What to wear to a factory job interview?

What to wear to a Factory Job Interview?

In this article, we will see the answer to your question ‘What to wear to a factory job interview?


While ‘dress to impress’ is a very reasonable policy to go by when preparing for an interview, it is very important to note that interviews for factory jobs should never ever be lumped in with corporate jobs and their interview decorum. These are two completely different categories of Jobs and require a completely different approach, in every way. 

Factory job positions are usually ones that include manual labor in more ways than one, and to not overdo the attire while applying for casual jobs as these, should be kept in one’s mind as one would keep a word of caution. One would think that a tailored suit with a tie will assuredly bag them the position they are applying for in an interview, but ironically enough, wearing a suit and tie to a factory job interview might get you eventually rejected if not instantly. 

However, there are supervisorial positions (although very few) that require a certain bit of corporate formality when it comes to the codes of conduct during an interview. Read on to know these details elaborately.

Where do I begin?

The first and the best way to begin choosing your interview attire is to know what position you are applying for, and what kind of work you will be doing. Ask these questions to yourself: What is the work environment that I am going to be in? Does this position include heavy manual labor? Does this particular company have an assigned uniform for factory workers? These questions and their answers will eventually help you narrow down the prospective outfit choices and help you choose the best set of clothes. 

Outfits for suitable positions

 As stated above, the positions that include manual labor and the ones that are supervisory positions, have a slightly different preferability when it comes to the choice of the right interview attire. Both of them are vastly different from managerial and corporate job positions and require meticulous thought.

Jobs that mostly require manual labor

These positions include assemblers or general laborers, handlers, packers, maintenance, machinists, etc. These are very casual job positions and require a casual approach when it comes to interviewing outfits. Thus, a suit is out of the question, but one should not go completely casual and just put on a graphic tee. 

Outfit guidelines for men

  • Wear the best pair of jeans you own, ironed and clean.
  • Make sure that your jeans are not worn out, ripped, stained or bleached.
  • Wear your belt, but avoid accessories like chains or charms among others things on your jeans.
  • A block color T-shirt or a polo shirt is the best pair-up for this kind of interview
  • Do not wear shorts or loungewear.
  • Do not wear hats, shades, or wristbands to the interview.
  • Try not to wear very graphic shirts or think of flaunting your fandoms.
  • Wear a close-toe, clean, sober shoe.
  • Do not wear sandals or slippers.
  • Your hair must be neatly combed and facial hair groomed.
  • Watches can be worn but must not stand out too much.
  • Make sure to cover up tattoos and remove piercings (if any).
  • Try not to go overboard with the attire only.

Outfit guidelines for women

  • Wear your best pair of jeans.
  • Make sure that your jeans are not worn out, ripped, stained or bleached.
  • Wear a belt but avoid accessories like chains or charms among others on your jeans.
  • Pair your jeans with a sober shirt or a blouse in solid color.
  • Try not to wear very tight shirts/blouses and ones that have a graphic design or designer necklines or elaborate sleeves.
  • Do not wear hats, shades, or wristbands to the interview.
  • Complete your outfit with a decent pair of close-toe, clean, sober shoes, and if you go with heels, stick to those between 2-6cms.
  • Your hair must be neatly combed and/or tied
  • Watches can be worn but must not seem out of place.
  • Make sure to cover up tattoos and remove body piercings (if any).

Supervisory jobs

Jobs like these do not have any other subcategories per se, and the ones working in this position are neither in a complete managerial position nor in a completely worker position. Thus, these are very delicate positions in terms of picking out the perfect interview outfit, and thus it is important to give proper thought and consideration to the process.

What to wear to a factory job interview?

Outfit guidelines for Men

  • A buttoned-up crisp formal shirt with collars paired with a decent pair of slacks/chinos sits pretty well with interviews for positions like these, but better yet is a semi-formal shirt that has collars but is not a buttoned-up one.
  • If you choose to wear a pair of jeans or chinos, make sure they are not ripped or bleached/stained. They must be very basic.
  • The shirt must be preferably mono-color, but light prints do not harm.
  • The bottoms must match well with the shirt in terms of color and design. 
  • Casual T-shirts are best avoided, and graphic t-shirts are avoided at all costs.
  • The colors of the clothes must not be loud ones like bright green, red, or lemon yellow, and noisy patterns must be avoided. 
  • A polished leather shoe is always the safest choice, but a more appropriate is a close-toe semi-formal shoe. But do not go with sneakers.
  • Do not wear sandals/slippers/sliders or any other open-toe shoes.
  • All tattoos must be covered and body piercings removed if any).
  • Any kinds of shades, additional wristbands, and unnecessary accessories must be avoided.
  • Your hair must be neatly combed and long hair must be taken extra care of.

Outfit guidelines for women

  • A pair of tailored slacks or a knee-length skirt coupled with a sober button-up shirt is probably the best choice here.
  • If you choose to wear tights with your skirt, make sure there are no visible holes or ladders.
  • The blouse you choose must be sober and the fabric must be opaque.
  • A shift dress also makes for a fine choice.
  • All skirts and dresses should reach below the knee in length.
  • Whichever outfit you choose in the end, they must not be in bright shades of red, yellow, or fluorescents. 
  • Open-toe shoes are better avoided, and if you go with heels stick to the ones between 2-6cm.
  • Do not wear sandals/slippers/sliders or any other open-toe shoes.
  • Avoid loud accessories like huge earrings and designer bracelets.
  • A short hair must be carefully combed and long hair must be made into a neat bun or a ponytail.
  • Cover up tattoos, and remove all body piercings (if any).
What to wear to a factory job interview?
Some general tips

Overall, one should keep in mind that no matter which kind, an interview in its general idea does not change, and neither does its common code of conduct and expectations in appearance. Factory jobs sure do not mind a casual approach, but that does not mean one can afford to be careless and clumsy. Thus, it is important to keep some basic ground rules in mind and stick to them.

  • Wear freshly washed and ironed clothes that do not smell. 
  • Stick to muted or neutral shades, and avoid fluorescents at all costs. Do not choose overly bright colors either.  
  • Take a bath and groom yourself as required before the interview. 
  • Do not use too much cologne or perfume. 
  • Have a good rest the day before and arrive at your interview fresh and bright. A drowsy face will be by no means helpful. 
  • Accessories must be kept to a minimum, even if this is a factory job interview.  
  • Avoid brightly colored nails and neon hair highlights. If possible, dye your hair some days before your interview. 
  • Take note of whether the position you are applying for has an already assigned uniform by the Company. If so, take extra care to NOT imitate the exact uniform or the color palette. Choosing a color palette that resembles the uniform makes you look like you already consider yourself a part of the company, which carries a very negative impression since it only makes you look arrogant and overconfident. It is very important to appear humble at an interview.
  • It is okay, however, to keep the style the same. For example, if the assigned uniform for female workers is a jeans and shirt, it might be good to not wear a skirt or a dress at the interview. While there is no such explicit scope for male workers to imitate only the style because it will just eventually match, women have the freedom to choose. And this is completely optional.
  • If the assigned uniform is a dungaree or involves coveralls, please don’t wear them to your interview. Those are definitely not interview attires and wearing them will get you instantly rejected. 
  • Do not try too hard to impress your interviewers with the dress alone. The outfit is an important aspect, yes, but that is not the absolute determining factor in you getting the job or being rejected. 
  • Choose proper shoes that match well with your outfit, make sure they are close-toe and not slippers or sandals or informal sneakers. 
  • Keep your touch-ups to a minimum but do not avoid them altogether. 
  • And above all, be decent, sober, and presentable in any outfit you choose.

In the end, the key to acing a Factory Job interview, like in any other interview, in terms of attire, is to appear smart and sharp. The objective is to not come off as pretentious by wearing a tailored suit, or too casual to bother by wearing ripped jeans and a graphic tee. Special attention must be paid to not imitate the issued uniforms, and informal attire must be avoided no matter how casual the job position is. The above guidelines will surely help you as you prepare yourself for your day!

Frequently asked questions:

What should I wear to a tradesman interview?

The best choice for men is to go with a pair of slacks/trousers with a crisp buttoned shirt, or, in case the company allows it, a decent pair of jeans and a collared shirt. For women, a below-the-knee skirt and a decent blouse or a pair of tailored trousers and shirt work just fine. A suit must be avoided at all costs, and so should rip jeans and a tee.

Is it OK to wear jeans to a factory job interview?

It completely depends on what kind of position you are applying for. If it is a supervisorial position, it is better avoided, but if it is a working position, there is in fact no better option than a pair of jeans provided they are very decent and sober. Refer above for more details!

Can you be overdressed for a factory job interview?

YES, and it can be a major problem. Wearing a suit to an interview for a worker position can be really bad, if not disastrous, and must not be even thought of. It is very important to take care to not dress up in corporate attire and the outfit must be a little casual. The article explores these points in detail!

What to wear to a factory job interview?

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