What Is The Gamestop Dress Code?

The rules of dress in a particular profession or activity.  Many stores have their unique dress code on how employees should present themselves while they’re at work. Let’s learn about ‘What Is The Gamestop Dress Code?’.

What Is The Gamestop Dress Code?

What Is The Gamestop Dress Code?

In the case of Gamestop, the game retailer with over 5,000 global locations, there is no set dress code since employees are required to wear store uniforms. Gamestop store employees are required to wear their store uniforms at all times.  The store uniforms consist of a black polo or t-shirt, khaki shorts or trousers, and clean black slip-on shoes with socks.

This is the Gamestop employee dress code for all non-management associates, who comprise the majority of the workforce.  However, most managers must abide by the same dress code policies as non-management associates. 

There is a special exception for store managers that can opt to wear other clothing when running their store and conducting business on the clock.  Similar to above, there are several exceptions where managers can opt to wear other clothing, including a short-sleeved button-down shirt, jeans or khaki shorts, boots or closed-toe shoes, and socks or slippers.

Gamestop Customer dress code:

Gamestop does not have a customer dress code, customers are allowed to enter the shop akin to what they are wearing as long as it is appropriate for the individual market.  For example, a parent and child would both be able to enter Gamestop with the same attire as long as it is appropriate for the individual market.

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The reason that Gamestop has no customer dress code is that they do not want to force their customers to follow a dress code while they’re in the shop because they believe that every person should have their style and belong to what they like. 

However, if an associate or manager wants to ask a customer whether or not they can shop while wearing certain attire, they are allowed to do so within reason. 

Dress code exceptions:

Some exceptions apply to employees who need to wear certain clothing when in the store.  For instance, if you’re a customer who has received special permission from a manager to come into the store wearing religious clothing (such as a hijab and similar attire), then you could wear that clothing in the store and work area. Also, if you are an associate who is working on an order in the store and you need to be at a particular location in the store (such as stocking shelves), then you can wear clothing that corresponds with where you need to be.  For instance, if they need to wear long sleeves while doing inventory in the stockroom, they can do so.

If you are wearing attire that runs counter to what other associates are wearing, then it’s possible that they could not serve your needs or sell products until they change their clothing or take off their uniform.  However, it’s also possible that your clothes could easily be swapped out with a different shirt or pair of shorts.

Penalization for not adhering to dress code:

To make sure that everyone is abiding by the dress code, GameStop associates are not allowed to wear street clothing in the store at any time.  If a manager or other employee recognizes that an associate is not following the dress code, then they can ask that associate to put on their uniform or change their clothes. If the associate refuses, then they can seek disciplinary action from a manager and possibly get fired for going against the policies. 


The rules of dress in a particular profession or activity.  Many stores have their unique dress code on how employees should present themselves while they’re at work. This article was written to show the Gamestop dress code, the rules employees must abide by while on the clock.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I wear Flip-flops to work at Gamestop?

A. No. Flip-flops are not appropriate footwear for any workplace environment. Flip-flops do not offer the same level of protection for your feet as proper shoes such as flip-flops or sandals. 

2. Can I wear slippers to work at Gamestop?

A. Only if they’re closed-toe and water resistant so they won’t get soaked with sweat while working on the floor of the store. Also, please keep in mind that we want you to be comfortable while working and not have any blisters or irritation from your feet because we can’t sell your products or service your needs during those instances when it happens.

3. Can I bring a backpack to work at Gamestop?

A. Yes, you are allowed to bring a backpack to work if it is something you need with you while working, such as your lunch or something related to the job. However, please do not bring soft-sided bags or purses into the store since they’re prohibited. For example, if you work in a state where concealed weapons laws allow you to carry a concealed weapon then that is considered an exception since that is part of your employment agreement with Gamestop.

What Is The Gamestop Dress Code?

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