Lowes Employee Discount-Know More

Lowes is an American retail store in North America. It provides jobs to a large number of people. To those employees, it offers some discounts, coupons, etc. Let us find out here. Let us know Lowes Employee Discount.

Lowes Employee Discount

Lowes offers a 10 percent discount to its employees on all the products it offers. And this discount increases in the holiday season. Like during Christmas they gave around 20 percent discount to its employees. It allows its employees to avail discount offers from other retail stores.

But there are some things to know about these discounts and offers. And also understand how to avail these offers side by side along with the promotion offered in the company. So stay tuned.

Where is it applicable?

It is a large company with multiple physical stores at different locations and an online store. The discount can be avail at any of these places. In any of the physical stores and on the online store also.

An employee is given a card and during checkout or final billing this card is scanned and the 10 percent off is automatically applied to the final price. Similarly on the website Lowes.com also this discount card can be used to get off 10 percent on any product.

Just follow some simple steps to avail this discount on the website;

Step 1 Visit the website through the given link.

Step 2 Register on the site and sign in or log in.

Step 3 Visit your profile after login

Step 4 Search for the My benefits cards section.

Step 5 Enter the discount card details which are there on the card.

Step 6 Wait for the card to be added to the website.

Step 7 A 10 percent discount will be applied during the final checkout wherever you buy something.

Products on which Employee Discount Card works

It is used to avail this discount on every product available on the physical store or website.

There are no such restrictions on any of these products. However, on Special Orders Items (SOI), it may not work. 

Sometimes it is available but sometimes not so just check before buying or ask the store manager about it. 

Does Lowes offer discounts on sale items for its employees?

Yes, the discount is available on all the items unless mentioned. Only Special orders items are an exception. As there may be demand from someone already. So they are not available for a discount.

Other than this all the items for sale can be purchased with a discount. Due to sale, these items are available at a very low price and on top of that applying discounts on them make the products quite cheap for the employees to purchase.

What are some other benefits which the lowes employees receive?

Other than the employee discount card there are some other benefits also which the employees receive. Some of these include;

  • Health Insurance covers the vision and dental expenses
  • Life Insurance covering disability
  • Retirement plans of up to four thousand one
  • Supporting education
  • Counseling at No cost
  • Assistance on adoption
  • Both maternal and paternal leaves


Lowes offers its employees a 10 percent discount on all the products. It can be availed for an infinite number of times. And every employee working part-time or full time working from day one can avail this benefit.

The employee has to contact the HR department to avail of the discount card. And then it can be used an unlimited number of times to purchase anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1) For minimum how many days does an employee have to work in Lowes to take advantage of this facility?

Ans. There are no such minimum criteria for an employee to avail of this benefit. Anyone working in the Lowes can take advantage of the discount card from day one of their work. 

It is the best part about Lowes because other companies offer such perks to their employees who work for a minimum of 30 days in the company. That is the criteria is to work from thirty to ninety days then they are eligible for the discount card.

Q. 2) Does only full-time employees get the discount card?

Ans No both part-time and full time working employees can avail this discount.

Q. 3) For how long can an employee avail of this discount?

Ans There is no limit on this card. An employee can avail of the discount for as long as they want.

Q. 4) Is it allowed for the family members of the employee to use this discount card?

Ans Only the spouse can take the benefit of this card and not all the family members. Other than this close friends and relatives are also not allowed to use this discount card. Also, extended family and children are not allowed to use it.

Q. 5) Does any of the products is excluded from this discount option?

Ans. No, it is available on all the products available in the store.

Lowes Employee Discount-Know More

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