Is Nestle A Good Company To Work For?

Nestlé is a Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Vevey. Henri Nestlé created this corporation in 1886. Nestlé is now not only the world’s largest food and beverage corporation, with more than 8,500 brands and 10,000 products, but also the world’s leading nutrition, health, and wellness firm. Nestlé is a global platform for learning, developing, and growing to one’s maximum potential, with a presence in nearly 190 countries. Let’s Know Is Nestle A Good Company To Work For?

Is Nestle A Good Company To Work For

Nestlé promotes a cooperative, collaborative, and agile working environment that supports creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Employees are advised to step outside of their comfort zones to learn from failure.

Nestlé Employee Benefits

Nestlé offers the following employee benefits: 

  • Competitive remuneration

With a respectable income and benefits package, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. You may also be eligible for Nestlé savings plans, insurance, loans, and subsidized or free products. You might even be able to get a good deal on retail items, services, and activities.

  • Options based on location

Working environments differ widely, so depending on your position and area, you may be able to take advantage of flexible working hours, volunteer programs, the option to bring a pet to work, and more.

  • Mobility on a global scale

Nestlé gives you the chance to advance your career in a variety of places throughout the world. Global mobility is critical to the development of Nestle’s personnel and brands.

  • Workplace health and happiness

With health checks, health care, onsite cafeterias and fitness centers, sport, and other activities, Nestlé’s employee health initiatives will help you establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Employee Assistance

It is more vital than ever to be emotionally supported at work and home to be resilient and feel good while you go about your daily activities. When the unexpected occurs or you are feeling overwhelmed, Nestlé provides discreet counselors to assist you.

  • Parental Leave

Your new family life can get off to a wonderful start with at least 18 weeks of childcare leave for the main carer, as well as the option to take more time. Additional perks and resources, such as dedicated feeding rooms or creches, may be available at your place of employment.

Culture And Diversity

Nestlé upholds diversity and culture. They claim, “we promote diversity and inclusion through our culture, our work and with innovation”. Women on the move were founded in 2015 to help inspire women and help them develop their full potential. With different modules on building capabilities and facilitating exchange, the program is meant to put forward a positive impact on Nestlé and the world. 

Nestlé asserts that they only hire people who share their beliefs. All people are given equal chances, their privacy is respected, and any type of harassment or discrimination is not tolerated. Their goal is to create environments where everyone feels welcome and can bring their complete self to work.

This commitment begins with the hiring process and continues until the conclusion of the employment relationship. Each of their markets has a diversity and inclusion action plan in place to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute, grow, and feel valued. 

Nestlé’s initiatives in the area of diversity and inclusion are focused on four areas: gender balance, individuals with disabilities, the LGBT+ community, and race and ethnicity.

Gender Parity

Since 2001, Nestle has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. They want to boost the growth of women in their top 200 senior executive roles to 30% by 2022 as part of their Gender Balance Acceleration Plan.

Individuals with Disabilities

Nestlé fosters the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in their worldwide workforce by being a member of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network. They committed to putting disability inclusion on their leadership agenda in 2020 when they signed The Valuable 500 pledge.

LGBT+ Community 

Nestlé pledges to be dedicated to creating an open and inclusive workplace where employees feel comfortable and secure to be themselves.

Ethnicity and Race

Nestlé has long advocated for racial and ethnic diversity. In the nations where they operate, upwards of 85% of governing council seats are held by local staff who are true representatives of the communities in which they operate. Nestlé was a founding member of the World Economic Forum’s program Partnering for Racial Justice in Business.

What The Employees Feel

Behind the marketing lies what the employees feel about the company they work for and sentiments are usually never the same as the bright face that is put forward by the company. Nestlé’s size allows for worldwide career prospects across many brands and products, as well as the ability to learn from the diverse spectrum of skills and backgrounds of its employees. 

According to, out of a total of 9760 reviews, Most of what the employees say are in regards to work/life balance claiming that the work demands long hours and that juggling between the two proves difficult. Nestle is well-rated in the areas of Ethics, pay, and benefits, culture, and society.

According to one Former Nutrition officer based in Mumbai, they claim that there is little coordination between teams and that management is unaware of what is going on. Other reviews include dissatisfaction with certain branches of the company, food, and breaks. 


Nestlé has been a part of the food industry for a long time and the brand is a staple in most households. Their products are trusted worldwide and will continue to be a part of the industry for the foreseeable future. Employee feedback is largely positive and skewed towards the work culture and society stating that the work is difficult yet enjoyable and productive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Concept Of Nestle?

Nestlé describes itself as a “community of people with a common purpose.” There is a concept that food can improve everyone’s quality of life. Nestlé is continuously aiming to push the frontiers of what is possible with food, beverages, and nutritional health products, guided by this objective. 

  1. Where Did The Idea Of Nestle Come From?

Henri Nestlé is credited with being the inventor of condensed milk. He created the first milk meal for newborns in 1867, and a baby who couldn’t be breastfed was saved. Nestlé developed the product in response to the need for a nutritionally sound alternative to breast milk. Nestlé has set out to create a business built on sound human principles and beliefs.

Is Nestle A Good Company To Work For?

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