What Should I Major In, To Travel The World?

Everyone likes to travel to different places in the world. Traveling the world is a dream of many people. But it’s also a fact that you need to be able to pay your expenses for traveling. So many people tend to search for a job that allows them to work remotely and requires them to travel for business purposes. 

To have a job like this, many students prepare themselves long before. So that they can have more chances and opportunities to avail this kind of job. Students do it by choosing that major to study which can help them find a job that requires traveling the world. 

Some of the best majors you can choose if you want to travel the world are Education, Foreign Affairs, Journalism, Business, Linguistics/Languages, and Aviation, etc. If you are interested in getting a job that will give you the benefit of traveling the world, then you should have to choose one of these majors at your college. In this way, you will plan your future in the present. You can easily get a job that will pay you well and your dream of traveling the world will automatically be fulfilled. You just have to choose your major wisely for proper future planning. 

Let’s dig deep into this topic and explore the majors that can help you get your dream career as a traveler. Even if you are confused about choosing the major, you don’t have to worry because we are always here to help you. We will provide you with the best information about the majors here. 

What Should I Major In, To Travel The World?

Best 10 Majors for Travelling the World 

Various major possibilities will assist in enabling you to achieve your goal of exploring and traveling the world. We here pick the best options for you. So let’s start. 

  • Education 

Education as a major for students who want to do traveling comes at the top of our list. It has many reasons for having its top position. If you will select English as a second language (ESL) and your major, you can easily travel abroad to instruct English to non-native speakers. After graduation, you will have a choice among several nations, including Japan, Costa Rica, or the United Arab Emirates to start your career. 

Also, you do not need to have prior experience to work in places where there is a high need for English teachers, like China and South Korea. In some countries, the employers just don’t give you good pay but also take care of your accommodations and living facilities. In this way along with teaching, you can save your money and spend it on your dream of traveling and enjoying. 

Although having a major in education has never been considered a quick way to get rich, it gives you high rewards and is still one of the best ways to enter a field that is constantly expanding. High school teachers earn somewhat more, over $60,000 per year than elementary school teachers, who make just over $58,000 on average. Remember that even though your annual compensation may be slightly lower while working abroad, you still be able to make up the difference with free benefits and lodging and hence can fulfill your dream of traveling the world with a job. 

  • Foreign Affairs 

Foreign affairs should be a very good major for you if you are aiming to travel the world. As the name depicts, this is a major in which you will study international affairs and it will prepare you for your future job in this field. Giving you awareness of problems impacting nations all around the world is what a foreign affair major includes. After having a degree in this major, you can be a foreign officer or a diplomatic politician. In both cases, you can enjoy traveling. 

In this field maybe you have to work non-profitably to address issues like maternity health or world famine. Perhaps you will have to formulate regulations to provide security to vulnerable groups. Or perhaps you travel the world advocating for your chosen cause and sharing your views. 

Whatever you do in this field you will have to travel to different countries and also you will have a high-paying career. It is because after becoming a foreign officer or a political diplomat, you’ll have to go to many countries for discussions, meetings, and conferences. So you can enjoy traveling to new countries around the world. 

  • Journalism 

Another major that can take you to your dream job of traveling is journalism. It is a field in which you may have to travel a lot, especially if you have a degree in global affairs. Journalists that are highly profiled have to interact with powerful, strong, and influential people to gather information to make news and stories about world leaders and important persons. 

Additionally, they swarm to cover important world events. This includes going to protests and conflict zones. A degree in journalism is undoubtedly something to consider if this adventurous lifestyle appeals to you. 

Not only this but also, but you can even choose your journalism field. You can be a news reporter, a film critic, a story coverer, etc. In this way, your traveling countries vary according to your profession. You can go to any country to cover a film festival as a journalist. 

So by studying journalism as a major, you’ll have the benefit of traveling the world. During your study, you will do some practical activities also in which you’ll encounter the world, learning about taking interviews and gathering information. The best major for you should be journalism if you love to travel and are naturally curious about the globe. But it helps only if you’re outgoing, as well as a skilled communicator and public speaker.

  • Foreign Languages/Linguistics 

Learning languages other than English gives you a very good scope of a bright future if you choose it as a major. You will learn to speak different languages and speak them properly. You can have a career as a language teacher, translator, artificial intelligence officer, researcher, or language instructor and with the help of these abilities and skills, you can travel the whole world while working in a business center, a school, a hospital, or a courtroom. 

Majoring in it will not only help you understand the language but also the history and culture of that country and nation. The more languages you learn, the more chances you have of traveling to different countries. Also, having a degree in it, you can transcribe different historic and other documents into other languages. And to do this, you will be invited to many countries. 

  • Aviation 

Selecting aviation science as your major is one of the best options if you want to travel to different countries of the world. As everyone knows pilots are the ones who can travel to many countries. You can work as a private pilot or can combine with a renowned airline to fulfill your dream of traveling as a job. 

You can major in Aviation Science, Aeronautical Engineering, or Aircraft Operations to become a pilot. Before receiving a pilot’s license, you must complete an added 1,500 hours of flight time for each of them. Even though it can be costly and time-consuming, doing this is necessary if you want to get more passport stamps for converting your dream into reality. 

You should have the ability to command, manage a crew, and think quickly to be a successful pilot. You’ll also require a sharp mathematical mind. Having a brave disposition is also a plus for you to become a pilot and have your dream come true. 

  • Marketing 

This century is loaded with technology and advancement. Now, social media and the internet are used for a lot of marketing. The good news is that the majority of that can be done on your laptop or mobile, making marketing a fantastic choice for remote jobs that let you travel also. 

With a marketing degree, you can assist a company in finding its ideal clients. Perhaps you can persuade them to allow you to accept your position virtually and work from anywhere you choose if this company is based abroad and you decide to relocate to join them there. In both cases, you can do your work and travel the world also. 

If you are a marketing graduate, you can avail a lot of global opportunities in foreign countries as it does not bind you and your learning skills. You can explore more and more in this field like web designing, logo designing, or posting for social media. Also, a great benefit of marketing is that you can do freelancing in this field. In this way, you can make a handsome amount and can travel the world without any tension and restriction of time. 

  • Business 

If you are taking business as your major by thinking that you can travel the world after studying this, you are right. You can avail the opportunity to travel if you major in business management. You can start your own business with multinational companies or you can have a job as a business consultant. In both situations, you’ll have many chances to go out in this huge world. 

Other than that, having a business degree opens many more fields for you. You can have a job in any field from entertainment to technology. You can specialize in many subjects under the business major like administration, finance, management, or foreign marketing. And hence you can enjoy lots of traveling as making a career in this field. 

  • Nursing 

One more major you can study if you want to travel the world that can help you is nursing. Having this degree can open many doors for going abroad for you. You can team up with different organizations that go abroad for nursing work. Though getting this degree is tough and even the work is difficult but you can have multiple benefits from it once you have this degree. 

Travel nursing is a substitute for medical missions that allows you to undertake shorter contracts in various cities. Also, you can be a military nurse. All significant branches hire military nurses and hence they have to travel to places the military assigned to them. This gives you a little more consistency while still having the opportunity to explore a new location.

In this field, you can also become a therapist, dental assistant, or researcher other than becoming a nurse. They also give you the same benefits. After completing your degree, you can avail of an open position in any foreign country or you can team up with healthcare organizations. Other than traveling this major gives you a handsome salary job and more facilities. 

  • Geology 

Geologists research the substances that makeup Earth and other terrestrial planets, both solid and liquid. They might research geodes, minerals, rock formations, and mineralogy. A geology major can provide you the chance to explore fascinating geological places including mountains, caves, rivers, and mines while learning more about our world.

Additionally, you might travel to conferences, group studies, and seminars to interact with other geologists. In this way, you can have your job while traveling the world. So this major will also help you travel the world. 

  • Anthropology

The study of human groups, from tribes in Brazil to villages in Estonia, takes place in the field of anthropology. You will have the chance to travel as an anthropologist to remote locations to research the cultures and habits of various people groups. You can have lots of traveling opportunities if you major in this field. 

In this field, you can also specialize in linguistic anthropology or sociocultural studies which will not only give you the benefit of traveling the world but many more. You will be able to understand different cultures and languages, human behaviors, and customs while studying this major. You can also publish your research and investigations and can earn a lot. 

Some Other Majors

We have listed above the best 10 majors you can study if you want a career in travel. But maybe if you are not interested in the above-mentioned majors, you can also consider some other subjects to study. These majors are as follows 

  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Creative Writing
  • Engineering 
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Human Resources
  • Archeology
  • Marine Science 
  • Construction 
  • Photography 

You can select a major according to your interest and situation. These majors will also help you in getting a job that allows you to travel the world. 


We are provided with a wide range of majors in this article you can select if you want to have a career in the traveling field. We know the dream of traveling is a costly one so anyone who wants to fulfill this dream tries to earn it also. We here mention the best 10 majors you can study at your college level to earn while traveling. You can have a look at our article to know these majors and select a better future for you. 


Does becoming a travel guide allow you to travel? 

Yes, there are great chances of having better traveling opportunities if you become a travel guide and team up with different travel companies. 

Do you necessarily need a degree to travel the world? 

No, it is not necessary to have a degree but having a degree according to this field gives you many benefits and facilities 

What Should I Major In, To Travel The World?

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