps its workers by offering discounts on their loans. It relieves FedEx workers from getting stressed and focus on their work. Financial discount is available only to the FedEx employee and not his friends.

Bereavement Time:

Bereavement time refers to the leave offered by a company for the loss of a worker’s family member. A worker cannot work with a stable mindset after the demise of his loved one. Also, he has some last-minute duties to perform for his loved one. On considering these factors, FedEx offers a Bereavement time of three days for its employees.       

Home Utilities and Services:

We need to pay for our monthly subscription services like Internet, Cable, and Newspaper. Further, we need to maintain our house and buy the products that we need for our home. A FedEx employee spends at least 10% of his salary on those bills. So a situation of not spending the 10% money for other purposes occurs. To make the employee use that 10% salary for other purposes, FedEx provides discounts on those bills.

Paid Holiday Benefits:

During the first year, FedEx employees are not eligible for paid holidays. It is done to test whether the employee is willing to work for the company without any benefits. FedEx employees are eligible for paid holidays only after the first year. There are six holidays per year and these include Memorial day, Independence day, Labour day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day and Newyear day.FedEx is paying for these holidays since these holidays are national holidays.

Paid Sick Leave:

An employee cannot work when he is sick. By understanding the worker’s condition, FedEx is offering paid sick leave. A part-time employee gets 40 hours of paid sick leave. A full-time employee gets 80 hours of paid sick leave. However, the time for paid sick leave is determined based on the type of sickness. For example, a part-time employee who has undergone surgery will be paid for the entire 40 hours whereas, for other minor sicknesses the employee will not be paid for the entire 40 hours. And the exact will happen for a full-time employee too. 

Jury Duty Benefit:

FedEx also provides an employee with paid leave to fulfil jury duties. FedEx is offering this benefit to support its employee financially in a place where he has to spend a lot of money and also the act of encouraging the employee to do their constitutional duty.


These are various discounts offered by FedEx. The only purpose behind the FedEx discount is to keep the employees happy while they work. A happy employee will give everything that he has for the company. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Does FedEx have discounts?

Yes, FedEx offers a wide range of discounts.

  • Does FedEx do Student discounts?

Yes, FedEx does student discounts.

FedEx Employee Discount

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