USC Employee Benefits | Benefits Of Working At University

USC (University of South California) is the premier research University and has invented some breakthrough treatments for various diseases such as Cancer, stem cells, and other medicines. Let us know about the ‘USC Employee Benefits’.

USC Employee Benefits

It is among the best private universities and contributes around 8 million dollars to the economy.  Apart from the research the university is currently in the headlines for inventing the key for the coral reefs that are on verge of extinction.

The University was founded in 1880 and till the year 2022 around 49,318 students enrolled. The university is ranked second in the state for its computer research program.

USC Employee Benefits

Eligibility for staff

  • The staff who contributes half of their time at the organization are entitled to the benefits.
  • Along with staff, their family members are also entitled to the benefits that staff members are conferred.
  • The benefits that are credited to family members are accredited and taxes are payable by staff.
  • The children enjoy the benefit till the age of 26 years.
  • If the child is dependent ie the child is mentally and physically unfit. Then the child is entitled to the benefit beyond 26 years of age.
  • To reap benefits the child should meet the criteria of the disabled column.
  • The Main criteria to qualify is that child is unfit for any job process.
  • The staff should provide the prescription for the disabled child to qualify for the benefits.
  • If the employee is divorced or his/her child has already turned 26  years then the offer is invalid for that employee.
  • As soon as the employee adds their family members then they have to update all necessary documents within 5 days.
  • As all the documents are related to the government, there can be a delay in the documents in that case the candidate has to submit the documents within 3 months of the date of benefits.
  • If the employee is registering his/her partner then an official marriage certificate is required for their eligibility.
  • If the family member is a domestic partner, ie the couple who share domestic life but are not legally married. In that case, the employee has to submit a domestic partner certificate.
  • In the case of a child, the staff has to provide a birth certificate.
  • In the case of an adopted child then the employee has to provide all the necessary documents.
  • If the employee has a stepchild, then the employee has to submit a birth certificate and marriage certificate.
  • If the staff is the legal guardian of the child, then the child is eligible for the benefits if his/her documentation contains the certificate which states that the employee is the legal guardian.
  • If the child is mentally or physically unfit then the documents should accommodate the birth certificate, and disable certificate from a certified doctor.

Benefits for disabled staff

  • Any person is described as disable when the person is unable to perform day-to-day activities due to any disease. 
  • The respective staff member can apply for a disability program that is sponsored by the university or can opt for which is organized by the staff.
  • The state disables plans and university plans both offer a planned time of up to 52 weeks. The plans start as soon as the first day.
  • The plan states that the maximum taxable income is 0.9% and the maximum taxable income is 153, 164 dollars.
  • The candidate has to pay 70% of the amount maximum which is about 2,062 dollars.
  • After enjoying the benefits for a year the candidate is eligible for supplemental benefits.
  • The supplemental plan offers a cost-per-pay percentage is 0.3%
  • The client enjoys a benefit maximum of one week for each passing year of employment.
  • And 80% of the pay for the rest of the weeks of the year.
  • The University also offers long-term plans in which the employee enjoys the benefit of 70% of the base pay and is offered up to 65 years of age.


  • The staff gets a 10% discount on buying any books from the library.
  • The employees get 10% off in the medicine store.
  • The employees get some percent off in events that are organized at universities and other amusement parks.
  • Employees can also enjoy discounts on gym memberships.
  • Even the university allows the staff to get the house for around 50,000 dollars.
  • The employees have to pay half of the price when they use transportation
  • And if the employees use transportation sponsored by University get discounted rates on cars.
  • The employees get discounts on their mobile phones.
  • If the employee goes for sustainable management ie setting up the solar systems in their homes then they get a discount of 2000 dollars off of setting up the system.
  • The university offers free entry into various museums and art galleries to its employees so that they can promote art and architecture, such as Fisher museum art or pacific Asia Museum and many more.
  • The University also provides a 20% discount on the passes for their latest football games.

Medical benefits

There are several plans that USC covers that benefit its employees. Some of the plans are as follows:

1. Trojan plan: This medical plan gives the best services at the best prices. When the employee uses this plan then he/she has to pay only 20 dollars for visiting any doctor.

For using any other services the employee has to pay only 10% of the insurance.

If the appointment is made then the employees have to pay only 10 dollars for visiting any medical practitioner

2. EPO plan: The plan covers the families of the employees that live outside of California. The plan offers the same benefits as the Trojan plan.

3. Anthem HMO: This plan offers services at very low prices. 

The USC medical plans offer various benefits such as employee they provide top services,  affordable visits to the doctors, and discounts on prescriptions.

USC employees also enjoy dental benefits such as employee if visit weekly then he/she has to pay 10 dollars and 20 dollars monthly.

If the employee visits with their children then the monthly expense is 45 dollars and weekly expenses are 22 dollars


Starting a career at the University of California guarantees a promising future, as the University looks after every need of its employees. The benefits program is carefully designed so that every need of the employee can be addressed and if any issue arises it can be rectified quickly.

USC Employee Benefits | Benefits Of Working At University

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