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JavaScript is a web programming language. It is popular and easy to learn. Similar to HTML, CSS, and WWW, JavaScript helps users develop web pages. JS was invented on 4 December 1995 and is the most widely preferred core programming language. It is used to provide interaction between the system server and system user. It is a scripting language to develop applications and websites. Here we will see about JavaScript String

JavaScript String

JavaScript String

A string is something written in single/double quotes in any programming language. It is a data type that is used to represent character values and text in a program.

It is declared with a keyword char and represented the string in braces ( “   ”).

The general syntax of a string is,

char name[20] = “Robert”;

               where char is a data type to represent a string,

            name[20] is string name[string size],

            “Robert” is the string to be printed.

Another way of declaring a string is char full_name[30];

In, JavaScript there are several methods in declaring a string.

JavaScript String contains:-

In JavaScript, the string may contain another string/ or sub-string in it. We can check if a string contains any phrase in it in three methods. Those include,

  • indexOf()
  • include()
  • a regular expression (regexp)


The indexOf() method in JavaScript is used to find whether a string contains any sub-string in that method. 

Syntax: new_string.indexOf(phrase);

If a string contains another string in it. This method returns the value of the index location of that string, else returns -1. It returns the position of the first value in a string. The indexOf() does not return any last value. This is an alternate of includes(). It takes less time to execute and is 50 times faster than include().

Let’s consider an example,

indexOf() method example:

let str= ‘Is there any phrase in the string’;

let index = str.indexOf(‘str’);

console.log(index); //11

indexOf()- case sensitive:

let str = ‘case sensitive’;

let substr = ‘CASE SENSITIVE’;

let index= str.indexOf(substr);

console.log(index); //-1

indexOf() occurance os substring:

let str = ‘occurance os string’;

let substr = ‘occurance’;

let count =0;

let index = str.indexOf(substr);

while(index !==-1)



index = str.indexOf(substr, index+1);


  • The indexOf() is used to find whether the string contains a substring or not and check the first occurrence
  • While loop is used to continue finding the next position of the substring.

It is used to find whether a string contains the characters you have passed in the method. Similar to indexOf() the include() returns the boolean value true or false. If the string contains any character in the method, it returns true. Else returns false. It takes more time to execute.

Syntax: string.includes(character);

It is case-sensitive. If we have to find the sub-string ‘word’ in the string and have returned ‘Word’ in the method, it returns False. This is because it is case-sensitive and only reads a string of the same type. 

Consider the example below.

include() example;

      let str = ‘This is a string’;

console.log(str.includes(‘is’));  //true

include() is case-sensitive;

let str = ‘This is a string’;

console.log(str.include(‘String’)); //false

A regular expression (regex)

The regular expression method is used to check whether a string contains any substring. 



var regex = new RegExp(white colour);

returnregx.text(white); //true


Use of regular expressions in JavaScript:

  • Regex runs slow.
  • Regex cannot be used for a simple search.
  • If we add much more statement it that that long time to run.
  • It is similar to other methods but is less recommended.

Why do people use JavaScript the most?

JavaScript stands as the most popular language among all programming languages. It is the future of programming languages. Its flexibility is the reason people use it the most. It is simple and easy to learn. It has improved a lot from its invention. User-friendly programming is very efficiently used these days. It is a mature language. Consists of an ecosystem for every user’s needs. It gained a much user rate compared to other programming languages. The content delivery is very flexible in JavaScript. It used methods with less syntax and less function usage, which is not possible in other C/C++/JAVA, etc. Its inbuilt libraries are very useful with fewer function declarations. 

These reasons made people prefer JavaScript:

JavaScript Easy to learn

For a new beginner, JavaScript does not look like it is a programming language with less simple complacency. Any user will no programming experience can learn JavaScript and develop many applications, websites, etc. It is flexible to code and runs. Unlike other programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, Ruby, Python, JavaScript is efficient and works on multiple Operating systems without any complicated setups. There are no prerequisites needed to learn and code javascript. It is user-friendly with cooperative run ability. 

Multifaceted Programming language

Previously JavaScript was initially used by fewer debuggers who are only dedicated to web development. But now, it is used by many people for many application developments. It is versatile and widely used. Web applications, mobile applications, Cloud development, Desktop development, Automation, are possible with JavaScript alone in one place.

Available in browser 

Unlike other languages using applications, command prompt, code editor, compiler, JavaScript does not need this setup for developing with JS. We can universally access JS through the browser. We can edit, debug, compile and run JavaScript codes on the browser in one place. Simply opening a browser, writing a code, running the code. It is as simple as we write a long code displaying short output. 

Market’s top programming language

JavaScript is the most preferred programming language. It has a high demand for technology productivity. It has great career opportunities. Any job opportunity provider prefers the candidates who are flexible in JS and mention it first in the prerequisites. Many top companies like Google, Accenture, Amazon, HCL look for JS developers who can get their companies to better stages. It is also useful for developers to boost their career opportunities and reach their goals. It gained more popularity and has long market demand. 

How to learn JavaScript?

Unlike the olden days, JavaScript has become a platform to learn through any place. One can browse the internet for the steps to be followed to learn JavaScript. Many websites are providing their virtual training or website with relevant content. Other sources would be online tutorials by top service providers like Udemy, Coursera, NPTEL, etc. An overall course for JavaScript development is providing versatile online training.

Another way is through books written by many programming developers who are successful with their programming experiences. JavaScript is not that complicated language. It is a high=level interpreted language with standard pre-built libraries. On average JavaScript request seven to nine months to become a successful JavaScript developer. 

Scope of JavaScript in future

According to a survey conducted in 2020, the report shows that the leading developer choice language is JavaScript.

This language is spreading wide worldwide over the past few years. The JavaScript community has a large number of developers using a large portion of tools and frameworks. Many job providers recruit JavaScript professionals for their easier work system and company development. It is used for both front-end and back-end developers. Unlike other programming languages, JavaScript does not use the traditional way of developing. It uses a functionality capable of doing many things together. No extra functions are required to declare a process. It provides more job opportunities since it has a long life to go. 

Let us understand a simple JavaScript code.

JavaScript code using HTML.

<!doctype html>




 Var num=15;


document.write(num + “Number is less than 12”);


document.write(num + “Number is greater than 12”);






Sample output: 

14 is greater than 12

6 is less than 12


An HTML document is declared first with “doctype”. Html is then made open with its header and script language. A random variable num is assigned a value of 15. An “if” condition is raised to check whether the given number is less than or greater than 12.  The “document.write(“   ”)” statement is used as “printf” statements in C language. We can mention any condition in the body tag if needed, else it remains null or undefined. After declaring and initializing the elements of the code we then close all the tags previously declared. That is a script, head, Html tags. 

Features of JavaScript:

  • JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language.
  • In JS it is easy to run programs without any software.
  • It is an object-oriented scripting language.
  • It is a case-sensitive language and thus avoids ambiguity.
  • It can detect users’ browsers.
  • Easy communication with servers.
  • It can handle all web development features, both front-end, and back-end.
  • It is a high-level user-friendly language.
  • It can handle data and time.
  • It does not require a compiler, it is an interpreted language.
  • JavaScript is platform-independent.
  • Easy syntax.
  • In JS the functions can be passed as arguments in other functions this leads to less code complexity and easy determination of methods.

Application of JavaScript String

Web application

A web application is software that runs over a web server. Unlike any mobile application of system software, the web application is a virtual application that can be used to manipulate web changes and handle websites. Web application mechanisms include communication between a client and a server. A client may be a developer or a user. A server includes a source of information or a database that is used to request and retrieve some information. A client asks for information and a server retrieves information. A web application is a source of getting information through an interface called the internet. The client asks a web application to get some information through the internet. The server provides information to the client through the internet. The Internet exists as an interface between client and server. The end-user or the code developer is the client. A client can retrieve information whenever need with an active internet facility only. This mechanism is a web application developed by a JavaScript developer.

The web application can be of two phases:

  1. Client-side web application.
  2. Server-side web application.

Client-side related to web applications displayed on client devices. Clients can save text, images, and save information that can be retrieved later from the server. Client-side web applications are built to develop interaction with the database or server. It is used to interact with multiple web pages. Client-side languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Server-side web applications are used to build web pages and give access to the clients to manipulate data in the server. The data on the server side can be accessed by the client-side through an interface. In web applications, the interface can be internet only. In contrast, client-side programming languages include PHP,, Python, etc.

Website development

A website includes information about the store/ brand or any company. A set of web pages collectively located at one place handling related information of the organization. Wikipedia, Geeksforgeeks, Youtube are some examples of websites. Website development helps the user to access related information for their search. The end-user can access related information in one place without going through multiple pages in the search engine. A website can be developed with customization using JavaScript. These are the top uses of JavaScript. Developers are opting for JavaScript the most because its built-in libraries are user-friendly and less usage of functions is required. JavaScript in collaboration with HTML and CSS makes the website look better and with customized styles.

Game development

JavaScript is used both for application development and web development. Games are the fun relaxing tools people use. They need to be faster and efficient so that the player can enjoy and play more. JavaScript is also used for game development. This efficiency and fast processing of the game are easily possible with JavaScript. Many game developers prefer only JavaScript with its in-built feature which makes games development easy. In JavaScript, they are many game engines libraries that support game development using JS. These include,

  1. MelonJS
  2. ImpactJS
  3. PhaserJS
  4. PlayCanvas
  5. PhysicsJS, etc.

     A JS game will be more colorful and attractive when we use JS with HTML and CSS.              These bring styles and brightness to the game environment. Animation with HTML is much used in most game development. JavaScript is best for web-based and mobile-based games. It is popularly used by many professionals in dealing with customized automation games. A game requires 2D and 3D animation which is possible with JavaScript. This reason increased the popularity of developers to prefer JS. Popular JavaScript games are Gods Will Be Watching, CrossCode, OpHog, Tower Building, Mk.js( Minko Gechev), Polycraft, 2048, etc.


JavaScript is a simple code to write text. When we have to make a presentation look stunning and eye-catching, we use JavaScript with HTML and CSS for a better look. Presentations are made to attract people more about our matter. We can convey in many ways, the professional way of presenting ideas is ppts( presentations using PowerPoint, etc.). We can convey our project or ideas to the clients using presentations with visual effects and techniques in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Html can make the presentation look colorful with pictures, font sizes, customized text displaying, etc. With CSS we can present different styles, its standard libraries, built-in functions, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the format of JavaScript strings and why are they used in JavaScript?

Ans. A string can be written in “ “  or in ‘ ‘. When we want to display a string in our code, we use string format which is standard in that particular language. JavaScript string can be displayed by,

let a = ‘hello’  ; 

var full_name =’ John’;

Syntax: data type variable = ‘string’;

A data type followed by a variable equals a string in “ “.This standard format can be followed in JavaScript to display a string. 

Use of string in JavaScript:

A string is used to store and manipulate text. A string can be anything like characters, numbers, zero, a special character like @, #,! $, etc.

  1. Can one get a job by learning only JavaScript?

Ans. Yes, one can get a job by learning JS. Any beginner can learn JavaScript and manipulate web pages, applications, etc. But if you want to develop more and elaborate more n your work, one can learn JS with HTML, CSS, etc. JS is all about dealing with web applications, websites, client-server relations. So if you are interested in these streams JavaScript can be learned easily.

  1. How long will it take to learn JavaScript?

Ans. It is just a matter of months, not years. JavaScript is a user-friendly programming language. JavaScript can be learned easily with fewer complications. It has standard built-in libraries that make the user learn things easily. It is not a much-complicated language, has easy syntaxes and an easy error handling feature. A professional web developer also needs to learn markup and markdown languages, Cascading Style Sheets, etc. In the U.S we can get multiple opportunities in web development as it is the top market skill.

JavaScript String- Learn New

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