Is Engineering Hard ?

 Engineering is a field which demands creative thinking and innovative experimentation. It provides job satisfaction as well as financial stability. It is filled with opportunities and is in high demand. In fact, billionaires like the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos and the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg are also engineers. Let us know ‘Is Engineering Hard?’

Is Engineering Hard?

Is Engineering Hard?

  • Engineering is a tough degree. It involves application of knowledge and problem solving skills to practical situations. The degree incudes in depth studies of mathematics and physics. During the degree, students are trained to enter the workforce, which means training them to solve very challenging problems which requires a lot of studies and practice. 
  • In engineering, it is the workload that most students struggle with. Since it demands proficiency with mathematics, it requires a lot of practice. Engineering students need to learn calculus which may require specialised classes depending upon the branch. 
  • Students are required to take 5-7 courses, with each one equally important which makes it easier to fall back. 
  • It requires a balance between understanding and applying. A student must equip himself with technical skills as much as theoretical knowledge.
  • You may be required to apply memorized knowledge to unfamiliar contexts.

What Makes Engineering Hard?

  • The degree requires a student to have command over logic and common sense, along with patience. Patience plays a key role in the progress in the field of engineering. An individual is challenged with many problems and the process of solving problems may not always be convenient or desirable. 
  • The results may not turn out as one may have expected, such situations are required to be dealt with patience as “problem solving” is the central idea behind engineering. 
  • Precision is also another important element of engineering. In solving equations, one must pay attention to every detail, thus one must have an eye for detail to be able to work efficiently, without spending too much time on correcting errors. 
  • Alongside coursework, examinations and practical work also contribute to increasing the difficulty level of engineering. One must work towards learning to stay organised throughout the course.

Types Of Engineering Degrees:

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design and manufacture systems. During this degree, design principles are taught alongside fluid mechanics and instrumentation. A wide range of industries offer jobs to mechanical engineer graduates.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineer deals with mainly research, application os systems that use electricity and electromagnetism.  An electrical engineer degree teaches advanced computer science and math, along with hardware skills.

Civil Engineering

This branch of engineer is concerned with constructing and maintaining physical structures in use of the public. Civil engineers may find jobs in industries like urban planning or transportation.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers design and manufacture products combining principles of chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics. Their fields of work include pharmaceuticals, fuels and experimentation in labs

The top 3 Hardest Majors are : 

  1. Chemical engineering
  2. Aeronautical and astronautical engineering
  3. Biomedical engineering 

Should You Choose To Be An Engineer?

One may find it confusing to decide whether or not they are meant for engineer, so in order to decide, following must be kept in mind :

Enjoying the subjects

Maths and science are of most importance in this degree. Therefore, how well versed you are with these subjects will be a determining factor of how well you can do in the field. 

Problem solving

You must train yourself physically and mentally to take up challenging problems and develop efficient solutions. This is also backed by creativity and critical thinking. If you learn these skills, then it is the right choice for you. 


Engineering being one of the most challenging degrees, it demands a lot of hard work as you maybe required to maintain a minimum GPA.. You must be well aware of the high expectations of this program before you opt for it.  

Is Computer Science Engineering hard?

Computer science engineer is considered to be hard due to the following reasons:

  • Computer engineering students are required to study all the fundamentals of engineering in the first two years. In the duration of these two years, students are made well versed with all the basic equations and other relevant concepts of science.
  • Students are required to take practical examinations in order to demonstrate their newly learnt skills. This is considered to be difficult since students are actually not given a lot of opportunities to enhance their practical skills.
  • Computer science engineering involves a lot of brain teasing, which may cause stress when one has to repeatedly work on the same problem until a suitable conclusion is  reached at. 

From the above given information, it can be clearly concluded that to study engineer is hard. It brings a multitude of challenges to the students. Some often fail their exams and find themselves stagnant for long periods of time. Hence, it must be opted for keeping all the above reasons as parameters to decide. However, the hard work pays off as engineers earn high salaries.  

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How Much Do Engineers Earn?

The average salary in US for an engineer is around $90,000 per year.

Is Engineering Hard ?

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