What are Employee Benefits at John Deere?

Employee Benefits at John Deere

Deere and Company popularly recognized as John Deere manufacture heavy pieces of equipment that are used in agriculture, construction, forestry, diesel engines, lawn care, and other such types of equipment. John Deere is an American brand that was founded in 1837 by John Deere. With over 69,000 employees working, the company is effectively serving in various locations. Every company tries to focus on the needs of its employees and their families. So, they provide various perks to the employees for their betterment and happiness. Here we will see Employee Benefits at John Deere.

List of Employee Benefits

For the betterment and happiness of employees, every company tries to give as many benefits as possible to employees. If you are also planning to apply for a job at John Deere, then you should know about the perks given to employees. The list of benefits are provided for your assistance: 

Competitive Pay:

When it comes to benefits, the salary of an employee tops the list. So, all the employees are fairly paid. The base pay includes the in-hand salary of employees and variable pay includes the performance bonus or other cash rewards that are given to employees. 

Health Care Benefits: 

One of the most famous and significant benefits for employees is health care. After signing the offer letter, a candidate becomes the responsibility of the company. So, all the minor or major health issues are treated under this scheme. All the competitive health care perks that are included in this scheme are given below: 

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Vision and hearing
  • All the preventive services are fully covered. 
  • Any emergency or accidental care
  • You are eligible for free doctor and hospital visits including maternity and well-baby care

Paid Vacation or Time Off:

All the employees working at John Deere are eligible to take leaves from work for some personal reasons. Six months after joining the company, you can take up to 5 days off and after a year you can take 10 holidays. As the number of continuous employment increases, you can take more vacations, but a maximum of 5 weeks off is allowed. 

Apart from it, the company also keeps in mind the family and friends time required by an employee, so for important occasions, you can take around 11 days off for which you will be paid. 


Certain wellness programs are conducted in the company to keep the employees aware of their health conditions. Since employees are the soul of any company, so these health programs are advantageous for employees. 

Savings & Future Plan: 

To make the employees save a good amount for their future, the company has released the scheme of 401k Plan. 401k Plan is conducted by Fidelity Investment, which gives all the employees chance to save on a pre-tax and after-tax basis. The company has to match up the portion of your contribution. 

The pension plan by the company is defined and certainly, you will receive a pension once you are eligible for that. After three years of service, you will surely receive this benefit. Also, the new employees are eligible to receive Cash Balance Plan. 

Associate Discount: 

Employees of John Deere find themselves lucky when it comes to the discount policy of the company. As the employees not only provide a discount on John Deere’s products but also on dry cleaning services, cell phones, personal travel, personal vehicles, Stihl products, computer hardware & software products, and office products. 


The tuition payment plan introduced by the company is to ensure that all employees acquire useful job skills which will be beneficial in long term. 

Parental Support: 

John Deere thinks about your family more than you think about them. So, you are provided with parental leave for up to 8 weeks. Even, in the case of adoption, you receive an adoption reimbursement benefit to help in adoption-related proceedings. 

Flexible Working Atmosphere: 

Team collaboration, competitiveness, world-class employee engagement are something that John Deere wants employees to achieve. To achieve this, employees are given flexible working arrangements. 

Salary at John Deere: 

As stated earlier, all the employees are paid fairly, on average the employees make ₹1066540 per annum. The salary chart is given below for your assistance: 

Job PositionSalary 
Senior Software Engineer$119, 815 per annum
Senior Designer Engineer$42. 28 per hour
User Experience Manager$100,433 per annum
Maintenance Technician$22.4 per hour
User Interface Designer$72,979 per annum
Director of Information Technology$244,016 per annum
Business Process Analyst$95,658 per year
Shipping and Receiving Clerk $18.92 per hour
Assembly Technician$12.94 per hour


John Deere serves around the world good quality pieces of equipment for different purposes. With its headquarter set up in Moline, Illinois, US the company focus on its slogan “Nothing Runs Like a Deere”. Many candidates love to work with the company for their personal growth and success. Through this article, you might have learned about the various benefits and salaries a company provides to its employees. And it might have added more reasons for you to apply for the job at John Deere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. 1: Is John Deere a good company to work with?

Ans. 1: John Deere is considered to be the best company for manufacturing different types of equipment. As per the employees, the benefits provided along with the salary paid are incomparable to other companies, so it is preferred by employees to work with John Deere. Also, stay focused because of a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. 

Ques. 2: Which job position is paid most at John Deere? 

Ans. 2: National Account Manager at John Deere makes the most salary of $143,000 per annum. 

Ques. 3: What all types of discounts are provided by John Deere to employees?

Ans. 3: All the employees are eligible for employees discount along with certain additional discounts are provided to employees. The other discounts given are cell phones, computer hardware & software products, dry cleaning services, personal vehicles, personal travel, Stihl products, and office products.

Ques. 4: How much does John Deere salesman make per year?

Ans. 4: All the employees working at John Deere for the position of salesman are given $138,058 per annum. 

What are Employee Benefits at John Deere?

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