Easy AP Classes- List of AP Classes

Easy AP Classes

High School can be tough as it is, but the added pressure of your social life, getting a part-time job to fuel your income, and managing your AP classes can drain the life out of any student. That is why a person needs to have an AP class that is easy and can be used as a distraction or a leisure activity. That is why today we are going to be talking about the different AP classes which are fun and easy to progress through. Let’s know about Easy AP Classes.

AP classes are Advanced Placement courses that high school offers to its students. These courses or classes are college level and they can prepare students for college and the many challenges that lay ahead of them. That is why to determine the usage and value of these classes we must discuss why one takes the class itself.

AP classes help in increasing the interest of high school students to attend college and give additional GPA points. They give 5 points instead of the 4 for the graded subjects. That is why it is important for high school students to attend the AP class lectures because it serves as a guide for college.

Many students think that getting all of these benefits requires 24 hours of hard work and dedication and that is not true in most cases, it all boils down to the subject you take for these classes. And that is why this article is going to show which of the AP classes can be the most fun to take part in so that your work is easier and gives you the most benefit in college.

We will be looking at the courses that are available and then analyzing the easiest out of those courses so it is convenient for you to choose.

List of AP classes

As of now, the college board program in the US offers 38 courses for the students to take part in. Those 38 courses are as follows:

  1. AP Seminar
  2. AP Calculus
  3. AP Art History
  4. AP Music Theory
  5. AP Studio Art: 2D Design
  6. AP Studio Art: 3D Design
  7. AP Studio Art: Drawing
  8. AP English Literature and Composition
  9. AP English Language and Composition
  10. AP European History
  11. AP Macroeconomics
  12. AP Human Geography
  13. AP Microeconomics
  14. AP World History
  15. AP Calculus AB
  16. AP Calculus BC
  17. AP Psychology
  18. AP United States Government and Politics
  19. AP United States History
  20. AP Computer Science Principles
  21. AP Computer Science A
  22. AP Statistics
  23. AP Biology
  24. AP Chemistry
  25. AP Environmental Science
  26. AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  27. AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  28. AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based
  29. AP Physics C: Mechanics
  30. AP Chinese Language and Culture
  31. AP French Language and Culture
  32. AP German Language and Culture
  33. AP Japanese Language and Culture
  34. AP Latin
  35. AP Spanish Language and Culture
  36. AP Spanish Literature and Culture
  37. AP Italian Language and Culture
  38. AP Research

You can pick your favorite or the most interesting that you find out these 38 picks, but it might not be as easy as you think. That is why you need to make sure that the course you pick out will have at least an hour’s time of your day so you can stay consistent in the work you put in for that course.

Things to Remember

In order to determine the easiest AP courses, we need to analyze some statistics from the previous years and compile them into a percentage to know what might be the easiest. So taking into account the passing percentage of each subject can tell us a lot that we need to know about each subject.

That is why it is important to do your research beforehand so it is easier for you to go into the classes ready and knowing what to expect. Keep in mind about your future as well since the field you will choose, these AP classes will help you tremendously in regards to that field.

Suppose you are planning to be an English major, then English literature or English Language AP will help you out greatly. That is why it is recommended that you take the classes which pertain to the field you are going to undertake.

Easiest Courses

To tell what the easiest courses in these subjects are we need to look at the different passing percentages for each one to tell how many students can pass the subject. So if we do that these are the courses that come through as the easiest.

  1. Chinese Language and Culture (91%)
  2. Studio Art: Drawing (89%)
  3. Spanish Language and Culture (88%)
  4. Studio Art: 2-D Design (84%)
  5. Seminar (82%)
  6. Calculus BC (79%)
  7. Japanese Language and Culture (77%)
  8. French Language and Culture (77%)
  9. Physics C: Mechanics (77%)
  10. Research (75%)

We are going to be analyzing each of these courses and see how these ones will help you learn as well as give you an easy progression throughout the course. Based on the above-reflected data it seems that Chinese Language and Drawing have the most passing percentages. But will they help you in your career?

Drawing will be really useful if you want to pursue a career in graphic designing while earning an additional language is always more useful, especially if you plan on working a sales job or anything that allows frequent communication.

There are many other options for you given here such as Calculus or Research which help you in the finance or writing field. Physics and Mechanics will help you in anything related to science.

The seminar will help you increase your communication skills and also build your teamwork skills while increasing your confidence.

Each course has its ups and downs but these ten given courses have the highest passing percentage out of any other ones. That is why you need to remember that it is either you choose something that will help you down the line or the subject that brings you the most interest or the easiest grades.

Choosing is up to you, but do not hurry with your decision. Pick wisely.

Guide to Subjects

Let us look at the top five subjects listed above and learn what you can expect from those.

AP Chinese Language and Culture

Chinese and Mandarin have been the two languages that have been booming a lot recently in western culture. The Chinese culture has always been a very important part of the languages of the world and learning that will certainly put you at an advantage.

This AP Chinese course will allow you to learn Mandarin Chinese and the core language throughout its duration by the practical way of articles, films, several books, and other media. All of this is crucial to understanding what the language is about and what you can expect from it going forward.

This course is not popular due to its passing percentage but due to it offering various options and interesting ways to learn about significant events, dates, and other history related to the Chinese culture.

Future Expectations

This course will help you if you are planning to enter into streams and career fields like Anthropology, Archeology, Writing, Curating, Education, Archiving, Sociology, Translation, and many more fields.

Studying Chinese and its extensions will allow you to learn their old and new world culture from their perspective and will teach you new stories and lessons from their history. By learning this you can potentially major in Archeology, History, Theatre Arts due to your Chinese background, Mass Communication, and Potentially Philosophy.

The course will focus on developing different modes of communication skills that will habitually teach you Mandarin Chinese and will help you speak it fluently. It includes learning it through interpersonal means, presentation-wise, and through interpretation.

You will be prompted to talk to others and work with them to do projects, group assignments, and work in class projects together and take part in various other activities, a slight twist being you have to do all of this in Mandarin Chinese. Expect delivering presentations as well.


There will be two sections of examinations for this subject, one will be multiple-choice based on listening and also reading. This will be section one and students will get around an hour, or an hour and a half to complete this section. 

The second section will be about writing and speaking that will include responding to emails, conversations, and presentations. Students will have 41 minutes to complete four tasks which will be presented in this section.

AP Studio Art: Drawing

AP Studio Art sections are some of the best topics to choose from for the people who are creative and love to work with colors, concepts, and people. It is a great way to let loose, learn something and have fun as well. These courses are good to unleash your passion and they will help you get into one of the most well-paid and fun industries in the world which is Graphic Design.

Granted learning drawing is not necessarily required to learn Graphic Design but it is a HUGE help when it comes to designing logos and much more. So expect to work with people who are passionate about getting creative and being experts in their craft.

In this class, you will learn to use different tools and techniques required to draw, learn theories like lines, light, shade, rendering, composition, manipulation, etc. You will also learn soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork, innovative thinking, performing analysis, etc.

Students will need to work on creating a portfolio which is a collection of the work they have created throughout their class which will be graded during the end of their course.

Future Expectations 

By taking this course you will be able to get into jobs related to Advertising, art directing, art administration, conversations, craft curator, graphic designing, illustrating, industry designing, web designing, marketing, and multimedia artistry.

Also, there is a scope for majors taking this subject as well, some majors include, Mass Communications, Theatre Arts, Design and Visual Communications, Architecture, and Art History.

There is nothing you need to know going into this course but you will know about the design industry, communications, teamwork, critical thinking, analysis, design theory, and more coming out of this course. You should be your critique in terms of design rather than have others do it for you. This will be very helpful in terms of learning long term. 


Regarding the exam, the portfolio that you created throughout your classes will be judged by professionals. There will be three sections for your portfolio. Those are:

  1. Illustration Selection: a selection of random arts that will be evaluated that display mastery of various concepts
  1. Sustained Investigation: Selected theme or topic that displays an in-depth design thought or subject
  1. Selected Works: Your works that show skill regarding various concepts.

Each section accounts for 33 percentile marks and scores very easily.

AP Spanish Language and Culture

Learning languages as we mentioned earlier is a huge notch on your belt since it gets you the ability to communicate in another language. Speaking and mastering a language such as Spanish is definitely a good opportunity due to its wide usage and its fluent tendency. Many Spanish speakers go on to become successful people with very interesting personalities.

Learning this language requires immense patience and constant practice since a lot of the words are big, small, and tongue twisters. Spanish speakers are very quick with their words and it is hard to keep up with them, therefore mastering this language will require immense concentration.

This culture is centered around six core things such as beauty, technology, lifestyle, personal identities, challenges, and communities. These six categories are present in learning most languages and gives you a basic idea of all the ethnicities and cultural traditions that you will need to know about them.

These core understandings will develop your appreciation for the culture while teaching you everything you need to know. All of these include a wide variety of content taking inspiration from real-world stories and contexts.

Future Expectations

The people who love and learn the Spanish language goes on to become anthropologists, writers, translators, news writers, analysts, reporters for news channels and blogs, historians, mathematicians, foreign service agents, and so on.

For all the people who want to do majors, this subject will be promptly used in subjects like comparative literature, history, political science, social working, a specialty in Spanish, anthropology, and linguistic study.

Expect to develop your Spanish skills through classwork, collaboration, and group projects, holding conversations in Spanish with your fellow classmates, and more. 

Native Spanish speakers or people belonging to that culture are highly recommended for this class.


The exam requires you to read, write and speak texts and various other things in Spanish just like the Chinese examinations. 

Section one has 65 questions with the students getting an hour and a half to solve those questions. The questions are based on print and audio sections. All audios will be played twice so it is easier for students to follow the exam. The texts are authentic Spanish scripts.

The second section will be based upon four response tasks such as email writing, persuasive essays, simulated conversations, and cultural comparisons. Students will have an hour and a half to complete this section. 

AP Studio Art: 2-D Design

Studio art is one of those fields is that is useful for almost every field you go to. And since there are lots of demands for people who can produce good imagery and content it is more important than ever. The need for design has outperformed every other industry and it will stay that way since the digital age has already begun.

It is important to remember about the previous courses as well especially drawing but if you are looking for something more digital, it is important to consider 2D and 3D Design. Since the digital age has become, people have started prioritizing more towards computer-related graphics than hand-produced ones. 

That is why it is important to remember that most of the work that you do here will also be a part of a vast portfolio that will help you get jobs related to creative design and the modeling industry(digital).

There will be a wide variety of expansive elements in store for you when you enter this field through this course. Plus if you already wanted to pursue a career in design and the creative arts this is a great way to know your field.

Future Expectations

You can expect a career in different fields like graphic design, fashion designing, photography, digital imaging, advertising, marketing, public relations, web designing, set designing, illustrating, multimedia artistry, animation, and set design.

For majors, you can lean towards fields like art history, architecture, studio arts, film communication, mass communication, design and visual communication, theatre arts, and many more.

You can expect to critique and get critiqued by others but in a friendly way, be your critique as well. Make sure know how to write about your art and describe its property in words.

Develop your ideas and enhance them using the tools you learned over time.


The exam will consist of three main things that test the various skills you have learned throughout this course. It will be just like the drawing course, and the elements will almost be similar. Just like the drawing course, you will be working on three different elements which are:

  1. Selected Works: The works that demonstrate art, composition, and the use of various elements such as composition and evolution.
  1. Sustained Investigations: Images that display in-depth use of art skills and composition, and many more important elements.
  1. Range of approaches: Images that demonstrate your creativity and the usage of design in various formats

AP Seminar

AP Seminar is the last subject that we are going to be looking at in this article. This is one of the best subjects to choose if you want to earn interaction and communication. It is one of the most important parrots of being a student since collecting and analyzing data is very important in anyone’s life.

In this course, the students will learn how to collect and summarize, also communicate their ideas using various media. This will help them get an estimate on how summarizing and communicating in other media works and how people in the outside world use it. There is another AP class which is research, both of them together make the Capstone.

If you pass both you get the Capstone diploma, which will help you tenfold since it represents best in class research and communication skills. In this particular subject, you will how to analyze different kinds of data, using real-life examples.

Using media will make it easier to display your data so in a way you are learning essential presentation skills which are crucial for any employee to have in the corporate world.

Future Expectations

The people who take part in these courses can expect to be important communicators such as directors, announcers, agents, educators, teachers, lawyers, program directors, sociologists, executive producers, executives, HR managers, recruiters, and much more.

There is a scope for the people who take this class to major in careers like advertising, marketing, business administration, sociology, philosophy, prelaw studies, public administration, political science, and mass communication.

In this course, you have to expect to question various sources, research different happenings and history topics, understand real-world situations, form teams and build upon different ideas and make sure to communicate with all of your classmates.

The success in this course will be determined by you participating in class and making sure you deliver in presentations and written essays.


The exam is divided into three parts:

The first part is the class presentation which you will have to present with other teammates, the topic will be based on real-world issues. This is 20 percent of the score.

The next is a 2000 word research paper carrying 35 percent of marks.

The last will be a two-hour course exam at the end which will be for the remaining 45 percentage, consisting of three short answers and an argument essay.


These are the 5 classes that have the highest passing percentages of all the classes. Remember, what is easy for everyone, might be difficult for you. Choose classes according to what you find better or rewarding for your future.

Easy AP Classes- List of AP Classes

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