Does UPS Drug Test For An Interview?


UPS, which stands for United Parcel Service, is a top pickup and delivery service provider in the USA. UPS operates air shipping and receiving; ground shipping and receiving supply chain management is done brilliantly by UPS, which makes it a leading multinational company. UPS started its journey in 1907, and since then, it has continually added quality features to provide efficient services to its customers. UPS is also known as the American Messenger Company. UPS has some subsidiaries, such as Nightline Group, Marken, UPS Logistics, UPS Mail Innovations, UPS Professional, and a few more, that provide efficient services with UPS. Let us know ‘Does UPS Drug Test For An Interview?’.

Does UPS Drug Test For An Interview?

UPS Drug Test

The drug test policy for UPS is different for full-time and part-time candidates, as according to some resources, the drug test for UPS depends on the post for which you will be hired. If you are going for any full-time employee interview at UPS, you must pass a drug test and some other routine tests. If you are going for an interview as a part-time employee at UPS, you are not required to take a drug test. Temporary employees do not have to pass a drug test in their interviews at UPS.

If you are going for an interview as a permanent driver at UPS, then you must pass the drug test, and if your report is negative, only then will you get hired at UPS. UPS does not conduct drug tests in the early stages of your application, but as you progress through the interview process and get closer to joining it, you must pass its drug test.

Does UPS drug test for an interview?

UPS is a well-known company in the USA, and this is because it cares about its employees and their safety. If you are going for an interview at UPS, you may have to pass a pre-employment drug test, particularly for transportation workers. UPS conducts accident drug tests for other post-interview candidates.

Candidates going for an interview at UPS must pass a 5-panel urine drug test. UPS organizes it as a pre-employment drug test.

UPS organizes workplace drug assessments where HR, a manager, or other administration will monitor your drug test report. However, it could take a few days to prepare your drug test report at UPS. If you use the rapid test, you can expect to receive your detail the same day within a few hours.

If the interview candidate wants his report early, he should participate in rapid testing for a same-day tell. If your drug test is negative, it will be available for screening at UPS’s interview desk within 24 hours.

If you are a part-time, seasonal, or temporary employee at UPS, you can work without taking a drug test at UPS company.

UPS Pre-Employment Drug Test:

UPS is a leading firm in the USA, and its interview process passes through different phases, and candidates must participate in each stage and perform well to get into UPS. The drug test policy of UPS follows DOT guidelines. When UPS shortlists candidates for interviews, as your application passes different phases and you become closer to becoming an employee of UPS, you must transmit the drug test report of UPS.

UPS administers this pre-employment drug test to ensure that all applicants are free of illegal drugs and can safely contribute to UPS’s tradition. You must pass the drug test before signing the contract at UPS.

Some Important Facts About UPS’s Drug Test for Employees and New Hires:

  • UPS uses a 5-panel urine drug test for new employees based on DOT guidelines to determine the drug test. The drug test at UPS includes these five types of tests: THC, opiates, PCP, amphetamines, and cocaine. Employees should avoid consuming these drugs if they want to join UPS.
  • The drug test at UPS is not mandatory for only new employees or interview candidates, but UPS may conduct a drug test for all its employees who are already working at UPS. However, it is not required because it sometimes administers drug tests to employees, and sometimes it does not or takes a long time.
  • Package handlers and warehouse workers at UPS are not part of regular drug testing, but they can participate in randomly organized drug testing at UPS.
  • UPS conducts a drug test. If an employee is found to be misbehaving, or if a driver or package handler is involved in an accident, you may be subjected to a drug test at UPS.

UPS Action on a Positive Drug Test Report of a Candidate:

If your drug test report comes back positive at the interview at UPS, then you have to pass some other mandatory tests, which may take more time than regular drug testing at UPS. However, if all the test reports indicate that your drug test is positive, you will receive your description through the mail, and a copy of the details will be faxed to UPS, where the interview is yet to happen. Candidates who failed the drug testing at UPS will not be interviewed there, and they may withdraw their application for employment at UPS. You cannot submit any drug test report at UPS that was done before your interview.

If your drug test results are positive, you must wait at least six months before reapplying for a job at UPS.

Some Benefits for UPS Employees:

UPS cares about its employees, and it knows that if UPS cares about their comfort and benefit, then employees will also work hard to increase business and achieve the targets of UPS.

UPS offers paid annual leave based on your experience years.UPS offers sick leave, maternity, and parental leaves to its employees.

UPS covers its employees with premium health care, which includes life, dental, vision, accidental, and disability insurance.

Some other benefits include prepaid legal, tuition assistance, state holidays, retirement pension benefits, and a few more benefits you can enjoy as an employee of UPS.


UPS organizes drug tests for interview candidates to determine that they are not consuming any illegal drugs. If you are going to the UPS driver interview, you must pass the UPS drug test. For other positions, candidates get some time as the UPS interview goes through different phases, and their drug test may be conducted as they get closer to joining UPS. UPS uses a 5-panel urine test for its employees to determine their drug testing, and it follows the guidelines of the DOT to ensure a safe and correct drug test. The drug testing at UPS before employment is known as “pre-employment drug testing.”

  • What are prohibited items for shipping at UPS?

UPS does not permit the shipment of bank bills, notes, currency, familiar fireworks, hazardous waste services, drugs, or human remains, among other restricted items.

  • How long does UPS shipping take?

The shipping process with UPS may take one to five business days, and once your package has been shipped, you will receive a notification with tracking information about your package.

Does UPS Drug Test For An Interview?

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