Ruth Chris Dress Code


“Ruth Chris”, is one of the most infamous names in the steakhouse industry. The Ruth Chris statehouse restaurant offers luscious and best in taste steak dinners, and this makes them one of the top places for a luxurious night out. Ruth Chris has over a 100 restaurant chain in the United States and that in Canada and Mexico. Their main head operation office is located at winter park, Florida. It was founded in 1965 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Let us know ‘Ruth Chris Dress Code’.

Ruth Chris Dress Code

Some other locations where Ruth Chris steakhouses are available are Panama, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines. In 2022, Ruth Chris Steakhouse currently employs over 5000 people. Their international expansion has allowed for more employment opportunities. 

Ruth Chris dress code 

In a gist, Ruth Chris has a policy that their staff should always wear business casual outfits that included button-down shirts, business casual pants or skirts, and shoes that are the worm in formal settings for both men and women. 

Ruth Chris has some strict codes about their employees’ behavior and how they should represent themselves and maintain a satisfactory image of the company. Ruth Chris was always unclear on what their proper dress code and regulations are until recently when they released their official dress code policy. 

Dress Code for Men

For men, two outfits are allowed while working at Ruth Chris and those are:

1)      They can wear polo shirts in simple, plain colors with minimal patterns.

2)      To go along with the polo shirts, they can wear dress pants or semi-casual pants like chinos

3)      The shoes that they have to wear should be Oxford or dress shoes. 

Another outfit for men can be:

1)      They can put on a nice button-down shirt in plain colors

2)      They can wear dress pants to complement the shirt 

3)      They can also wear a properly formal suit with some oxford shoes or dress boots.

Dress code for women at Ruth Chris‘s

For women, several business casual outfits can be, but some of the common ones outlined by the restaurant are as follows:

1)       A nice simple dress

2)      Or they can wear a dress shirt with a pencil skirt 

3)      They can also pair the dress shirt with dress pants or a nice blouse.

4)      Women can also wear a classy suit with heels or flat-toed formula shoes.

5)      They can pair their dress shirt and skirt with a coat on top to make it look more professional.

A common misconception about the dress code at Ruth Chris

Ruth Chris has a very strict code for dressing that allows for their employees and at every location of Ruth Chris, it is ensured that the code is being enforced properly. They also do not allow patrons to enter their establishment if they are not up to the policy, and they should keep this in mind before planning or going out to their restaurant. 

Is casual clothing allowed at Ruth Chris or not?

Casual clothes such as jeans and graphic t-shirts or even simple t-shirts are simply intolerable at Ruth Chris steakhouses. With their strict rules and dress code regulations, neither the employees nor the patrons are allowed to walk in or work at their restaurant chain in casual outfits, especially jeans. They like to keep discipline at their restaurant and everybody who enters their establishment should respect their policies. Before heading out to any of the Ruth Chris, be sure to remember that their dress code is business casual.

It is only sometimes, that you will see a staff member or a patron wearing jeans and that can depend on many factors such as the location of the establishment, type of staff, and time of the day. It is most strict at nighttime since fancy dinners or business meetings are usually planned at that time of the day, but you can get away at any other time of the day considering all the factors mentioned. 

Does Ruth Chris have really strict policies about the dress code?

A. Yes, Ruth Chris Steakhouse has always strived to give out a feel of class and elegance to their restaurants and also expects their staff members to respect the code and follow through while working there. They also expect their patrons to be respectful of their policies, and they are very strict with people who wear ripped or washed jeans and obscene graphics t-shirts, only the people dressed in formal or business casual outfits are seated at the restaurant and others are simply just turned away. 

Rules about jewelry or makeup at Ruth Chris

There are no strict rules regarding makeup that women can wear, whether it be an employee or a customer. They do expect to use minimal to no makeup or just enough as they would put on in a business meeting or office setting. 

On the subject of jewelry, there haven’t been any official statements from the restaurant, but they will expect to wear minimal accessories and wear ones that are not too flashy or offensive as it can ruin the image of elegance that they strictly maintain.

Items are not allowed at Ruth Chris

Ruth Chris also does not allow their staff or their patrons to wear hats in the restaurant. While entering the steakhouse, the patrons will be asked to remove their hats if they are wearing any. Management will also ask their employees to remove the hat and advise them to not work while wearing them.


Ruth Chris gives a fine dining experience and to main the image of elegance, they have a business casual dress code that is strictly ensured for everyone entering their premises. Any person seen wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, or casual jackets will be asked to leave restaurants and there will be issues with getting seated at one of their tables or even getting a reservation at the restaurant. 

You can pick out an outfit to look professional y and elegant and still be comfortable enough for you to wear. This will ensure that you are complying with their dress code and there are minimal chances of them refusing to give their service to you. 

Ruth Chris Dress Code

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