What Is The Dress Code For Lululemon?

The dress code at Lululemon is the strict set of standards that are applied to employees and customers when they shop. The company specifically sets out what they consider appropriate for each store, but the policies can vary depending on locations. Let’s learn about ‘What Is The Dress Code For Lululemon?’.

What Is The Dress Code For Lululemon?

What Is The Dress Code For Lululemon?

Lululemon states that their dress code is “formal-casual”. This means that you should be dressed appropriately for your location, including where your business or workout is taking place. For example, if you’re working out at a fitness studio in Northern Virginia, then you should be wearing athletic clothing such as shorts or a tank top and running shoes.

Lululemon Employee Dress Code:

Leslie (full name: Leslie Stahl) is the former head of Lululemon’s police department who was also quoted in a 2009 lawsuit against the company. She stated that their dress code was “firm” and that employees needed to be “classy and professional.”

She, along with others in management, was upset by two store managers who wore logoed vests to the Vancouver store opening party. The managers received warning letters from then-CEO Christine Day stating that they were violating the company’s policy. Another manager wore a T-shirt on the way to work which said: “I <3 NZ”. She received a warning, but due to her many years of experience and longevity, management decided to overlook the violation.

Dress Code During Yoga:

Lululemon employees are told not to wear workout clothes while working or while they’re just walking around during their off time. This is because it is possible that a customer could see them and then wonder why they are wearing the clothes in the store if they don’t work there. This is okay with working out because Lululemon says that wearing workout clothing would be appropriate for a yoga studio or the gym.

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Lululemon customers’ dress code:

Lululemon customers are also asked to adhere to the same standards with their clothing. They should not wear shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops while shopping or in the store. Lululemon only allows customers to wear yoga clothes in their stores and some locations provide casual clothing for working out or going to yoga classes. If a customer is wearing this type of clothing, then it should be returned or exchanged for a new item.

Penalization for not adhering to dress code:

Lululemon employees and customers are also told to be mindful of the dress code because it is not only to stop people from coming into the store wearing inappropriate clothing, but also for their safety. If an employee or a customer has one of these things on, then it could get in the way of their job or embarrass them in front of other customers.

In addition to violating Lululemon’s dress code policy, individuals can be disciplined if they are caught. Dress-code violations can include warnings, monetary fines, or termination.

Lululemon has received criticism for:

In 2009, a Lululemon employee sued the company for discrimination after she was fired for wearing shorts at work. The lawsuit claimed that the company had a dress code policy that stated employees should be dressed “formal-casual”. She wore shorts to work because she followed the policy and because her office was located in a shared area. A judge dismissed the case, saying that although she wore shorts at work, they were never seen by customers.


Lululemon has embraced a relaxed dress code for both its employees and customers. The company believes that the informal workplace fits the environment that they are trying to create. To keep up with its original mission statement, dress codes need to be kept relaxed for people to feel at ease when they are shopping or working out.

The dress code also allows Lululemon employees and customers to blend in seamlessly with the community and work environment.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I wear shorts at Lululemon Vancouver?

A. No. Lululemon Vancouver and all of the other Lululemon stores in the world have a very strict dress code.

2. Is it okay if I wear a yoga dress to Lululemon?

A. Yes, you can wear a yoga dress while shopping at Lululemon – just make sure it’s appropriate for the location that you are patronizing.

3. What kind of clothing am I not allowed to wear at work?

A. You should not wear clothing that is too revealing, sporty looking or has religious/political messages on them. For example, it would be inappropriate to wear a tank top or t-shirt with the words “I love Jesus”. Of course, this is just an example and many other inappropriate items would fit in this category (like the depiction of any kind of drug paraphernalia).

What Is The Dress Code For Lululemon?

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