Nissan employee discounts- Know more


Nissan motors in one of the largest manufacturers of auto mobiles, established in December 1933. With a 3.7 million car production being sold in over 180 countries across the globe. The companies headquarter is currently in Tokyo, Japan which involves in manufacturing and sales of the countless number of automobiles it manufactures. A company of this huge a size and profits raising millions, it not only cares for the profits but also its employees and provides them with wide variety of different discounts on its products. In this article, we are going to see about Nissan employee discounts.

The employees of Nissan auto motor vehicle company are subjected to wide variety of discounts. These discounts are provided within the company for any employee regardless of their time at Nissan. This extensive program for discount includes countless incentives which vary from model to trim level to other optional upgrades. Nissan also introduced the Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP), this program enables one to purchase any desired vehicle at a negotiated price and receive a VIP treatment to go home with a brand-new Nissan vehicle.

Nissan employee discounts

This program provides the employees with a variety of benefits which are as listed below:

  • Allows the family members of the employee of Nissan, his/her friends or selected business associates to purchase a brand-new model of Nissan at a negotiated price.
  • Provides the employee of his associates with a VIP treatment while they purchase their preferred vehicle.
  • The company provides with the best rates and most competitive VPP than any other company.
  • Special lease options and other rebates.

All direct full-time employees along with the retirees are included in all those who are allowed to avail the discounts. Immediate family members of the employee are intitled to avail the discount. The family members include a person’s parents, his/her siblings, his/her children and his/her spouses. Though there is a compulsion of all of the members must reside inside the boundaries of the United States of America. All the contacts of the employees be it family member or any other, if he is buying the vehicle on the discount, it is a compulsion that the sole reason of the purchase must be for personal use and not anything relating to business. 

An employee is allowed eight discounts under his name, no matter if he/she makes the purchase or any contact/family member under his name. immediate family members may be allowed to buy up to eight vehicles but the extended family members are only allowed to purchase two vehicles. 

Every dealership has his own right on accepting or not accepting the VPP discount but the authorized Nissan dealerships and Nissan direct head office purchases will surely honor the discount. And Although the VPP applies on almost all the vehicles which Nissan motors has to offer, Currently IPL G Coupe, GT-R, G Sedan Limited and Sport Appearance Edition models, the Versa 1.6 models and G Convertible Limited Edition are not eligible for purchase under the VPP.

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The vehicle purchase program is a great benefit for the employees of Nissan auto motor company. Giving discounts on vehicle purchase and making it easy for the purchase of Nissan motors by not only the employee but also his/her family members.


Q. Will Purchasing accessories along with the vehicle make the VPP void?

Ans.  No, purchasing of accessories does not make the VPP void, also the prices of the accessories are to negotiated separately with the dealership. The VPP discount in applicable on the vehicle purchase and not on the accessories on buys.

Q. What kind of proof would be need to prove my employment at Nissan?

Ans. A copy of one’s company card with photo ID is required with his/her current paycheck.

Q. Would the VPP discount be applicable if one leases the vehicle he wishes to buy?

Ans. No, a VPP discount does not become void upon leasing. If one decides to purchase from Nissan auto motor authorized dealer on lease, special lease incentives are applied.

Q. What modes of finances can be used for the VPP discount?

Ans. Financing is handled same for VPP customers and non VPP customers. One can work with the dealership in order to sort out the financing or could contact a bank for the financing with a credit union. If a person decides to choose to provide finances with the help of dealership, normal credit standards are applied.

Q. Can an employee transfer his claim number to another person/ employee?

Ans. No, each employee has his/her designated number of claims which are non-transferable. 

Q. How can one know about the pricing under the VPP programs? Is the headquarter helpful in providing the rate list?

Ans. The Nissan motors headquarters is willing to help any person who is in need of assistance. One can simply find all the rates and pricing estimates on the website using the pricing calculator.

Nissan employee discounts- Know more

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