What to wear to a Hairdressing Apprenticeship Interview?

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In this article, we will find the answer to the question ‘What to wear to a Hairdressing Apprenticeship Interview?’.


Imagine walking down the street with your gorgeous curls bouncing against the gentle summer breeze on your way to a wedding event. You smile at passersby and giggle when someone smiles back or mutters how pretty you are. Your dress is sunny to match the weather, yellow and light, completing your hairstyle choice. You think of the soon-to-be newlyweds and your friends. You think of how people will stop to admire your hair. You think of all the struggles you went through so that your hair can have those curls that are draped with sheen. You smile; it was worth it. Then out of nowhere, the skies darken, and it begins to rain heavily. The change in weather dampens your summer dress, and when you finally find shelter, you reach for your head and gasp. Long gone are the shining curls. Desperate to be at the wedding on time, you scout for a salon, but when you find one, the stylist is busy with a long list of clients, and all you want is a blow dry and some chic styling to save your day. Why does the salon not have an apprentice?

The key here is to show that you are a professional in your field. This means that whatever you choose to wear should show how ambitious you are in getting the job. Men should wear smart business shoes, a shirt, and trousers. Your hair should be clean and styled or shaved if need be. Women should also wear an intelligent outfit entailing a shirt paired with trousers or a skirt. You can also choose to wear a formal dress, with your corporation don’t forget to pair a set of official boots or shoes. Complete your look with clean, well-styled hair. Granted, a salon may not exude an air of formality, and therefore you might be tempted to dress casually in t-shirts, jeans, and trainers. Keep in mind that you are interested in giving off the impression that you are professional. Dressing the part will help you land that job. 

How large is the hair care service sector?

There is a general misconception that the hairdressing industry is a small, almost negligible industry, and even if an extensive network exists, investing in this sector will not be lucrative. This is based on the assumption that individuals have curling irons in their homes or prefer to style their hair using a DIY tutorial on YouTube. As much as people have curling irons tucked safely in their bathrooms and watch styling tutorials on YouTube, the hairdressing industry is extensive, keeps time, and is entirely developed. People who go to a salon want a good conversation and an excellent hairdo. In addition, a person’s hair plays a significant role in how they feel about themselves. An ideal hairstyle can go a long way in boosting your self-confidence.

With this said, there is an obvious need for state-of-the-art salons across the world. In America, the sector dedicated to hair service has over 80,000 institutions. Together, salons (77,000) and barber shops (45000) accrue a yearly revenue of $20 billion. So if you are sitting on a business idea within this sector, it is about time to materialize it.

What exactly does a hairdresser apprentice do?

A hairdresser apprentice might be someone curious about the industry and wants to see what the industry is like before acquiring a cosmetology license. At the same time, these individuals could be studying to get a permit, and they want to know what their future entails. Some even have the license yet, but they want to get a feel of the job before establishing themselves as hairdressers. Either way, it is advised that one begins the hairdressing journey as an apprentice to learn the daily demands of a salon. 

As an apprentice, you will be charged with meeting and welcoming clients once they walk into the salon. Most employers want an apprentice who is friendly and extroverted to learn to make their customers feel welcomed. At the start of your job, you will probably be required to be the salon’s admin and receptionist. This will demand that you have adequate time management and organizing skills. Gradually, your responsibilities will expand to include offering hair care services like shampooing clients for their employers and dusting off hair from clients while the hairdresser is tending to customer’s needs. Further, their job description will include; giving clients hair treatments, styling, cutting, coloring, and blow-drying. All this will be done under the supervision of the employer/mentor. Also, the apprentice is usually responsible for booking appointments, keeping the salon tidy, and providing clients with refreshments.

When they have received enough training, apprentices can take over for their employers if the salon is swamped with clients or that the employer is absent. Apprentices need to be quick on their feet, and they have to possess a willingness to learn. A lot of what they do requires them to have excellent communication skills.

What to wear to a hairdressing apprenticeship interview?

You have been summoned for an interview for an apprenticeship; you want to project professionalism as well as a desire for that position. The vital thing to recall is that you are about to enter the beauty industry. How you look significantly contributes to how people will view you. If you walk into an interview with messy hair and in casual attire for the interview, the probability is your interviewer will not take you seriously. They will not see you as someone who values beauty or elegance.

You want your outfit to speak on your behalf. You want to show that once you get that apprenticeship, you will work hard to learn the kinks of the job. For men, the safest way is to wear dress shoes accompanied by a bright shirt and trousers. Ensure that your hair is either shaved or appropriately styled. It is essential to recall that you want to appear professional but also chic. Pick colors that match your skin tone. This will show that you understand beauty and how to bring it out. 

Women should wear a bright skirt or pair of trousers with a smart shirt. You can also choose to don a colorful dress. Complete the look with official boots or shoes. Smart in this context is used to mean elegant. Dressing corporately does not necessarily mean you select dull-colored clothes. Remembered, this is the beauty industry; show your potential employers that you understand the games played in this particular playground.


There is a need for apprentices in the hairdressing industry. These individuals help run salons efficiently regarding the establishment’s appearance, customer services, and scheduling appointments. If you want to join the cosmetology sector as a hairdresser, then start as an apprentice to get hands-on experience before breaking out on your own. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do you conduct yourself during a hairdressing apprenticeship interview?

Show passion for the position by asking questions about the establishment when given the opportunity, respond to interview questions knowledgeably and send your interviewer a follow-up email. Of course, to successfully do this, you must do extensive research beforehand. 

  1. Is it okay to go to an apprenticeship interview with jeans and jewelry?

Do not wear jeans to an apprenticeship interview. You can wear jewelry as long as you keep it minimal.

What to wear to a Hairdressing Apprenticeship Interview?

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