How To Get a Job At Michaels?

Michaels, also known as Michaels Company Inc. is one of the largest retail stores of arts and crafts in the U.S. The company is in search of talented and skilled people to join it. There is a need for employees in different sectors like corporate, operations, HR, retail, etc. How To Get a Job At Michaels? There are several procedures involved while getting a job at Michael. First, a candidate is required to apply they can expect an interview if their application is shortlisted. There are four steps to the hiring process. First is the application process, then comes the interview process, screening, and final selection.

How To Get a Job At Michaels?

What is the Interview Process?

The interview is a question-answer session. It is related to general life and work experience. Some questions are related to the prior experience of working in retail. General questions are asked interested in art, experience with crafting, etc.

Some tips for the interview 

  1. Personality – Work upon your personality; Take some personality tests as they may ask you to submit test assessments after the interview.
  2. Formal wearing – Have a decent dressing while going for the interview. It will increase the chances of your selection.
  3. Be calm and relaxed – They may try to build pressure on you to check how you deal with it. So practice being calm and relaxed in case of a stressful situation.

Tips to get a job at Michael

It is not at all difficult to get a job at Michael. As per the people, already working there or working the past one can crack the job.

  • Just have a good resume
  • Acquire the relevant skills
  • Have great communication skills

And you are good to go. It is the best place for art lovers and is passionate about art and craft. The atmosphere is also good people working there have an overall good experience. The process of getting a job is also simple and easy. 

Steps for getting a Job

The process is also simple and easy. 

  • Step1 Apply for the position on the official site. Go to 
  • Step 2 Click on the Search Jobs button. You will find a list of Jobs and the other requirements needed.
  • Step 2 Check the jobs you want, read, and understand the criteria mentioned there.
  • Step 3 Click on the Apply button. After that, they will ask you to submit your resume.
  • Step 4 Submit your resume and other details but before that register yourself on the site using email. Then log in using email (used for registration and password) and then fill out the job application.
  • Step 5 If you are selected, then you will receive a call or email for further process.

According to one of the employees, one can expect a high demand for jobs in the retail store Michael. And during the seasonal days the need for the worker’s increases. So they hire a lot at that time.

Pay Scale of the Employees at Michael

According to the reviews on Quora, the people working there are not satisfied with the pay. Michael hires an employee but pays them quite less. As per the estimate, it is less than 36.5% of the actual pay scale. 

Especially the workers of the retail store have a very low salary. During the seasonals when sales are high, people are hired but paid very little for the work.

Does Michael do a drug test or background test?

  • Yes, Michale does check the background of the applicants. They need to sign the background authorization check. And if they refuse to sign it then their documents remain unverified and they disqualify the candidate.
  • It investigates the qualification, education, and past working experience of the candidates.
  • Along with this the criminal records and the driver’s license, valid identity proofs, and the credit history and debts are also cross-checked.
  • They often conduct a drug test in which they check some specific substances and use a urine drug test or saliva drug test. Some common drugs like marijuana, benzos, and opioids are checked.
  • To pass the test, the usage of drugs should be stopped several weeks before applying for the position.

Employment opportunities at Michael

  • Minimum five years of experience in crafting for a high-profile post. One advantage the company offers is that if an employee is dedicated and motivated and has acquired the relevant knowledge they can secure a permanent full-time job from an entry-level or temporary position.
  • And the person applying for any role in the company must be between the age of 16 to 18 years, can be more than 18 but not less than 16. 
  • Some design certification and visual background are a must.

What are some of the positions, and what job do they perform?

There are various roles available in Michael. All are explained in detail along with the work they are expected to do. Such jobs are mostly entry-level jobs and usually have a very low pay scale.

  • Cashier

A cashier must know how to operate a computer.

And should have social skills and some knowledge about art and craft.

The salary of cashiers is on an hourly basis that is 8 to 9 dollars at entry-level. The work is to maintain transactions. But the role is diverse. A cashier is supposed to advertise the stores, put some advertisements, print and distribute pamphlets, and put up some online offers.

  • Stock associate

The salary of a stock associate is 10 dollars per hour.

The skills include time management and focus on details. High school diploma or GED with some previous working experience in the operating warehouse. A person who helps to locate items and keep track of stocks etc. They also organize the products and handle the display. They also help the customer with complaints and issues if any.

  • Manager

An associate manager at Michael has a salary of 2400 dollars to 30000 dollars depending on the position, qualification, and experience.

A manager must be qualified enough with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management or other equivalent fields. And must have 5 to 7 years of experience in product and supervision. A manager is a high-profile role and so is the work. They have several responsibilities from planning, budgeting, expenditure, generating sales, and controlling costs.

Procedure To Get a Job at Michael

  • Both online and offline ways exist to get a job at Michale. If you want some part-time jobs then check out the offline store which is near to you. If they are hiring go get the application form and apply there. 
  • You will get the job if you are eligible. Keep in mind the age must be between 16 to 18 years of age otherwise the application will be automatically rejected.
  • But if you want a high position then check the site if there are any vacancies available. If available fill it submits your resume and waits for the interview call. If selected and get a call then there will be a face-to-face interview with some basic questions.
  • After the interview, if selected then they call you and give you an offer letter and discuss some other things like salary negotiation or working hours etc. If not get a call then the candidate must call them and enquire about the status.
  • The company does emphasize calls and follow-ups as it shows seriousness.


Michael is a great place to work. People working here have different opinions like some don’t like the pay scale or think that salary is quite less. But the company culture is good. Team members have good coordination among them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the perks or benefits which Michael provides to its employee?

Answer Michael claims to offer discounts and a fun atmosphere to its employees. Although the salaries are quite less the company offers some medical leaves, paid leave, etc.

2) What are some of the benefits of working at Michael?

Answer The job is great and quite rewarding for those who are genuinely interested and have a passion for art and craft. They often get rewards and discounts from the company. The working hours are also flexible. 

Some paid leaves, medical expenses, vouchers, etc. are also offered to the employees working there. Other than this Michael offers life insurance and health insurance to its employees.

3) Does Michael provides any pieces of training or classes?

Answer There are some training and intensive workshops to inculcate skills in their employees. They do focus on the talent and dedication of the employees and do everything to maintain that. However, some online classes can be availed if someone shops through Michael.

After purchasing the product they allow to sign up for the courses and learn the skills.

4) What type of online courses does Michael provide?

Answer The online courses are very focused and provide interesting courses on art and craft. Some of them include cutlery arts, art related to paper, Croatia, Knitting, jewelry design, and some traditional art forms.

Prices vary and depend on the classes. Also, the students enrolled should be interested.

How To Get a Job At Michaels?

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