How To Create Python Virtual Environments On Ubuntu 18.04?

Setting the Stage for Virtual Environments

In the labyrinth of Python development, the quest for isolated, pristine environments unfurls as a crucial ritual. Ubuntu 18.04, a stalwart realm for programmers, beckons us to master the art of creating Python virtual environs. These sanctuaries, where libraries frolic freely without impinging on each other’s space, gift us with tranquility amid the chaos of dependencies.

How To Create Python Virtual Environments On Ubuntu 18.04?

Unveiling the Sacred Rite of Installation

Behold, the primordial steps! To inaugurate this journey, beckon the omnipotent terminal with a deft dance of keystrokes: Ctrl + Alt + T. Then, invoke the Python lords with the incantation sudo apt update to ensure the temple’s repositories are astute and current. Next, offer the sacred libation of sudo apt install python3-venv to acquire the tool that shall granteth these ethereal realms.

Summoning the Enigmatic Veil of Creation

Eager to partake in the creation myth, invoke your command altar with mkdir MyPythonEnv to create the sacred ground where your environs shall manifest. Then, channel the venerable cd MyPythonEnv to immerse within this newly consecrated realm. With the eloquence of Python’s wisdom, unfurl the veil and summon the virtual enclave thusly: python3 -m venv my_env.

Initiating the Enclave:

Activating the Sanctum

Behold! The radiant initiation beckons as you unfurl the sanctified gates with the intonation of source my_env/bin/activate. Witness the transformation of your terminal prompt, bedecked with the ethereal insignia of your enclave’s name. Envision the aura of seclusion as your Python commands now dance solely within this hallowed space.

Engraving the Code Sigils:

Installing Packages

Inscribe the arcana of dependencies with the enigmatic incantation pip install [package_name]. Marvel at the grace as these arcane packages flock to your sanctum, awaiting your summons for conjuration.

Reveling in the Wisdom:

Utilizing and Exiting the Realm

Amidst this nirvana, wield your Python spells, script and conjure, for you are the sole sovereign within these cloistered walls. When the time arrives to depart, offer a humble deactivate to bid adieu to the enclave, returning to the realm whence you came.


The world of Python, amidst the sprawling lands of Ubuntu 18.04, unveils its enchantments through the mystic art of crafting virtual enclaves. Step forth, dear seeker, grasp the reins of these ethereal spaces, and wield Python’s magic within them, for here, amidst the sanctum of isolated realms, your creations shall flourish.

How To Create Python Virtual Environments On Ubuntu 18.04?

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